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Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Patriotic Youth League: Australia's favourite Kommando Kids.

FINALLY. The entire anti-PYL campaign compiled into one neat package. Ignore the post date, it's just a simple way of archiving.

For the unitiated, best check out myself and Ryde Councillor Tom McCosker sticking it to the PYL on Triple J's HACK program. Kind thanks to Weezil for hosting these MP3's.

The action begins on sunny afternoon in Eastwood. The date is November 28th.

"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by one another and to fight to defend our rights and liberties.". Posted by Hello

"The diggers ... in self-defence, have taken up arms and are resolved to use them ... I am one amongst them. You must not be unhappy on this account. I would be unworthy of being called a man, I would be unworthy of myself, and, above all, I would be unworthy of you and your love, were I base enough to desert my companions in danger."

- Peter Lalor writing to his fiancee Alicia Dunne.

"It should be re-elevated to its previous position as a central legend of Australian nationalism, standing for those distinctly Australian values: egalitarianism, mateship and fairness with democracy, freedom, republicanism and multiculturalism."

- MacGregor Duncan, Andrew Leigh, David Madden and Peter Tynan, the authors of Imagining Australia.

"It was a revolution - small in size but great politically; it was a strike for liberty , a struggle for principle, a stand against injustice and oppression. It is another instance of a victory won by a lost battle."

- Mark Twain.

"I do think Eureka should be celebrated as the birth of our national identity rather than Gallipoli. It was the first time Australians-in-the-making put forward what they thought Australia should be: the flag, the invocation of freedom, the demand for representation."

- Tom Keneally

"The miners established a society that was more egalitarian than any other in the world at the time and it became part of our culture. The miners established that in this new land we expected new behaviour. They made it clear Australia would not be a nation of corrupt and bullying pseudo-aristocrats and downtrodden serfs."

- Weston Bates.

It's going to be a busy week.

In the lead-up to the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade, I'll be putting forward my own dissertation of those events and their stark present day resonance. Don't you just love how Honest Johnny doesn't want a bar of it? Expect a Darp special later in the week.

I'll be doing a Billy Bragg and taking tea with trade unionists. I may even permit myself to be kidnapped and dragged down to Ballarat on Thursday arvo.

I'll be doing something about the Patriotic Youth League. A bunch of Stormfront motherfuckers who have been polluting my local area with their posters and stickers. Like many far right groups, these guys have pulled a major faux pas and used the Eureka Flag on their website and on their propaganda. Their most audacious being a sticker covering Epping Railway station which features the Eureka Flag and the words, "Aussies fighting back!"

(I took these after I posted)

Determined by WHAT? Posted by Hello

Of course, it's got nothing to do with our climate. Posted by Hello

They would have needed a step-ladder for this one. Posted by Hello

Remember these guys? They're the youth group for the Australia First Party. They were in the press about four months back when a couple of African students were assaulted at the University of Newcastle and racist stickers were posted about the campus. I engaged in some mildly subversive espionage on behalf of a friend of mine in order to find out some more about them. Hell, their head guy in Sydney, Andrew Wilson, lives a five minute drive away from me - I didn't like that shit and wanted to make sure I was on top it all.

Essentially, they WERE your standard little neo-Nazi group that denied all and any links to the wider neo-Fascist racialist movement. I uncovered (see Aug 31 entry) the fact that their leader, Stuart McBeth WAS a regular contributor to Stormfront and was also fortunate enough to receive verbal confirmation on the truth of THIS story.

I say "WERE" because after perusing their site, it looks as if they're starting to drop some of their pretense. For example:

Already ordinary Australian youth who know nothing of the small hardcore skinhead scene are adopting patriotic music and throwing out the Snoop Dogg and Eminem s#@t. Soon the Newcastle foreshore will be packed with lowered utes with chrome rims and awesome stereos pumping out Fortress.

Not all pretense mind you. Despite claiming a fondness for Australian neo-Nazi skinhead band Fortress, they feature a link to a "Patriotic Music" site complete with a minute disclaimer that they don't endorse the lyrical content of anything found there. Pfffffffffft.

It's always fucked me off whenever Neo-Nazi/Racial groups use the Eureka Flag. For starters, there were nineteen different nationalities that fought under the starry banner. Brits, Italians, Germans, Americans and of course, the Irish. It was a microcosm of the nation that Australia would later become.

The far right likes to cite an incident at Lambing Flat (Young NSW) in 1851 where a Eureka like flag was unfurled in a riot against "the Chinese plague" as their justification for using the Eureka banner. Naturally, the Union Movement takes a dim view of this and is never slow to rescue the flag from those who would use it to promote racialist ideologies.

It's kind of ironic that Australian white supremacist movements would use a symbol that is so steeped in multicultural significance and meaning. They choose to ignore the fact that the very first person placed on trial for treason over the Eureka Stockade was John Joseph. A black American and former slave.

Perhaps I'll get the chance to discuss this issue in person with some Patriotic Youth League representatives some time this week. Andrew Wilson will sure as fuck get a nice shock when finds out that my name isn't Edmond Funpants or whatever name it was I gave him after meeting him in Epping pub. Depending on how things go,I may post an entry on this little spy mission. Naturally, I've had to keep a lid on it until my friend got some quotes for his story.

A mate of mine just called by and told me he saw some fresh PYL stickers posted around Eastwood shops. Word on the street is that some of the local Koreans are banding together to do something about it. Being the "grogblogging" unifying force that I am, I'll try and bring The Greens, the local Churches, Rotary types, the Unions and the various ethnic groups together so we can combat the PYL constructively and lawfully.

I'll start by heading down the shops with my BBQ scraper to get rid of those stickers. "Aussies Fighting Back"? Pfffft. (DONE and DONE)

Looks like I'm going to the mattresses - again.


The disparate and normally placid folk of Bennelong appear to be rousing once more. I met with some business leaders from the Korean and Chinese communities this morning and am just about to duck out to have a yarn with our local Uniting Church minister. He is kinda miffed seen as the PYL stuck a few stickers around his Lakeside Road Church.

Thanks again to Rob Corr, the Ausblogosphere's most renowned Google Cache Hunter. He tracked down this ditty of the PYL's Andrew Wilson on Stormfront. Read the replies that follow, scary.

This is an open letter to Australian Nationalists;

Introducing the Patriotic Youth League (PYL) to SF forum readers:

The PYL is a new youth organisation set up to combat the aggressive politically-correct, multi-cultural propaganda being forced on Australian Youth. We provide a nationalist youth alternative, endeavouring to reassert and instil in youth a pride of their past heritage and history, giving them a direction for the future.

Formed in late 2001/ early 2002, by Stuart McBeth and others, the PYL now has branches in the Central Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle. Currently the PYL is assisting the 2004 council election campaign of the Australia First Party.

This is written with the hope it will be read by young nationalists willing to become part of the struggle – join us!

Or, for those more ‘well-preserved patriots’ who can’t join in, we would warmly welcome any assistance that you could spare – it’s not limited to financial help either.

Please investigate our site:

Thankyou for you time.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wilson
PYL Sydney Organiser

Remember, Wilson is the semi-presentable front of the PYL. He is the guy who ranted and railed against their leader Stuart McBeth for being so dimwitted as to combine the PYL PO Box address with that of another of their projects - Volksfront.

As I'm increasingly suspecting, maybe Wilson doesn't care for pretense anymore? Perhaps he thinks no one is watching?

Either way, I'm sure there will be odd RWDB renegade filtering my link back to the PYL so Wilson can crap his pants over how much inside dirt he spilled to me in Epping Pub and later on the phone.

Let's set a challenge here. Who backs me to take these guys down within six months? I mean, completely gone. No more stickers, no more Skinhead BBQ's, no more PYL. Caput, finito, gone.

I'm backing myself, but that's a given.
Would love to write more but I now have a six month deadline to meet. Gotta run!

Australian Nazis often choose to ignore this fact. Posted by Hello

This font was a bastard to dig up. Posted by Hello

Well, they are a Klan-based organisation. Posted by Hello

An oldie but a goodie. Posted by Hello

As you can see, the counter-stickering campaign is in full swing. It has been a most productive day.

Expect a NEW VIDEO later in the day. It's a melange of me running around Eastwood checking out the PYL situation, taking tea with the AMWU and waxing lyrical over the true meaning of THAT FLAG. And yes, yes, yes - we'll be turning those sticker designs into shirts.

I'll be doing follow up vids on this topic as events unfold. I WILL be making a conscious effort to not let it dominate this blog as I know how monotonous that could get.

As it stands now, these guys are running a campaign squarely targeted at recruiting High School and University Students. I don't worry too much about the Uni side of things but I'm incredibly fucked off over the idea of these pricks preying on high school kids.

I can already picture them knocking up character profiles of their ideal recruits. You know the type. Angry, disaffected, intelligent and confused (WHITE) kids who can't quite work out where it all went wrong. They can't get ahead in school because the Asian students clean house in every subject. Eastwood, West Ryde and Epping shops are starting to resemble Seoul, Beirut and Shanghai. It's "spot the Aussie" down there! All of a sudden Mr Charisma, Andrew Wilson, comes along and peddles a shitload of easy answers (based on race of course) and exploits any resentment festering away in an "Aussie" kid and offers them the chance to join a gang hell-bent on "TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!"

Remember, you gotta be an "Aussie" to join.

The Andrew Wilson's of this world are incapable of viewing multiculturalism through a wider vector. All he can see is "Eastwood is full of Gooks", he cannot pull back and look at the bigger picture - the varied, vibrant and extraordinarily inviting ethnic mosaic that is Sydney and Australia as a whole.

He and most of his PYL goons are your classic "White Australia" aparatchiks. They deny that any ill was committed against the prior inhabitants of this land and frown upon any migrants who are not Western European. They feel that "Whites", despite being immigrants themselves, should once again hold an exclusive mandate over this continent.

When you're dealing with neo-Nazi groups, bigoted "White Australia" shit is actually pretty tame. The PYL through their known affiliations with Volksfront, The White Pride Coalition of Australia and Stormfront are way off the Richter scale in terms of how they view groups outside of their own. In short, the white Western European is superior to all other races and should take all steps necessary in order to ensure its racial purity and continued prosperity.

It's very, very, very tough to reason with people like that.

Maybe one of them will look at a fucking map one day and come to the realization of where Australia sits in the world. Here's a clue; we're a hell of a long way from Clapham High Street.

In short, I don't feel that any ethnic group that nicked someone else's continent has any right to stomp around decrying the fact that other, different groups have followed on behind them. A unique opportunity for people from all corners of the world to interact and learn from each-other has been presented to us here in Australia.

I for one, will not sit idly by whilst a group of brain-dead, hate-filled, cowardly-thuggish and Swastika waving NAZI PUNKS ...TRY to fuck it up.

I emphasise the word "TRY" because right now, I feel like Luke's co-pilot at the start of The Empire Strikes Back when he says, "Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself." I don't plan on letting the Sydney-side of the PYL get beyond my local area.

I'm already roping together a number of groups but wouldn't mind adding "Darp's Army" to the mix. If you'd like to get involved, drop me an email featuring at least ONE Jello Biafra quote.

Here's one I'm doing my darndest to live up to:

"Don't hate the media, become the media"

If you can't find Jello, I'll settle for Woody Guthrie. Say, something like

People of every colour marching side by side
Marching 'cross these fields where a million fascists died
You're bound to lose, you fascists bound to lose.


Slightly improved version. Posted by Hello

Something for 'the kids'. Posted by Hello

Call it an excess of civic pride.

Not sure if I'll use the top one, even for me it's waaaaaaaaaay too self-indulgent. I guess someone needs to stand-up and put their name to any anti-Racism campaign that eventuates from this. Might as well be me.

Am I concerned about any violent ramifications that may eventuate? Not really. If a hair on my pretty head gets so much as breathed on, the PYL will find themselves toe to toe with legions of people in Eureka Flag shirts. You know, the sort of people who actually have the right to wear it. That and well, if you believed the somewhat spurious reputation that proceeds me - I am apparently nine foot tall and bulletproof.

I got nothing to worry about.

Whilst we're on that topic of people in Eureka shirts. Check out Liam Hogan's speech on Eureka and multiculturalism. It's a top read.

As for the second sticker. I'd value some feedback. Is it too full on? The aim of it is to blow the PYL's cover wide open. They're a tad more open about their ideological stance in cyberspace than they are in the real world. Thus, my concern is that an angry high school kid might see their stickers and think they're just "Aussies Fighting Back". You know, good old fashioned Aussie blokes doing what Aussies do and standing by their mates and paying respect to the diggers.

I feel it pertinent to expose them for the racists they are. When THIS article appeared in the The Herald, Stuart McBeth and Andrew Wilson chucked a mental. They denied all links to Volksfront and threatened all sorts ot legal action against Fairfax Publishing. They maintained that the PYL is a 'nationalist' organisation and that it isn't racist because it has some Asian members.

Hmmmm ...and the very same day that article appeared in The Herald, HERE was Andrew Wilson telling me over the phone that I had to be an "Aussie" to be involved and also confirming that they DO share the same PO Box address as Volksfront. Now of course we know that both of these jackboot Johnny's post on Stormfront and we know that Wilson is a member of the White Pride Coalition of Australia.

There is a massive disparity between their online activities and the way that they are marketing themselves towards the high school students in my area. I feel that this sticker rectifies that.

On the upside I feel confident that even the angriest kid will balk at getting involved with a neo-Nazi organisation. I know the kids in my area and I'm confident that once they're alerted to what the PYL is really all about, we'll be able to close them down a lot quicker.

On the downside, there may be the odd kid who jumps at the chance to be a real Nazi. But I guess that anyone with those kind of extreme leanings is going to seek out a neo-Nazi group of their own accord and doesn't need a warning sticker to inadvertently show them the way.

And yes, I'm aware there would be obvious legal issues that I'd need to look at before printing off the second one. I can prove that these guys are neo-Nazis, I can prove (but won't go into detail here) about the Skinhead background of many PYL members - some of them already known to Police.

Your thoughts?


Local business is on board as are some of the Churches. We've got a good mix of different ethnicities standing up to be counted and no shortage of people from inside and outside the area chomping at the bit to get involved.

It's not often that I get choked up when opening my hotmail but the last couple of days have been nothing short of amazing. I can't believe the sheer numbers of people who want to help out or the distances that some of them are prepared to travel. Why, I've even received offers of financial assistance. I really don't think it's appropriate that I take any of those up just yet. Not until this idea congeals a bit more into a recognisable community group with a bank account and regular meetings.

I've been solidly working the local and wider press and have half a dozen interviews scheduled for tomorrow. Expect a big piece in The Northern District Times.

What sort of photo angle should we take? Suit, tie and glasses? Maybe singlet, sunnies, whale-bone koru pendant and menacing scowl would send a better message to these thugs. Then again I might look like the thug.

The Newcastle based PYL and Volksfront national president Stuart McBeth posts on Stormfront as "Eureka Spirit". Yet another reason why the Unions would like to have a lengthy chat with him. Here is the most wacko post of his that I came across:

Hi all,

Did any one watch 7.30 report tonight which showed how there about 7,000 white Europen (SIC) sex slaves in Israel now who were brought by the Russian mafia/jewish mob.

I have not been so fired up after watching a program for a long time.

The Russian girls said it was better than living in Russia.

Here is my solution. Russian immigration to South Africa after veterans from the chechen war help the Whites in Africa in forming thier (SIC) own nation through victory in a war started in 2010. All other nations could offer volunteers as it would be good practice for possible future events in our own nations.

This is the same guy who denied any involvement with the assault of two black African students and a racist sticker campaign at Newcastle University.


I think I'm verging on being monotonous here so I'll get off the PYL stuff later this arvo. Henceforth in, it looks like being a regular part of this blog as my offline campaign against them intensifies. I'll try to keep it to regular updates and snippets.

Oh, Stuart McBeth's avatar on Stormfront is a cartoon image of a Star Wars Snow Trooper. Be careful when viewing that link as you may shake your head so hard you'll pull a muscle.

It is yet another example of the conflict between the way they market themselves to potential members, ie, "We are not Nazis, we are not racists, we have no links to Skinhead groups." And the way that they marshall their forces in the deep, dark recesses of the internet, where they think no one is watching.

Well, people are watching. Everything is cached, stored and ready to run. They can no longer publicly deny being the racist scum they are. Scared, small-minded, hate-filled little twerps unable to comprehend the beauty of anything outside of their own cultural experience. Angry, disturbed and frustrated individuals who have fallen victim to that most regressive of human tendencies, the pathetic need to use minority ethnic groups as a scapegoat for all they deem ill with this country.

If the jackboot fits?

A word of warning. What you are about to read WILL make your blood boil. Go take a nice long walk, read a book, chill out, relax and then come back with a clear head and be ready to be PISSED OFF. It was doubly hard to write all this up and not feel the need to put my fist through the monitor every five minutes. No matter, I've got the PCYC ring booked for two hours later tonight. I pity the poor bastard I'm sparring with.

Let's begin.

I promised myself I was going to leave the PYL stuff for a while but after delving deeper into their inner workings, I couldn't hold back.

It's time to completely blow apart their public facade of merely being a 'nationalist' group. Take this example of how some online databases are choosing to represent them:

The PYL was founded in late 2002 by its current President, Stuart McBeth. McBeth was and is a student attending N.S.W. Newcastle University. McBeth had previously been involved with One Nation and was interested in building a youth movement with a nationalist expression.

The PYL is classified as a right-wing Nationalist organisation. The PYL describes it's position as pro-Australian with nationalism as its guiding spirit. While some commentors have equated its stand against multi-culturalism as racist, the PYL has largely avoided this label because of its polite and respectful attitude toward minorities.

Furthermore because the PYL has avoided the violent confrontations and marches of previous right-wing groups it has broaded it range of appeal to youth. By adopting elements of Euronationalism whilst adapting them to the Australian context the PYL is beginning to emulate the succes of the European Nationalist parties such as the Front National and BNP.

The PYL has spread quickly from its birthplace in Newcastle to other areas. It currently has branches in nearly all Australian Eastern Seaboard cities, including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne the Central Coast, and of course Newcastle.

Speaking to The Herald, McBeth says the league is not racist and has Asians among its 50 members. "We're just about being proud of our culture, like other people are of theirs."

Remember, I was told over the phone that you gotta be an 'Aussie' to join. Sorry, I know I keep hammering that point over and over.

How about these assertions from the official PYL site

We oppose racism and the notion of racial supremacy in all its forms.


The Patriotic Youth League totally rejects racism or the hatred of people simply because they are of a different race.

Just keep that in mind as I rattle off this list of quotes and links that Stuart McBeth has left on Stormfront (posting as Eureka Spirit). All hyperlinks will take you to the message threads that I quote from. How do I know it's him? Well, certain DUMB-FUCK members of the PYL let that little nugget of info slip through to me during one of my undercover phone calls. Hey, it's not exactly classified information up Newcastle way. All of Newcastle Uni knows it and anyone who has ever written a story on them in the mainstream media knows it as well.

So, McBeth won't publicly admit to believing in the notion of racial supremacy, but on Stormfront he kicks off with:

Hi all,

Just checking in for the first time. Seems to be lots of great uncensored and intellectual discussion happening in stormfront.

Free Pauline !


From then on in it's one gem after another. For someone who doesn't believe in racial supremacy, I find it a tad contradictory for him to be championing Eugenics:

Yes Eugenics is the crucial science needed to free our people. The notion of universal humanism acts as a fortress on the moral high ground for lefties, muliracialists and globalist scum. The arguments must be accurate, intellectual and moral. The ability to smash the universal humanist ideal is vital for our movement to progress from reactionary fringe dwellers to a respectable force for good in all aspects of life.

And how about mixed-race adoption?

I often see yuppie degenerates with black babies as a fashion accessory. Less abortions for whites and adoption of local white children should be priority.

Totally abhorrent!

Let's not forget those wily Jews.

Horror story for the day.

Costello will challenge Howard then ensure Malcolm Turnbull will take over leadership. Now Kerry (Jew) will be US president, Michael Howard (Jew) will become pm after Blair is booted out and Turnbull (Jew) may become pm with out having first being a MP. If not jews still control labor party anyway.

And of course Asians.

We must fight this asianistation thing to death just like every other aussie generation has when the rise of yellow peril threatens our shore. We must campaign against those who stand for a Eurasian society.

How is that for a polite and respectful attitude toward minorities.?

I don't think the Asian members (chuckle) of the PYL would appreciate you saying that kinda stuff Stu! Oh, and let me remind you again, Stuart McBeth claims he isn't racist. Well bugger me with a pitchfork, for someone who isn't racist, he's sure as hell got a spot for the swastika.

I to prefer the eureka flag/southern cross as well. I think the swastika is just one of many runes that could be used to symbolise the greater high culutre of the Aryans. The choice of the life rune by the NA was good.

So "Aryans" DO have a superior culture? Well a greater high culture at-least. I don't understand Stuart? On your official Patriotic Youth League site you say that you oppose the notion of racial supremacy in all it's forms. He continues,

It should be remembered that Asians also use the swastika as a symbol of good luck. It was only a couple of years ago that jews in the US were upset because the Chinese manufacturers had put swastika's on toy pandas found in bon bons.

I am not a national socialist I am a national democrat. I believe all that is needed is a commitment to racial integrity in the constitution of a democracy. A dictator is a distraction that can be easily swayed or killed.

His public facade is understandable, especially when he admits that complications would arise if he showed his true colours.

The league believes in racialism but not racism. You see how the National Front in NZ works with racialist maori groups. We had white paper on race and nationalism that will be put into the framework of policy soon. You can't be a racist organisation and get registered at universities as a club or society or get allowed rights of demostration etc.
(emphasis added)

You'll notice in that online encyclopedia article at the top that one of the reasons being attributed to the rapid growth of the PYL is the fact that they are not acting like typical skinhead thugs by firebombing Asian shops and staging violent protests. Well, under the presumed seclusion of Stormfront, Stuart McBeth outlines his real plans (indcluding a snazzy flyer design for Stormfront).

I like the idea of attack. Multiculturalism is not harmony. Gang warfare and rape of aussie girls are products of multi-racial policy therefore to promote harmony we clearly state that we reject these policies.

True Harmony - Unified Community

One Nation, One Race, One folk and One Faith (A forum for those who support Australian harmony)

Just an idea of poster design.

And how's this for cheeky cheeky.

We have lebo and gang problems in Sydney being deliberately ignored, we have terrorist suspects, we have domestic neo nazi terrorists throwing fire bombs.

I give you six months before you launch your first petrol bomb son.

Oh, and how about all that livid denial about the PYL having any links with Volksfront? Check this

The PYL has three PO Boxes.

1) PO Box 2, Wickham NSW 2293 (Newcastle)

2) PO Box 2510, Carlingford NSW 2118 (Sydney)

3) PO Box 223, Croydon, VIC 3136 (Melbourne)

And where would I find Volksfront?

Volksfront Australia
PO Box 2 Wickham 2293

Funny that.

I chose to insert this next quote because the term "many of the information ages benefits" kinda cracks me up. You'll notice that I've left all spelling and punctuation errors as is.

I Believe that as well as opposing the tide of zionist global control through nationalism Euro-nationalists should use many of the information ages benefits to devlop a racial state of some sort within the gloablised system

He's also got some funny ideas on what being an Australian is all about.

The term Australian as those familar with nativist ideals knows that it was term mean't exclusivly for the use of all European people within this southern continent and probably New Zealand. Australian's existed way before 1901 just read Lane, Lawson & Patterson. We fought together as a people at the Eureka stockade in militant anti-asian union actions and in the Boer war (Unfortunately). Australian Nativist idealogy I believe was the best form of nationalism invented. It was Euro intergral racialist, had producer based economics and was democratic.

We had the best nation on earth and lost it. We must reclaim our heritage or Eureka Spirit become militant again and achieve the identity, independence & freedom for our future generations.

He obviously has no fucking idea that plenty of non-White Europeans like southern Italians, some Spaniards and Portuguese chaps fought under the Eureka flag. I know I keep hammering away on this point, but who was the first person put on trial over the Eureka Stockade? That's right, John Joseph, a freed black American slave.

I'm gonna keep on digging.

You may now go and take out on your anger on an inanimate object of your choosing.
I'm so chuffed, my first ever threat from the PYL.

by the way dapry boy. You have your stupid fuckin name in the fuckin WHITE pages so dont fuckin threaten us with your fuckin I.P address shit. We have your fuckin address!!!!
and with a nmae like Hau, and by the way you look you must be a fuckin half breed yourself you wanker
eureka | 12.04.04 - 10:50 pm | #

Their leader Stuart McBeth posts as Eureka Spirit on Stormfront and the IP number is consistent with his other footprints around the web.

I guess it's game on.

It seems that Stuart IS as stupid as everyone as everyone at Newcastle University seems to think. Threatening someone via email from a traceable source is one thing, but doing it via a public post is another slightly more brainless way of doing things.

Perhaps I was simply meant to scamper back up my tree in fear and go back to harvesting coconuts or something? I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. The "fuckin half breed" comment speaks for itself from someone who supposedly isn't racist. I'll desist from going into detail regarding the exceptional reputation that the Maori have in combating white supremacists in New Zealand. I'm sure many of you saw the news footage back in October.

Rest assured my beloved readers that all details have been forwarded onto the Police who are taking this matter very seriously.

Two constables from Eastwood Police joined me late this afternoon for a perusal of some of the more blatant (and defamatory) postering/stickering that the PYL have been doing around the Epping/Carlingford area.

There were dozens of these all over bus shelters, phone booths and Australia Post boxes. We got em off with a mixture of metho and elbow grease. Posted by Hello

Who did who in the what now? A comma here and there may have produced a slightly clearer message. Posted by Hello

Australian - An identity determined by ethnicity not paperwork. Really? I wonder what specific ethnicity they're hinting at. Posted by Hello

The PYL are also doing their bit for their parent organisation, The Australia First Party. Posted by Hello

I really think the imagery on this poster calls for the involvement of the Anti-Discrimination Board. Posted by Hello

If you're not already aware, the Australia First Party are the parent organisation linked to the Patriotic Youth League. For more background on them, see HERE.

Thirty seconds of research reveals that one of Australia's most notorious neo-Nazis, Dr Jim Saleam is now a candidate for the Australia First Party. And whadddya know? Stuart McBeth is as well! If you didn't know already, you'll see that our Stu is a former One Nation activist to boot!

See HERE for a good background story on the criminal activities of Dr Jim and his old mate/new enemy Jack Van Tongeren. Interestingly enough for two of our most notorious white supremacists, the former is of Turkish origin (Saleam = Salim) and the latter has Indonesian ancestry.

One fellow I haven't really drilled into that much has been the Sydney PYL rep Andrew Wilson. This is the guy I met up with undercover about five months back. All of these posters were located just around the corner from his house (DUH!). I don't wanna make a big song and dance of knowing his address. I mean, shit - all I did I was look up all the Wilsons in Epping, rang them until I got someone named Andrew. I then asked him if he was the Sydney rep for the PYL and he said yes.

I can't help it if he's as fucking dumb as Stuart McBeth.

Seriously - Andrew is probably a slight cut above Stu in the cognitive department. I'm sure Mr Wilson will breathe a sigh of relief to read that. I actually found him to be quite articulate, engaging and charismatic. Hence, fucking shitloads more dangerous than a brainless imbecile like McBeth.

To Andrew Wilson, I say:

Every single one of your posters and stickers will be down by the weekend. Of all people, you know what angry lefties are like - I can't get a minutes peace to myself for all the complete strangers ringing my phone wanting to know how they can help put the PYL out of business. A tad more scarier are the more militant Union types who want to kick your head in because of your use of the Eureka flag. It's ok, I've sat through numerous call-conferences in order to head this off. No one will be laying a finger on you. You probably don't realise that I am the only reason you are still walking upright.

Look, we had our "De Niro and Pacino - Heat" moment five months back. We sat in Epping pub and downed a few beers like a couple of regular fellas. Sure, you thought my name was Fizban Fittlecock or something and I thought your mullet was so spectacular that I simply had to grow a better one.

I now believe I have.

Just so you know, there will be flying squads of suburban mothers armed with scrapers and warm water roaming North Rocks and Carlingford Rd at random times throughout the day. The more brutish types in lumberjack coats with Eureka belt buckles will be doing so at night. We are in the process of doorknocking all local residents around your favourite sticker and poster spots to urge them to be on the lookout. I and a couple of volunteeers hit Pennant Parade this afternoon and let me tell you pal, YOU ARE NOT POPULAR!

Despite your extremely racist beliefs, you struck me as being the sort of person who is able to keep their head screwed on. You're only 19 and I sincerely hope you undergo and American History X style epiphany sometime soon.

The destructive ignorance of reducing all of society's problems down to issues of race will soon wear you down. Eventually, it will dawn on you that we're not all different and that to view people via a eugenically defined pecking order is not only morally wrong - it's just plain fucking stupid.

We all shit from the same brown hole dude.

(I feel like Neil Goodwin lecturing David Brent here.)

There is a good kid in there somewhere, Andrew. That is the ONLY reason I gave you my phone number. You're not a completely lost cause. You can't look around at the likes of dipshits like Stuart McBeth and tell me THAT'S where you belong.

Suit & tie leftie? Well, suit and open collar will have to do. Posted by Hello

You can see where I've tied back my mullet can't you? Fuck I have PACKED IT ON as well. No more afternoon Hoegaardens for me.

Not a bad year for front page appearances. First the Herald and now the Northern District Times. All I need to complete the trifecta is to score a front page spot on Country Women's Association monthly newsletter.

Shameless fame-whoring out of the way, let's get to the article. Wait, oh come on, like I don't deserve to be slightly proud of myself here! Have you got any idea how many far-right nutters are presently trying to put a cap in my arse? I have to respond the same way I always do when people are trying to kill me (yes, it happens a fair bit) by being a cocky bastard who talks too much.

I really have to stop watching When We Were Kings.

For the record, I've only received two threats that I deem serious enough to take to the police and about a two dozen fickle ones from neo-Nazis based in Europe and the US.

Enough of me, here's the article:

A white separatist youth group has emerged in the northern district, recruiting members from local high schools and Macquarie University.
The Sydney branch of the Patriotic Youth League, headed by Andrew Wilson, of Epping, has plastered stickers bearing slogans such as “Mass Immigration = Water Restrictions” and “Stop Racist Attacks Against Australia”, on telegraph poles in streets near Eastwood’s Marist College, Carlingford and Epping Boys high schools, and Macquarie University.

Mr Wilson refused to talk to theTimes but on his group’s website, Stormfront, it quotes him as saying it was important to recruit at universities and schools.
“There are enough receptive Aussies in schools and unis to make the exercise worth its while,” it said.

The league president, Stuart McBeth, based in Newcastle, confirmed 12 high school students had been recruited in Sydney in the past month. Members had also been recruited from Macquarie University, with the Sydney group having a 20-strong membership.
Mr McBeth said the league was a “white separatist” group and only “Europeans” were accepted. “It’s not hate-based,” he said. “We’re a nationalist organisation and so, regardless of race, we have a degree of racial integrity. Race is important.”
An outraged Epping resident, Mat Henderson, has retaliated against the recruitment campaign, plastering his own stickers over the league’s displays.
Mr Henderson said he has met Mr Wilson at the Epping Hotel in August on the pretext he was interested in joining the group.
“He has a very negative attitude towards any migrant community that’s not white Anglo-Saxon,” he said. Mr Henderson feared that Mr Wilson’s “charismatic and articulate” traits could convince naïve school students to join the league.
Marist College principal Michael Blowes said he was unaware the slogans had been posted outside his school but had noticed them at Lakeside Drive. “They were actually in a number of areas around Eastwood,” he said.
“I, like any other citizen, don’t like these things being put up on telegraph poles.”
Eastwood police commander Superintendent Geoff Beresford said a neighbourhood watch group had alerted police to the stickers in October. “People are entitled to freedom of speech and if they don’t do anything to break the law, they’re entitled to exercise freedom, “ Supt Beresford said. “But we’re concerned something like that would lead to potential violence.”

I guess my main point of clarification here is that I live in Eastwood, not Epping.

So Stormfront is the official PYL website? Well, if the Murdoch press say so then it must be true. I’ve honestly got no idea how that particular facet of the story came about.

As for the Marist College principal, what a load of crap - those PYL stickers were absolutely plastered on every single street sign and telegraph pole surrounding his school. Of course he couldn’t admit to seeing them cos then he’ would be facing questions as to why he did nothing to remove them.

I’'ll not comment on anything Supt Beresford has said here until after I meet with him in the coming days.

I uncovered a new stash of PYL filth on my way home from Parramatta this afternoon as well. Check these out.

Just in case you weren't suitably outraged the first time around. Posted by Hello

Probably should have taken the flash off. Fine print reads, "The Patriotic Youth League is the only group that fights for the rights of white Australian youth." Posted by Hello

Being "predictable" gets you banned from Tim Blair these days. What's the bet that Timbo himself makes a highly predictable Margo comment with regard to the fine print on this sticker? This sticker is also being forwarded onto the Anti Discrimination Board and the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. Posted by Hello

I wonder if the PYL realise that if the indigenous people of this continent had waged a similar hate campaign against the Boat People of 1788 - they'd still be stuck in Portsmouth. Posted by Hello

Yes, get rid of all those Australian academics! Australian University's are for Australian STUDENTS only! Posted by Hello
The game has shifted up a gear.

If only that moustache was a bit smaller he would have had the look down pat. Posted by Hello

I think we need to investigate this Jim Saleam character a bit further. You know, seen as he has been emailing me and getting his PYL troopers to stuff shit in my letterbox. Not my inbox, my actual letterbox.

Andrew West writing in The Herald back in February describes Saleam as follows:

In the 1980s and 1990s, Jim Saleam wore a paramilitary uniform, invaded church services to preach his brand of anti-immigrant, white separatist politics and went to jail for a shotgun attack on an African leader.

He was the public face of the far-right group National Action.

Read the whole article. Also see HERE and HERE for some more background if you feel extra keen.

The important bits to note are that he spent three and a half years in the big house for his involvement in the attempted shooting of the Australian representative of the African National Congress back in 1989. He’ has also been involved in numerous fire-bombings, bashings and a number of fraud cases. His enemies on the lunar right call him the "sand nigger" or "Jamal Saleam" due his supposed Lebanese/Turkish heritage. Some claim his father was Lebanese and his mum was a pom, some even suggest he's a Cypriot.

Even though his criminal record is longer than John Holmes' shlong, Saleam insists that he was framed on every occasion. He also denies any serious involvement with the overtly neo-Nazi National Action and claims that he was merely trying to infiltrate the group. He now accuses his former friends on the extreme right of doctoring up old images of him and making them look like he is wearing a Nazi uniform, complete with swastika. What's his next excuse? "The only reason I firebombed the leftie book shop was because it was already on fire so I tried putting it out with petrol."

Plenty of people have emailed me to pass on various tidbits of Saleam-lore and anecdote. The most poignant simply reads, "I had the displeasure of meeting this nut a couple of times about 6 years ago, a very sad and twisted individual indeed. A sick, lonely old man, who lives on Centrelink, yet believes he is part of the elite ruling race."

I normally wouldn't waste any more than a couple of paragraphs on someone like him but events which have transpired in recent days dictate that I must. Those of you who know his track record as a figurehead and mentor for neo-Nazi skinhead youth back in the Eighties, will not be surprised to hear that it is HE who is effectively running the Patriotic Youth League. God knows McBeth and Wilson couldn't organise a pissup in a brewery and I can't imagine Saleam is much better. Still, the man does have a PhD. That was how he passed his time in the clink anyhow.

Here is our email exchange from the last few days.

Dear Mr. Henderson,

I thank you for your adoption of the neo-nazi lie that my extended family is of non-European origin. It has always intrigued me how your side and the nutzis team up. Perhaps you could suggest that's paranoia per your next posting?

I thank you for referring supposed AFP material to the relevant race-relations gestapo. It should prove an interesting case.

I welcome your peculiar input to political life in Sydney. I note your threats of violence on line. Curious.

Dr. Jim Saleam

Point of clarification: Saleam doesn't believe that prancing around in swastikas and jackboots for most of the Eighties makes him a Nazi. Not now, not ever. Jimbo, buddy - you believe in a racially pure WHITE Australia, you have turned to violence again and again in order to bring this about. You're a Nazi.

I replied to his email thus:


Feel free to explain the linguistic derivation of your surname back to an Indo-European dialect. Sounds 100% Finno-Uralic to me. Black-Irish, Basque or Albanian as slight possibilities. Though I strongly suspect it's from the other side of the Balkans. Not that there's anything wrong with that. You should be proud to have the blood of Suleiman The Magnificent pumping away in your veins.

You trying to make historical amends for his double siege of Vienna?

The only threats of violence online have been carried out by your troopers buddy.

Putting all ideology aside for a split second and viewing everything through a purely Machiavellian microscope (he was a wog ya know). It looks like the same old shit is going to be the undoing of the Australian white supremacist movement yet again.

That being that your grunts are ...well can I put this nicely? Rather dim. Not that I'm complaining. You don't need to focus too much attention on people who find Playschool challenging viewing.

I hope the Maco's (Macedonians) are treating you well down Rockdale way. Can I ask where you draw the line insofar what ethnicities are acceptable for being 'white' Australians? Are Slavs in or out? How about Northern Italians? They're mainly blonde and blue-eyed but your definition, wouldn't they still be wogs?

Here's a doosy for you, how about the Croats? Dalmatian Croats are fairly dark- skinned but their inland brethren are quite fair. I'm sure I don't need to fill you in regarding some of their historical activities. You know, throwing Gypsies, Serbs and Jews of Plitvice Waterfalls. You ought to love them on that account, yet out Edensor Park way they buy smelly meat from woggy delis and play "wogball" and act like typical chocko's?

Enlighten me Jim, what exactly IS a white Australian?



He responded:

Mr. Henderson,

For information on various aspects of Australian nationalist ideology and
politics, try for a start::

For information on organizations, try (but you may have found it):

I wish you good luck.

Jim Saleam

(P.S. Actually the family was orthodox and Greek-speaking.If you intend to fight the nationalists ideologically and even personally, it is usually
necessary to be aware of what they are saying and who they are. The sites above will tell you that. Given you are persauded to fight us, that's fine, just quote us accurately - as we will quote you).

Hmmmm…I fail to see how someone not of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Germanic-Nordic stock can lay claim to being a white supremacist. I find it even more strange that someone like Jim Saleam who is openly calling for a return to the White Australia policy can justify his position to his followers when he himself a member of one of the main ethnic groups that saw the downfall of the WAP.

Ted Bullpit from Kingswood Country certainly didn't regard Lex Marinos, The Greek Stud, as a "white Australian". Lex's character, Bruno - was always referred to as a "flamin' wog." Oh - and guess where Kingswood Country was filmed? In Channel Seven's old studios in EPPING!

Matter of fact I scraped several PYL stickers off street signs outside those studios just recently.

Remember, it was the Greeks, Italians and other ‘wogs’ who broke white Australia in to the idea that people not of British origin were just as capable of contributing to this country as anyone else. Jim Saleam should be proud to be a member of an ethnic group that helped broaden the cultural horizons of many Australians, should be proud of the Snowy River Scheme, should be proud of being Greek.

I’d even let him brag about Euro 2004. It’s not like he’d be the first Greek to give me shit about that.

Those of you who have already seen the outstanding Australian documentary Molly and Mobarak will also have noticed Jim Saleam'’s peculiar brand of activism. If you haven't seen it, please do so. Awesome docco.

The film looked at Afghan refugees working in an abattoir in Young, country NSW. Despite studies which showed that the 90 or so Afghans in the town had contributed 2.7 million dollars to the local economy and the fact that most of the population were happy to have them there, Jim Saleam had to have a niggle.

Under the auspices of the Australia First Party, Saleam distributed a leaflet around the town which claimed that the following things were in-store for Young:

“Rape-gangs, shootings of police officers, drugs, muggings, house-breakings, murders and unemployment? It starts with contract labour at Burrangong Meat Processors. Some call it multiculturalism. Ordinary people know it's the takeover of our towns, our country!”

What exactly is a "house-breaking"? Jesus Jim, they must be some pretty tough Afghans if they're going around breaking people's houses! There was a time back in the 1950’s where if a Greek person claimed Australia as “their country”, they would have been set-upon. It'’s only thanks to the proponents of Multiculturalism like myself that shit like that doesn’t happen anymore.

Well, maybe in Newcastle.

It seems that the Northern District Times article really got him fired-up. It’s yet another conspiracy against poor Jim. I echo Matthew Collins opinions from the Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council when he says that after reading through most of Jim’s work on the links he posted above, “you’d think the good Doctor is possibly the only person in Australia not working for ASIO.”

His response to the NDT piece was pure Saleam, GOLD Saleam, "straight to the pool room" Saleam. I awoke this morning to find PYL posters plastered around my quiet suburban street and found a pamphlett in my letterbox. Here are some highlights. You wanna have a laugh? Cut and paste it into Word and then run a spell-check. Watch Windows shit itself.

Freedom of Speech Threatened By Multiculturalist Thug!
Aussies Fight Back!

…The article was “cooked up” between the Times Journalist JOANNE VELLA, and local multiculturalist “nut” MAT HENDERSON of Eastwood (not Epping). It was a constructed, biased piece from a low life journalist and a lackey mate.

For the record, I am yet to actually meet Joanne Vella in person, nor had I had any contact with her prior to this story. But, Jim probably reckons we met during our ASIO training.

…She (Vella) goes on to quote Mr Henderson. A rabid anti-Australian Henderson claims the organiser of the Sydney PYL, Andrew Wilson has “a very negative attitude on any migrant community that is not white Anglo-Saxon”. This is a bare-faced lie and we challenge Mr Henderson to provide evidence for his wild claim. The Patriotic Youth League is a nationalist organisation with a pan-European membership policy. Mr Wilson shares these views. It already includes youth of Italian, Russian, Scottish and Romanian background. Clearly not the “Anglo-Saxon youth” Mr Henderson raves about. Another “cook up”!

"Cook up". Who the fuck am I, The Rock? Jamie Oliver?

So does PYL president Stuart McBeth endorse the pan-European policy? Remember, he told journo’s from the Herald that there are Asian members. Either way, I guess a pan-European membership pre-requisite means that Ashkenazic Jews are ok to join?

Strangely, from a guy who once oversaw an army of violent skinheads, Saleam tries the peace-nik approach.

However, unlike the ethnic gangs of Eastwood, violence is something the PYL abhors and does not condone. Then again there is nothing the multicultural fascist nutter Mr Henderson would like better than to see us banned and the youth of Australia denied a voice!

Jimbo must have been positively frothing at the mouth when he wrote this next bit.

Henderson is a stormtrooper of multiculturalism who will not stand any dissenting views. “Tolerance “ and “Respect” to him are only for those who agree with his narrow minded, multi-racial vision for the (sic) Australia! Hypocrite!! We say this Henderson creature is little better than a thug and a bullyboy for multiculturalism and he knows it!

Most Australian residents in Eastwood are against what has happened to their suburb over the last ten years. Yet Henderson is willing to go to any lengths in oppressing the majority’s wishes to impose his “diversity” on us all. He is a classic “fascist”.

The truth is the “multicultural situation” in Eastwood is out of control. Foreign aliens are buying up retail property en masse. No Australian owned shops will be left. Large and “tooled-up” ethnic gangs roam the streets of Eastwood after dark looking for “action”. Hard drugs are peddled to misguided youth and more than a few backdoor “massage parlours” are in operation. Our local police have their hands tied behind their backs, scared of “racism” if they crack down. Henderson talks buzz words like “harmony” and “Enrichment” Do you feel enriched?

The Patriotic Youth League is running a campaign against the creeping Asianisation of Eastwood under the guise of “multiculturalism” that is supported by the likes of Henderson and Vella. Fight for free speech! Oppose Vella’s lies! Oppose Henderson’s Fascism!

Ok, I know you all need to dash to the bathroom before you piss your pants with laughter but bear with me for a second. I feel that Jim Saleam needs to be congratulated for breaking the world record for the heaviest use of exclamation marks and inverted commas on a single A4 page.

Ethnic gangs, “tooled up”, drug peddling? Fair dinkum. As for his assertion that the majority of Eastwood residents are against multiculturalism, maybe he should take a wander down Rowe St on Granny Smith Festival Day or on Multicultural Day and see this culturally diverse yet united community for himself. He should do his own research (not that I suspect it would change his opinions) instead of relying on Andrew Wilson'’s reportage. What he knows about Eastwood you could barely fit on my fingernail.

Seriously though, am I concerned that a guy with a violent criminal history has been emailing me and having his troopers put shit like this in my letterbox? In a word, no. I sleep soundly in the knowledge that whatever coming shitfight takes place will be on my turf, my terrain and with numbers, dollars, public opinion, the media, and most importantly, THE LAW – on my side.

After reading that flyer, I'm actually more perplexed than before as to what their "campaign" will entail. Other than sticking up posters and holding the odd BBQ in Glen Park, what can half a dozen guys really do?

Is their non-violence shtick is to be believed? I wish them all the best if they DO intend to conduct a non-violent propaganda campaign against the "Asianisation" of Eastwood. Good luck to them, having spent too long in the advertising and media industries, those kind of wars are the ones I'm best at. They also have to keep in mind that it's not just me, oh no, they will have ALL the local councils against them, the police, The Greens, The Bennelong Friends of Refugees and many other influential organisations that I can't reveal yet until the launch. The launch of what?

Wait and see. Wait and see.

If you thought Molly and Mobarak was a good documentary, wait until you see what Darpy boy is ..ahem .."cooking up."

For a right cack, please see the official PYL response to the NDT article on their website. (scroll down a bit)

Apparently it is I who is the "racist fascist".

Strange, you'll notice in their headlining article they have a link to Counter Culture Music, a neo-Nazi record label and distributor. You'll also notice this prediction:

"Soon the Newcastle foreshore will be packed with lowered utes with chrome rims and awesome stereos pumping out Fortress."

Who are Fortress? Why, they're only Australia's most prominent neo-Nazi skinhead band. See for yourself.

Play that funky music white boy! Posted by Hello

Oh, but the PYL isn't racist, nor are they neo-Nazis, they just can't wait for the Newcastle foreshore to be packed with lowered utes pumping out music by the band you see above.


Probably should explain a few things here seen as my previous post has caused a few people to scratch their heads.

Having just watched Molly and Mobarak again on Saturday night and witnessing Jim Saleam's shit-sheeting activities against the Afghan refugees in Young, it was a tad infuriating to wake up on Sunday morning and find myself the subject of a Jim Saleam shit-sheet (and also rather spooky).

Hey, they wacked it into my letterbox and also postered their A3 "DEPORT BOAT PEOPLE" posters around my street. Something they'd not done before.

I mean, they're trying to send a message here, "We're not bluffing, WE DO know where you live".

Come on, this is a guy who has firebombed shops and arranged beatings and shootings. Whether you want to or not, you are going to have a reaction to something like this. Some people would have marched off mob-handed to settle the score, some people would have gone into hiding and ceased all anti-racism campaigning. I didn't. For like, the seventh time in a week I took all the evidence down to the local cop shop and am content to let them deal with it. I will continue on doing what I have been doing. So, if you're free over the coming days and feel like scraping off some posters and starring in a docco, email me.

It looks like our state local member and Police Minister, John Watkins is interested in doing something about this as well. Myself and a couple of Ryde Councillors should be meeting with him sometime this week. Watkins is Labor Left and a top bloke to boot. Matter of fact, every ALP branch in this part of Sydney is left controlled. I never knew that until today.

Online, well - I chose to combat Saleam's idiocy with humour. From a propaganda perspective it IS the left's best weapon against the right. Some of it may seem a tad full-on and iffy but you have to understand the context.

The parts where I am yapping on about the linguistic origins Jim's surname take place in email correspondence. I was simply trying to use his own fucked up mentality against him. You know how racists like to classify each and every ethnicity as a separate rung on the eugenics ladder? I was merely trying to paint him with his own bigoted brush.

Another point to remember is that my basic natural disposition is that of a clown. On balance, this has primarily been a humorous blog. I have naturally been dealing with this particular topic in a rather serious manner but, in light of circumstance I think you can all understand me returning to my standard piss-taking way of doing things.


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. There has been a very amusing "whoopsee-daisy" moment over at the official PYL site. They have just removed all references to neo-Nazi band Fortress. Apparently the "sneaky and clever opposition to freedom (ie, me) have become aware of some Australian bands fascination with neo-Nazism in the past."

Uhm's not like I suddenly became aware of Fortress. Anyone who keeps an eye on the activities of the lunar right is up to speed on who the main players are (see December 14 entry for more background). Hell, I played footy with a guy who went on to be their drummer for a while (he was weak as piss and couldn't tackle). The only reason I left it alone for so long is because I was happy to watch the PYL deny the fact that they are a neo-Nazi organisation whilst they openly endorsed a neo-Nazi band on their site.

And what do they mean by "in the past"? Check out the latest Fortress release. Looks like the standard "Die Jew, Die Nigger" stuff that they're famous for.

Removing any references to neo-Nazi bands from their site is pointless. HERE is the google cache where it will live on until the end of days.

Time for an interactive element.

I am holding a design competition. All you HTML and Photoshop geeks get cracking on a link button for the PYL that will trace back to the Google cache version of their site. Maybe a dual button with links to that swastika-laden picture of Fortress as well. The idea being to make the connection between the PYL and neo-Nazism blatantly obvious. Well, it's bleedingly obvious to anyone who has spent five minutes researching them online, but let's try and save people that valuable five minutes huh?

Strikeforce Tiberius: The men and women responsible for the removal of PYL signage in Gamma Sector (Hillview Rd and Auld Ave). Ryde Council's Tom McCosker in the thick of it to Darp's left. Posted by Hello

Click to enlarge. I'll work on the font to incorporate it into the logo a bit better. Posted by Hello

Via sensitive negotiations and a slight change of strategy, I am able to break a little bit of my PYL update. As you can see from the pictures above, the local opposition to the Patriotic Youth League now has a name, a logo and plenty of people power behind it.

I just had to incorporate the Eastwood apple somewhere and I guess you can see a bit of Maori influence with the koru spiral as well. I like it.

After what we accomplished last night, I think it's fair to say that the sticker war is now won.

Every single PYL and Australia First poster/sticker was removed from the streets of the Northern Suburbs last night.

We couldn't do this one by halves, so we staged a community event. Here is the press release/agenda we sent out.

The NDMF was set up to combat the divisive racist propaganda spread by groups like the Patriotic Youth League and The Australia First Party. It Comprises people from varied ethnic backgrounds and from groups such as The Bennelong Friends of Refugees, The Greens, The Australian Democrats and the Australian Labor Party.

The NDMF will prove that despite the best efforts from those who would seek to divide our community with hate and racism, MULTICULTURALISM WORKS. As residents of Eastwood,
Epping and surrounds, we feel that cultural diversity enriches and compliments not just our community, but Australia as a whole.

Tonight’s Community Action involves removing illegal PYL and AFP signage from our streets. We will divide into three groups and cover the areas listed over the page. The black dots indicate streets where illegal posters and stickers have been reported. They are stuck on signposts, telegraph poles, street signs (often behind the sign), letterboxes and power boxes. Look for signage bearing the following messages:

End all immigration before it ends Australia.
Deport boat people. Stop the boat people invasion
Australian – an identity defined by ethnicity, not paperwork.
Support the diggers not the war.
Stop the marking up of foreign students.
Hands off Captain Cook.
Stop anti-Aussie racism and attacks.
Mass immigration = water restrictions.

At approximately 8:30-9:00, we will meet at #### Books, # ##### St Epping for coffee and debriefing. In order to better coordinate future activities, please write your name and email address on the clipboards being passed around. If you have any further enquiries throughout the evening, please contact me on 04# ### ###.

Please call me if you find any illegal material posted on private property.

Mat Henderson-Hau.
The Northern District Multicultural Foundation NDMF

Considering we only had roughly eighteen hours to publicise this, I was quite chuffed to see 30-35 people rock up outside The Epping Club, paint scrapers in hand. If A CERTAIN PHOTOGRAPHER had turned up to the right venue and not the Epping Community Centre, I'd have some much better photos to share with you all. As it stood, there were enough photographers there anyway from ..from ..from ..

I don't think I wanna let the press coverage completely out of the bag with this one just yet. Stay tuned, you won't be able to miss it. I'll just say that there were three different media organisations there last night.

I encourage those people who were there to share their recollections of the evening for our supporters interstate and overseas. It was an amazing night and sight to see people of varied ethnic backgrounds, ages and walks of life all coming together to fight those who would divide us.

A special shout-out must go to the Bennelong Friends of Refugees contingent. They had a couple of tireless septuagenarians in their ranks who motored about like people half their age. They inspired everyone with their energy and drive. One of them had to be talked out of climbing a street sign to remove a sticker. Thankfully the local Labor crowd brought a couple of step ladders along (as did the Dems, I promised I wouldn't forget them).

The support from the general public was amazing. There is a community Basketball court up on Willoughby St that got covered with PYL stuff. On the benches, on poles, even on the backboards. The court is regularly used by a mixture of Anglos, Koreans, Polynesians, and Armenians and by a Nigerian contingent who live in North Parramatta. I paid them a visit during the afternoon to try and drag a few of them along for the clean-up and was surprised by the fact that some of them had already lodged a complaint with Parramatta council regarding the posters but nothing had been done. I shouldn't say I'm THAT surprised, I've been hounding them as well, to little effect.

I did most of my cleaning up in Eastwood later that night but the crew who handled the basketball court reported a rousing reception from the assembled nationalities on the court. They halted their game and helped our guys get the job done. Apparently they erected the extension ladder to clean the backboard when a seven foot Nigerian grabbed a paint scraper and sorted the problem in one giant leap.

Whilst cleaning off posters at the end of my street, a group of Macquarie Uni students who lived across the road broke off their end of year BBQ to come and join us. One bloke said he tried to remove the posters a few days prior with a butter knife but to no avail.

The glossy posters in particular were a real pain to get off. They've stopped using flour and water paste and are using proper glue. The actual labour cost for local council's to remove this stuff is frightening.

Interestingly, during the recent federal election. The Ryde Council Rangers were very brisk when it came to removing Greens and ALP posters from public property, but it has taken a major kick up the arse from the community in order to get them to do something about these ones.

In this week's Northern District Times, Ryde Mayor Terry Perram has vowed to crack down on PYL material:

"If I see anything, or if the council becomes aware of it, then we will immediately remove it. If the stickers are on private property, we will ask the owners to remove it. Our city has a mix of ethnic backgrounds and we are richer for it."

Major kudos is also due to local Greens Councillor Tom McCosker. Tom was elected to Ryde Council at age 18 and 4 months, making him Australia's youngest ever elected official in public office. The pair of us have been working closely to bring the NDMF campaign to life and Tom has contributed in the best possible way by ensuring that an emergency motion concerning the legality of the PYL was passed through Ryde Council on Tuesday night. I won't go into the specifics of that motion, you'll have to wait and see.

Thanks also to Flashman. This guy is an absolute champion and natural auteur. I couldn't have picked a better filmmaker to document this campaign. Thanks also to Weezil, who drove half way across Sydney to provide us with a generator and extra lighting gear. He was a bit knocked about after a cop car recently rear-ended him and probably should have been in traction or at-least on crutches, but he came through with the goods - as he always does.

It's amazing what can happen when bloggers get organised. Look and learn people. I'd dearly love for as many of you as possible to follow our example. Blogging IS the future, believe it.

So, in closing, the sticker war is won. The divisive PYL and AFP garbage has been removed from our streets effectively cutting off their main means of propaganda and subversion. That's one battle won, a couple more to go.

Last night, we sent them a message that the community is prepared to unite against racism, bigotry and neo-Nazism.

The PYL is not welcome here.
They just can't get it right can they?

I mean, of all the battlefields to choose, the PYL have now decided to take me on in the blogging game. I reiterate that they really need to read their Tsun Tzu - of course the chances of them taking strategic advice from a "chink" are minimal.

The site, Is it wrong to wish on Darps (sic) bad hair? My hair? Ok, my mullet is very Pat Cash circa 1987, but Andrew Wilson's is Andre Agassi as a Vegas teenager! This blog is a melange of all the crazy, wacky (and legally iffy) rantings of the PYL. For example:

(As per usual when quoting PYL stuff, all spelling/grammatical errors remain un-altered)

its time we showed the faggots and the minorities that this is still a democracy and that as the majority in that democracy we should be allowed the freedom to make whatever the hell jokes we want, and if we think a religion or ethnic group is a threat then we should be able to speak up about that too. no violence just wonderfull free speech.

its time, time to take our country back.

The bad grammar, lack of punctuation and capitalisation are Stuart McBeth's trademarks. I'm sure daddy Saleam has had some input as well. Either way, Blogger are presently investigating its authorship as they feel their terms of service have been breached.

They love to harp on about my alleged opposition to free speech but sheesh, when they rant and rave on like this - I want them to keep spewing out bile. I don't think I've ever come across a lunar right organisation that shoots itself in the foot with such alarming regularity. Of course, then they shit themselves and go back and erase everything.

You know, that high powered "PYL Legal Team" likes to keep on top of everything. Bwahahahahahahahah.

Some other tidbits:

this group (NDMF) instead of countering free speech with more free speech, has decided to use violence to kill any dissenting voices. the first report came up on darps website that someone seen looking at a patriotic youth league poster had "the pus beaten out of him" in the area of Lane Cove

This, as you'd know was a comment left by Davo on this site. I've got no fucking idea who Davo is and I'm still waiting for him to contact me in regard to this incident. He has nothing to do with the NDMF and was presumably talking out his arse when he posted that comment.

If the PYL regard breaching Bill Postering laws as "free speech", that is all well and good. Unfortunately, the law views it as illegal and in need of removal. That is simply what we did.

this is bound to be only the first of a long line of violent quashing of any who dare to speak up for average working aussies who are sick of the left elite pushing their crap. this site urges all the patriots of the PYL not to give up. the fact that this faggot feels the need to get his bum chums together to fight you is a great sign that you are having an effect. keep going mates!!!!!

What? Do you blokes actually WORK? Hmmmm ..I'll probably forward all the "faggot" comments onto Gary Burns. This que of people taking the PYL to the Anti-Discrimination Board is growing on a daily basis.

You'll notice under that quote (on their blog) that they list some comments from this blog, comments by you guys, not me. Of course, the insinuation is that they're my comments. That sentence was rather jumbled wasn't it? Anyway, check it out for yourselves. If those people quoted take any objection to their words being used by the PYL, please report it to Blogger.

They've tried posting a fair few pictures on this blog as well. None of them posted properly. To use Stuart McBeth's words; maybe they cannot master "the information ages technology". Perhaps the razzle-dazzle PYL legal team ordered them to pull them down or find themselves in more shit.

More quotes. Apparently this one is about you guys and I - but reading over it, it reads like the perfect description of the relationship dynamics between Jim Saleam and his young PYL chargers.

But seriously though, these people are fanatic brainwashed pawns led by a dangerous violent lunatic who wil do anything to get attention.

They close with a ripper:

this perverted little boy who openly advocates violence against his percieved "enemies". i would like to call on all people who are disgusted by the man not to sink to his level, beating him up will only be an advantage to him, letting the little toe rag who lives off others misery survive longer in the spotlight. when he stops getting his picture in the paper he will get bored and move on to harassing someone else. but how do we stop him harassing anyone else? think about it. if you know how to contact me you will. but if you dont just post here.

Little boy? I'm 28 and weigh 80Kg's! Well, 78 at last weighing. Stuart McBeth is reportedly five foot nothing, 19 years old and so puny he is liable to blow away in a stiff breeze. Just WHO is a little boy here? It's amazing what kind of tough talk these prats engage in when hiding behind a monitor.

As for me advocating violence, well, I merely repeated the word on the street that there were people out there who were quite fucked off by the PYL. I reiterate that my influence and ability to reason with angry young kids and fired-up Unionists has prevented this from escalating further. I don't want to see this debate escalate beyond what it is.

I do like the insinuation they make that there are people trying to beat me up. Like, fucken derr! Part and parcel of taking on neo-Nazi groups is the possibility that you may get your head kicked in. You've already put shit in my letterbox and plastered posters around my street. You are being coordinated by a guy who did three years in the big house for his involvement in an attempted shooting and who also partook in numerous fire-bombings and bashings.

I'm running around Eastwood with grannies and teenagers scraping off your posters. Hmmm..yeah ..what a multicultural thug I am.

As for me eventually getting bored and moving on. Nup. Not gonna happen. You Nazi fuckers are stuck with me like a terrier around your ankles.

To paraphrase the Warumpi Band's Blackfella/whitefella, I AM the one who is gonna stand up and be counted.

Make sure you all check out tomorrow's Sun Herald. Maybe the PYL goons can save me the hassle of grabbing a copy? When you fill my letterbox with shit sheets tonight, can you put a copy of the paper in as well?

Man, now I've got Warumpi Band stuck in my head. The complete soundtrack album to the fight against the PYL will be available soon. Here is the track listing.

1. Renegades of funk - Rage against the machine.
2. Nazi punks fuck off - Dead Kennedys.
3. One giant leap - Faithless featuring Robbie Williams.
4. Brother's gonna work it out - Public Enemy.
5. Rock the nation - Michael Franti and Spearhead.
6. Blackfella/whitefella - Warumpi Band.
7. Everyday People - Sly and the family stone.
8. Safe from harm - Massive Attack.
9. The guns of Brixton - The Clash.
10. Fite dem back - Linton Kwesi Jonstone.

Any other suggestions?

HERE is the Herald piece. Yes, my mullet is now long enough to tie back. It HAS to go, just like all those posters did.

Oh, and if you thought you got fuck all work done during Pandagate because you were too engrossed by the comment thread shitfights, head on over to Darps(sic) Hair and get stuck in. There is "free speech" to be had by all. After you read my full article below, you'll see that I didn't cast the first stone here.
The Sun Herald article has appeared. If they don't do an online version I'll scan it later on this afternoon after I get back from North Narrabeen. The waves are meant to be huge today so I'll be a while.

Rob Corr from Kick and Scream has done a fair bit of Nazi hunting in his time. His most famous scalp, if you can call it a 'scalp' was his online campaign against Jack Van Tongeren's Australian Nationalist Movement and their 'social club', the White Devils. This was basically a group of freaks who donned robes and daubed swastikas on the walls of some bloke's back shed.

Our most recent email correspondence concerns the authorship of that "Darps(sic) Hair" blog. Many of you have noticed their incompetence when it comes to using HTML, ie - their photos didn't come out. Here is one of the filenames these photo fuck ups traces back to.


Well, matter of fact they all trace back to "Anne-Marie/Desktop/My%20Pictures/lukes".

So, we can presume that the computer in question probably belongs to "Anne-Marie" and that "Luke" is the guy authoring Darps(sic) Hair.

So, who is Luke? Go to the official PYL site and look under the "Branches" subsection. Here you will see that their Victorian representative is a fellow named.....Luke.


Contact: Luke (0413 ### ###)
P.O. Box 639, Eltham, 3136

This chap has also been active on Stormfront, trying to drum up some support for his blog and also to get some troopers over to Darpism to sort me out.

hopefully enough people can get to his site and leave appropriate comments that let him know that people are not happy with what he has done. all he has got so far is the usual leftist scum reinforcing his own opinion of himself. if people let him know that not everybody is on his side then mabye the pillow biter will learn a lesson or two about humility, knock the confidence off of him a bit

check out the leftist fools site too, and leave a comment, i would love too see something intelligent and well worded against him for once.

Of course, Stormfront is the obvious place to go when you're in need of a witty wordsmith. 'Luke' has sure as fuck proved himself incapable of even using capital letters and the most basic of grammar so I understand his desire to outsource.

As for "people not being happy with what I've done", Uhm ...yeah I guess there are a few White Supremacists who are incredibly pissed off with me but I'm afraid the citizenry of Epping/Eastwood are hailing me as their new god.

What's with all the "faggot/pillow biter" shit as well? It's a safe bet to say I've experienced the love of a good woman more times than they've abused their own genitalia. As for knocking my confidence off - yawn. If you think this is confident, you aint seen nothing yet. With the burgeoning media interest in this story, I MAY actually have to untie my right hand from behind my back and put some actual effort into knocking the PYL off.

It's also great to see the PYL using their 'official' website again. I mean, using Stormfront really adds to the piss-weak nature of their continual public denials regarding their neo-Nazism. Have a look at the avatar for 303SMLE, the guy who replied to "Young Soldier/Luke". It's a goddam morphing swastika! Check out his advice to young Luke:

My advice, put your boots on and take care of it. These people are just typical brain washed fools. They will all grow up to be lawyers for some money sucking refugee. Or die of a drug overdose or most probably AIDS. They have nothing on you young blokes. Keep up the good work. RAHOWA.

See, that's the way Nazis do it! Get your Docs on, kick his head in! And yes, I obviously have nothing on these intellectually, physically and ...eugenically superior PYL chaps.

Funny how I keep whipping their butts no matter where they take this battle. I've got nothing on a group of guys who can't spell, can't strategise, can't conceal their own IP numbers and can't see the innate backwardness of their redundant ideology.

One of their major gripes has been this whole issue of free speech. I mean, you'll notice in the Sun Herald article that Stuart McBeth refused to return their calls. Andrew Wilson did the same thing with the Northern District Times. I mean, shit - if these guys feel that free speech is so important then why won't they return a journo's phone calls? You can reach a hell of a lot more people via a newspaper than you can by stickering street signs.

They can't whinge and whine about free speech when they consistently refuse opportunities to exercise their right to it.

Also, check out the level of "free speech" that is in operation over at Luke's site:

seeking asylum said...

actually the word was crimespeak, not crimespeech. try reading the book before you comment on it.
9:00 PM
weezil said...

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9:55 PM
weezil said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
10:06 PM

Hairgate? Darphairgate?, Nazigate?, PYLgate? Dipshitnazigate? I like the last one.
They've started postering again, but as you can see, the locals aren't standing for it.

It's not the way I like to handle these guys, but different strokes for different folks. Could the artist responsible please email me. Posted by Hello

I've got no idea who knocked out this handiwork but good luck in your campaign. I will stick with the scraping off and media whoring route.

There is a semi-amusing comment thread going on over at Luke Connor's site which I'm sure you'd all love to contribute to. According to the official PYL site, this is "an interesting blogspot."

The PYL have also started up another site. Well, I'd say Andrew Wilson has simply started up one of his own. He appears to be closer with Jim Saleam than the others.

Yes yes, I have already fired off two emails and a snail mail letter to Dorothy Wall's estate in regard to their inappropriate use of Blinky Bill. Wall didn't just write the books, she illustrated them as well and her estate still owns the copyright to all words and images associated with Blinky Bill. Dorothy was a diehard lefty in life and I'm sure her estate will see to it that her wishes for the portrayal of her characters are observed.

You will also see an alleged "interview" with Ryde Greens Councillor, Tom McCosker. Apart from not being able to spell his name correctly, they've also acted a tad sus by turning a phone conversation into an interview. Tom wasn't aware that he was being interviewed and after having a good laugh about the whole thing, he has decided to pass the matter onto Ryde Council's PYL casebook.

Again you will see that they are openly supporting self-confessed neo-Nazi Jack Van Tongeren. I guess that graffiti above is rather fitting.

I received an interesting email this afternoon that warrants some serious investigation. It's from an anonymous hotmail account so I'm not sure how reliable it is. I won't repeat the specific allegation until it has been investigated by the police but let's just say it involves a possible link between a neo-Nazi recently charged with numerous offences and a certain political group. No, I'm not talking about Van Tongeren. This was more of an RSPCA issue.

Feel free to make of that what you wish.


Weezil has pulled off a nice little coup.

Goodbye gumnut blue gum, goodbye Blinky Bill.

That's a big fucking round of applause from me. I completely forgot about the Blinky Bill film and cartoon series. As it turns out, that is where the copyright is presently kept.

I'm contemplating going all the way on this and hitting up their web hosts, Iinet, Freewebs and Proboards. Unfortunately, far right groups have long since learnt that Aussie web hosts don't stand for their kinda shit so they move everything over to the US where anything goes. Iinet is the only one that is still local.

Bigpond and the police have finished assessing that "we know where you live" threat and the ball is in my court there. Having their internet cut off would be fun I grant you, but it's more fun to kick back and giggle your arse off over their online antics.

What do you guys reckon?

For those of you suffering withdrawals from the PYL-Nazi shit, head over to their Victorian Representative, Luke Connor's blog for an increasingly amusing comment thread.

I couldn't resist. My latest effort deserves full exposure. Just to set the scene, a Whites Only Verses Multicultural All-Stars game of footie (presumably Rugby League) has been mooted. The PYL claim that they're not scared of big Islander boys because they "always get fooled by 'look its a bird trick!"

Wha? Didn't you know that all Pacific Island Rugby players are stupid? It's eugenically proven don't you know! Don't worry about the multi-lingual Brian Lima, former Samoan five-eighth who is now a published author in both English and French (he did his own translation). Or how about former Kiwi league captain and coach, Howard Tamati - he has one of those PhD things I hear. Of course, there has NEVER, EVER been a dumbfuck white football player, they're a bunch of fuckin' scholars they are. Gary "Sven" Larson, Chris "Brains" Johns, Terry "can't count" Lamb and my personal fave, David "the mule" Hosking.

Anyway, Dr. Cam Sexenheimer came up with a ripper retort:

And nazis always get fooled by the, "Hey look, the Jews, an inferior race, are somehow controlling the world... no, right over there!" trick.

"Aussie Spirit", whom we presume is either Luke Connor, Stuart McBeth or Andrew Wilson replied saying that Dr. Cam should, "Lighten up. This is not the place for Jewish conspiracy theories."

That was all I needed.

Yes, yes. Let's all lighten up. This isn't the place for Jewish conspiracy theories. Stu McBeth (Eureka Spirit) likes to save that shit for Stormfront. Here he is talking about Jews running a trade in Russian sex slaves. Here he pondering whether or not Rupert Murdoch is Jewish and HERE he is rambling on about which particular Jews rule the world.

If that isn't enough Jewish conspiracy for you, grab a hold of those Protocols and get ready for some more! Check out this doosie. Stu agrees that the Jews are "pulling all the strings " apparently.

Oh ...and for the un-initiated, HERE is Eureka Spirit/Stuart McBeth admitting he is a member of the Patriotic Youth League.


And they STILL maintain that they're not Nazis.

Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazis!

Come on guys, I've done so much hard work unveiling your true neo-Nazi nature. Well, I can't say it was 'hard' work - five minutes mucking around on Google pretty much blows your cover. So where is this supposed defamation case you keep speaking of? You know, every time you get outed in the media for being the Nazi/White Supremacists you are you rant and rave and promise to march on the press council, promise that your high powered PYL legal department are looking into things. Hell, your Godfather Jim Saleam has been threatening several suits against Fairfax and nothing EVER happens with any of it.

Word of advice, constant threats of legal action don't mean sweet fuck all if you don't have the stomach (or the funds) to go through with it. In your case, I think you're 100% well aware that your arguments won't stand up under scrutiny. Not with the amount of blatant Nazi shit we've got cached on you. Stormfront, Counter Culture Music, Fortress, Saleam, Van Tongeren.

And that is only the shit I'm prepared to make public.

Oh ...ok's a tid bit. When you travel around Europe meeting up with other neo-Nazi fuckheads, it probably pays to be a bit discreet. Even at night, you may have been picked up in a SEARCHLIGHT. Well, let's just say that the Nazi crims you may have been associating with were well and truly in that searchlight and pending legal advice regarding the publication of certain clandestinely taken photos - you may be as well.

Oh, I've said too much, but It's all just so so so so exciting. And here I was thinking that the mullet dude was the smart one.

Back to your "never gonna happen" law suit:

Do you fear the bleeding obvious that if your beliefs ARE put under a legal microscope that your "nationalist" and "patriotic" facade may be blown away once and for all? Something that will in all probability lead to the outlawing of your group.

I'll call you guys Nazis again, A-HA, take that Nazis!

Come on rant and rave until you're blue in the face that you're not Nazis, well, if you believe so strongly that I am wrong, step up.


Come on, don't look at me like that. I couldn't resist. Even if I am holding one less card close to my chest, it was worth it.

Things just keep going from bad to worse for the PYL.

Weezil, with some help from the Antipodean has followed up his cheeky uppercut with a massive left hook.

It turns out that Yoram Gross OAM is the LAST person the Patriotic Youth League should be stealing artwork from.

This is just another example of what can be achieved when bloggers organise.

How about when bloggers vote? Yes, that's right - the legit AUSTRALIAN BLOGGING AWARDS are now on. Muchos grathias to Keks for putting this show on once again.

See the above link for instructions on voting. It is a bit fiddly but it simply has to be that way if we want a truly reflective result. Keks has it set up so the possibility of vote rigging bots is zero and it also prevents daily voting by the same people. Usually frantic RWDB's who simply MUST ensure that his lordship cleans house.

Without sounding like a complete tosser, well - fuck it, why not be a tosser? I think I've topped the nominations, at least equal with Troppo Armadillo anyway. If someone could be bothered counting them all up, it would be much appreciated.

I'm running in the Best NSW blog, Best Personal blog, Best Humorous blog and Best Overall Blog.

I guess I better get my tuxedo out of the closet and get it dry cleaned in time for the awards night. I don't think there is any actual 'event', but there bloody well should be. Channel 31 would have broadcasted it.

Without going into a massive 'How to Vote' card routine, here are my tips and some voting recommendations.

Best QLD blog: Well, no surprises here, it simply MUST go to Dawei. He is probably THE most naturally talent writer in the Ausblogosphere, even if he does bend his talents towards discussing involuntary bowel movements and about how Lemon Diet Coke tastes like cum. He has some STIFF competition in the QLD ranks with political bloggers like Quiggin and Chrenkoff likely to win out.

Don't forget to cast your Dawei vote in the Best Personal and Best Humorous categories. Wait, doesn't that mean you won't be able to vote for Darp as well? No no no, the beauty of the Keks system is that PREFERENTIAL VOTING is an option. Just make bloody sure you give me the '1'.

Best Tasmanian: Red Interior. No questions there.

Best Victorian: That is a hornet's nest, I'm not picking out a favourite for fear of being shafted on preferences.

Best WA: Rob Corr's Kick and Scream

Best SA: Watchdog of the Wankers. Ms Cynic gets my vote there.

Best ACT: Again no surprises here, the one and only Teej Mahal.

Best NT: Troppo

Best Overseas Aussie Blog: Bring on that fashion roadkill, Ms Spirit Fingers of course.

Best deigned blog: Dan Boud all the way. The guy takes some amazing photos. Even those which don't feature me are worth looking at.

Best Political: Rob Corr again.

Best Collaborative: Ausculture. Make sure you give the lads at Enmore Station a preference as well.

Best New blog: That is another mine-field for me. If I favour anyone, I'm shafted on preferences again. Honestly, I like pretty much ALL of the nominees in that category and have read them at length.

Happy voting.

If you've stopped reading the PYL shit, you might wanna skip this entry. It's in-depth, lengthy and fucking explosive.


They were warned once, twice and a third time but they stuck to their guns. Now the decision as to whether or not the PYL pulled down the artwork they stole off a Holocaust Survivor has been taken out of their hands.

Their Freewebs site has been frozen.

And it won't stop there. The PYL have most certainly pissed off the wrong people this time. They had better get their (chortle) PYL Legal Team on the case pretty quick smart because the people at Yoram Gross are not holding back on this one.

Again, muchos kudos to Weezil. Darpism has sort of become anti-PYL central in recent months but remember - everyone is welcome to get on board for this ride. Of course, it helps if we coordinate so if you have any ideas for the campaign, feel free to drop me a line and get involved.

We're hitting them from all angles at present. Stuff like outing them in the media for the Nazis they are, alerting local council's and police to their illegal stickering/postering campaign and crucially, we're now starting to take apart their ability to organise online.

I'm still in two minds about this. Firstly, the internet is where they perform the majority of their recruiting and indoctrination. So, shutting them down online is certainly an important part of the main game, that being to have the group outlawed.

At the same time, the web is also the place where, due to technological ignorance and/or plain fucking stupidity, they oh so regularly shoot themselves in the foot. Half the work of outing them as a neo-Nazi group was essentially done for us. They left self-incriminating foot prints all over the web and it didn't take fuckin Sherlock Holmes to follow the trail and close the case.

The freewebs/Blinky Bill incident is a perfect example of this. We now have a situation whereby their own stupidity has put them fair in the cross-hairs of some seriously fucking lethal legal firepower and another swarm of negative publicity that is sure to follow. Judging by the amount of missed calls I had from various media this morning - this looks like being bigger than the Newcastle Uni bashings. They beat the crap out of a couple of African Students and scored themselves a mention in the Herald. This will be much, much bigger.

See, this time they've trodden on some very powerful toes. Toes that have a sensational track record when it comes to shutting down neo-Nazi organisations.

If we had shut down their web access a month or so back (as was the plan), then we wouldn't have been presented with this opportunity to finish the job cleanly.

I guess now is as good a time as any to unveil some more of their hidden online rantings. See, it's when they think that no-one is watching that you get the juicy stuff. They tried setting up a private message board at Proboards and put Andrew Wilson in charge of it. He was the same guy responsible for the Blinky Bill fuck up.

I've been ducking in and out of this board for a few months now and saving every single page to disk. I can't provide direct links to the following quotes as you need to register a user name and password to use this board. I encourage you all to do so if you want to see any of the following entries in full.

Remember, the PYL allegedly aren't racist but check out some of their poetry.

From Revolution:

The racial mixing and miscegenation
that immigration can provide
Worked well for traitor liberals
who thought White loyalty had died

But patriots woke up and fought
much to our foe's surprise
Because that is what they feared the most:
White Nationalism on the rise

From To Fight:

I rejoice to see the happy faces
of White children in the street
And to share an understanding
with the White folk that I meet

...That races should join together
is a lie that liberals tell
That they force this lie upon me
is why I fight like merry hell

From The Rising of the White:

The Cause was always worth it
for we knew that we were right
It was worth our every sacrifice
to save Australia for the White.

And how about this mini web-poll here:

Poll Question: finally got on the forum so wanted to ask. which is the most troublesome ethnic minority in your area?

Asian 0 (0%) Black 1 (100%) Arab/other muslim 0 (0%) islander 0 (0%) curry munchers 0 (0%) other 0 (0%)

Some guy called 'Mexican' posted that. My guess is that Luke Connor is responsible. See this thread also by 'Mexican' (Mexican/Victorian etc).

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darp is satan. {look closely, its there}

« Thread started on: Jan 6th, 2005, 08:15am »

Check out this blog. someone has to stand up to darpy warpy.


That's a fairly blatant shout-out to his own blog. Luke must be starting to understand how bloggers build an audience.

Oh, and according to 'Furius', a guy with an identical writing style to Andrew Wilson, the Asian Tsunami is a multicultural conspiracy.

I think that the media is loving the Asian tsunami.

It is giving them a chance to point the sympathies of Australians towards the Asians once again.

Sure, this isn't the main thrust of it all, but I think that there's a cynical multiracialist streak to the media that is happy to use this as an exercise in emotionally bonding Australians to Asia, and hence bonding them to Asian immigration.

Despite their rantings and ravings on MY alleged opposition to free speech. Andrew Wilson has been clamping down on freedom of expression by banning people left, right and centre from the PYL forum.


Re: foreign students
« Reply #6 on: Sep 29th, 2004, 04:14am »

If you are not racists then why would you take the racial supremcist tack by claiming sex with africans is impure as your posters implied.What does this have to do with being Nationalists.By showing that you have a problem with race mixing is showing that you are not just Nationalists but that you have an attitude of racial supremacy.

You are all infact showing yourselfs to be no better than Nazis so would you expect not to be labelled as such!.

Wilson replied:


Posts: 33

Re: foreign students
« Reply #9 on: Sep 30th, 2004, 10:44am »

Vermguard's account has been deleted.

This is not a debating chamber but a meeting place for comrades to discuss, confere, and plan.

Their funniest banning debacle concerns some guy called 'Gigabyte X' who was booted off for not being enough of a Nazi.


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Re: Beware of anti-Australian traitors
« Reply #2 on: Dec 25th, 2004, 08:22am »


Most board members will agree that Giga had a fairly long time to prove himself after his early outbursts. He failed to do this and so had to leave.

I urge you make up a suitably Nazi name and get access to the board and read the whole Giga saga for yourself. It's comedy gold. Apparently he was hanging out with Wilson and a Stalinist pamphlet fell out of his back pocket. Big Andy had no choice but to kick his arse.

Stuart McBeth is also very active on this board and uses it to publish new pronouncements of PYL policy, such as this snippet from a paper he wrote concerning Race and Ethnicity.

The Patriotic Youth League totally rejects racism or the hatred of people simply because they are of a different race.

We believe there is a difference between races and that these are important and should be included in socio-political ideology. However we also totally and utterly reject the notions of universal humanism. We draw our ideals and fundamentals from an honest belief of racialist academics. These are people who place socio-political ideology on the racial facts of anthropology, genetics, biology, history and geography.

...A race is defined as a group of individuals sharing common genetic attributes which determine that group's physical appearance and, more controversially, their cognitive abilities...

...They (Whites) could see that this enabled an opportunity for ethnic and cultural tension to be dissolved through the development of their shared racial high culture...

Strange. I fail to see how you can reject racism yet still believe that Whites have a 'higher culture'. There is a geometric inference inherent in that construct that 'White Culture' is higher, better, more evolved than others. That is racism.

In my opinion, to propagate a platform of eugenically motivated theories on racial differentiation, the same poisonous and unfounded theories utilised by the Third Reich, especially those regarding whether or not a person's cognitive abilities are determined by their racial heritage, again - IS RACISM.

Perhaps the scariest snippet that I uncovered from my travels throughout this message board was the synopsis of a book that certain members of the PYL are writing.



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White Nationalist novel, set in Australia.
This may be of interest to PYL people.
An interesting read, to say the least.
"For information purposes only"

Review/"blurb" below:

Survival of the Species (by C. Stewart)

Survival of the species.

The Movement launches its National Revolution against the globalists of the Traitor Class and the Traitor Occupied Government.

Karl, a small cog in the machinery of the Revolution, eliminates political enemies, miscegenists, and other race traitors. He and his racial comrades fight against their noxious enemies: communists, journalists, and the political police.

The Racial Nationalists struggle desperately to win back control of their Nation, to gain freedom for their People; in doing so, they fight and die for the Cause. They seek to establish National Independence, to implement a new White Australia Policy, and to ensure the Survival of the Species.

Action-packed, this novel is a warning to all internationalists, to cease the cultural-political war that threatens the very existence of the White Race - or suffer the consequences.

As with the Blinky Bill debacle, they have hosted this on Freewebs. You can check it out here.

A word of warning, this document is in violation of just about every race hate law in the Western World and has been forwarded on to the Federal Police. I've got a couple of lawyers going through it as well. I mean, they can dolly it up as fiction or whatever but when you're making pronouncements like this:

That is not to say that the old-style skins were no good; it was just necessary to find a niche for them to fit into, whereby they could truly help the Cause. Possibly it was in the area of copycat acts of harassment of multi-racial couples that the skinheads were to fit right in. Both during the daytime and at night, gangs of skinheads roamed the streets looking for multiracial couples to bash or harass (and sometimes kill, should a window of opportunity arise). In a way, the skinheads had become the "street soldiers of the revolution".

That is essentially an incitement to violence and murder. That one paragraph should be enough to get them outlawed.

Oh, and I'm sure Yoram Gross wouldn't be too happy to read this one either:

The Jews were intelligent enough, that seemed to be the case, which was evidenced by the disproportionately high level of Jews who were doctors and lawyers. They also had a penchant for finance, which they were quite clever at, although their practice of usury (charging high interest rates on loans), and other wily financial dealings, had earnt them the hatred of many people right across Europe. Money certainly seemed to attract them; indeed, New York - the financial capital of America - was virtually run by Jews. New York had the largest Jewish population of any city in the world (even more than the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv), which is why many "in the know" called it "Jew York"; or, like Jesse Jackson (the Negro leader), spoke of it as "Hymie Town". Indeed, the strong Jewish grip upon the USA's corridors of power meant that many "anti-Semites" referred to that country as "the Jew-nited States of America".

There is a very nasty bit which describes their envisaged 'Nationalist' government conducting a massacre against leftists.

Having found their courage through strength of numbers, the globalists began to march on the state Parliament House. It was an odd assortment of internationalist scum: there were the usual communists, socialists, and other "leftist" dregs; marching alongside groups of homosexuals, lesbians, and assorted perverts;

A signal shot was fired from the top of Parliament House.

Immediately, the machine-guns let loose, cutting down swathes of globalists. The CMF (Commonwealth Militia Force) guards around the machine-guns had orders not to fire, to conserve their ammunition in case the crowd rushed the barricades - the machine-guns' positions had to be preserved at all costs; this was not a good time to be overrun by the enemy.

Their envisioned rise to power will also see a Final Solution for our indigenous population:

Although the operation had been delayed for a couple of days, all went well. The Air Force bombed the living daylights out of Redfern, and the Army moved in to clean up any remaining pockets of resistance. Just to be careful, the Army units utilised to sort out Redfern consisted only of those who volunteered for the task - which was the vast majority of those originally allocated the job.

The operation was a success. The bombing had virtually levelled Redfern, and just about knocked the wits out of all those Abos it hadn't killed or wounded, making the Army's task so much easier. The entire operation ended with only a few of the military being wounded (none killed); all in all, it had gone very well.

It's pretty full-on isn't it? Have a read through yourself but make it quick, the whole thing will be gone in a couple of days, along with their message board.

There are way, way, way too many chunks I'd like to copy and paste in despite the legal disclaimer on their site which says I can't - all rights reserved my arse. This is an illegal document that I am outing in the public interest. My arse is safer that Mark Taylor in the slips.

Again I ask myself the question as to whether or not it might be best to leave their online sources in one piece. It sure as hell makes my job a lot easier when I feel like laying into them. Just point, click, cut, paste and implicate. I mean, the only reason Stormfront is allowed to function is because various law enforcement agencies feel that it makes neo-Nazi activities easier to track.

We have our suspicions on who "C. Stewart" actually is and are presently working with Freewebs to confirm them.

Someone is in very, very, very deep shit.

I've always thought Tim Lambert had a razor sharp wit. His more accurate version of how Chapter One from the PYL Hate Handbook would look in the real world is just what the doctor ordered.

Like many of you, I've actually been very disturbed by the contents of that "novel/manual". Matter of fact I've been pretty much avoiding all anti-PYL activities for the day - my head just doesn't want to deal with that filth. I even went for three separate runs today to clear my head (and I can usually only force myself to do one every two days).

I guess it's been good to be able to finally have a laugh over it.

Here's Tim Lambert:

It should never have come to this", he resignedly thought to himself as he slipped the silencer-fitted pistol into its slot inside a specially prepared wine box.

As he opened the van door, the cold air of the night made him shiver. Karl jumped down out of his vehicle, adorned with courier logos on its sides, hoisted the box onto his shoulder and walked up the pathway to the front door of the large house. Noticing the manicured lawns, triple garage, and marble fountain, Karl mused that life must be pretty comfortable for the leading lights of the Traitor Class.

He looked at the windows near the front door. Although the curtains were drawn, the flickering light of a television could be seen - presumably this was where the lounge room was located.

Karl pressed the doorbell, and waited. A bullhorn-amplified voice came from behind. "THIS IS THE POLICE. DO NOT TURN AROUND. PUT THE BOX DOWN AND HOLD YOUR HANDS UP." Karl did as he was told.

It turned out that only a half dozen of the Brotherhood actually tried to assassinate their targets that night. All surrendered when faced with overwhelming force. Karl was able to get a reduced sentence by testifying against some of the others. He never did find out which members of the Brotherhood had been undercover police.


Authorship of the original document is known. It is NOT Andrew Wilson or Stuart McBeth. That's all I will say at this stage.

The person responsible is probably (pointlessly) re-formatting their hard-drive and shredding hard copies as we speak.

Aside from all the racial vilification and incitement to violence, there is also plenty of stuff within its pages that constitutes a practical manual on terrorism. Information on how to conceal fire-arms and reasons why you shouldn't declare them to the police. Instructions on how to make bombs and molotov cocktails (which were used to blow up the Israeli Embassy in the book). It informs the potential foot-soldier on how to conduct themselves when being held under interrogation by the "political police of ASIO" and outlines how their proposed guerilla war would operate. 'Furius', the author claims that the book is:

For information purposes only. Indeed, the value in this book is not in its storyline per se, but rather in the several "lessons" it imparts.Rather, it appears to be an "adventure story" that imparts several political lessons.

In other words, it's a thinly disguised political manifesto and instruction manual on racist revolution. And a pretty fucking pathetic one at that. At least the Celestine Prophecy had a semi-lucid storyline via which to impart it's spiritual message. The Survival Handbook merely commences a Chapter with "Karl heard that...." followed by several hundred words of hate speech and references to (in some cases) banned White Supremacist books that "Karl had read" in order to prepare himself for the revolution.

By writing it as a "novel", the PYL can claim that it's entirely fictional and that if it gets banned, they can cry censorship.

I've also just recieved confirmation that the matter has been passed onto ASIO. Don't get too excited, I just dobbed it in on that Alert NOT Alarmed thingie. You should do it as well if you feel like contributing something. Ring 1800 123400, and quote the following URL's:

Even if all evidence of authorship has been erased, burned or yanked out of a PC and chucked in a dumpster, I'm fairly certain that the authorities will understand that the person responsible has a history of turning his written incitements to violence into actual violence. What with our new anti-Terrorism laws, that MAY be all we need to finish this game off. If not, we can all rest a little bit easier in the knowledge that he and his associates are once again being watched by 'the spooks'.

REMEMBER to check out the Tsunami Appeal Cricket Match today. It should be an awesome affair. Check out how tubby Darren Gough has become.


I don't post for 24 hours and people start worrying. Thanks Swade:

No post? Have the PYL found you? hope all's well.

And to all those who emailed me. Yes, I'm still alive, I haven't been left in a ditch after being kicked to death by a dozen red-laced Doc Martens. Thanks for your concern, I'm actually quite touched.

Hint: Red laces on Docs indicate that the wearer has drawn blood in the "race war".

All that has happened is that I've HAD A VERY FUCKING BUSY DAY with editorials due all over the place and shitloads of media liason thrown in. Take into account that I DID allow myself a 8:45 sleep-in, an hour gym break and a half hour bitch session with Jean-Pierre concerning how disgusting Thorpedo Water tastes and I just haven't HAD TIME TO BLOG!

A-hem. So here it is beeyotches. Sit down, shut-up and read it!

By neccessity of having a burgeoning NEW audience that are researching the PYL stuff, this has to be another anti-Nazi post unfortunately.

I know, I know - but there is other stuff coming. A friend of mine is a youth worker down Bankstown way and he wants me to hang out with him for a few days and do a write-up on the massive increase in "chroming" taking place amongst the kids in that area.

I also have a trip to Canberra set out for next week. Remember, no one goes to Canberra unless they absofrigginlutely have to and believe me, I didn't have a choice in the matter. Let's just say that it is a political/business/Felix Leiter kinda trip. The non-film buffs may have to Google that last bit to work out what the fuck I'm talking about.

Despite my busy day, I did manage a few minutes to have a play over at Luke Connor's blog (it's a cracking thread, check it out), he's the Victorian Rep for the PYL and a stunningly articulate chap to boot.

"Anyone going on about the "great jewish conspiracy" or the Elders of Zion belongs in the past, we are trying to make it to the future however. And ranting and raving about Jewish International Finance doesnt help anyones cause but the traitors and gets certain VERY powerfull lobby groups to stamp down, hard."

In other words, the PYL are choosing not to be OPEN about their anti-Semitism for fear of being "stomped-on" by a certain "very powerful lobby". I wonder which one they could be talking about? Could it be THAT group that shares the same ethnic bloodlines as Yoram Gross? Those nasty "forces of darkness" people who "stomped on" the PYL Blinky Bill site?

Forget Basil Fawlty and his "don't mention the war" shtick, the PYL seem to be attempting to implant a "don't mention the Jews" edict. Good luck guys, running the sort of organisation you do - I fail to see how you can prevent your members from seeing Jewish conspiracies left, right and centre. Worse still, how do you hope to prevent them from shooting their mouths off? Oh ...I know, you indoctrinate them to not be "anti-Semitic" but to be "Jew-wise"

It's a stream of thought that has repeated itself in his "Dating tips for Nazi fuckheads" thread on Stormfront. Remember Robby? The guy who couldn't find a "decent white right-winged (sic) woman"?

Well, Lukey boy thought he'd give him a leg up. It appears he rates himself as a bit of a MacDaddy when it comes to the babes.

"DO NOT mention Zionism, jews in general, any organisation you may belong to etc. You will be very surprised. if you go up to a girl and asks her what she thinks of skinheads she will rant and rave about racists, go to the same girl and talk about the fact that theres a hell of a lot more asians in the nieghbourhood these days and if shes a working class/ middle class girl chances are she will swear about those just as much as she would have about "racists"."

"This approach works on anyone, don't rant and rave about jewish controlled media, you WILL sound like a lunatic."

"If your not already, get in shape mate! I go to uni with leftist loonies that always bitch and whine about how women dont go for them because of politics, completely ignoring their own stick/balloon figure builds."

"And if at all posible dont mention politics, most women dont care as long as youre a caring bloke with the body of a greek god and not many nasty personal habits, {dont bite your fingernails}"

Is that true ladies? Is that ALL you care about? I DO bite my nails but thankfully have the body of a Greek God to compensate for it. Well, Ausculture Jess thinks so anyway.

Countless people contacted me excitedly after I wrote about meeting Darp Hau on my booze-n-politics fuelled weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, I can confirm the rumours are true - he is built like an Adonis, has the mind of Einstein, the spirit of a warrior, and the crisp, clean testicles that only a Nivea-assisted shave can provide.

Ahhhh bloody wonder Andrew Wilson bugged me for weeks on end after my mini-infiltration of the PYL. You know, (sigh) wanting me to come and pick up posters with him, wanting me to come to meetings, wanting me to come and use my obvious physical charisma to recruit more vulnerable kids to the PYL.

I should have done so in hindsight. Imagine the ammo I'd have? Still, at the time I had gathered more than enough and only a tiny fraction of it has been used at this stage in the game.

Did you all watch the charity match? I told you Darren Gough had become a porky parker. One too many Yorkshire Puddings for him. It was also great to see an Aussie crowd NOT yelling "NO BALL" every time Murali sent one down.


Just got a tingle from Triple J, the PYL story MIGHT NOT be going to air this evening. Stay tuned anyhow.

Whoa, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy.

Make sure you all listen to HACK on Triple J this afternoon from 5:30. You will hear myself and Councillor Tom McCosker cutting loose on the PYL.



Today's HACK has just been uploaded (click on Wed). It's comedy gold people. That 'no comment' voice is the PYL Sydney Rep Andrew Wilson. Surely the rep from Australia's largest city isn't going to turn down an opportunity to make a comment to the media?

I'm so chuffed that one of Australias most infamous neo-Nazi activists singled me out for special treatment. If you could only see me blush. Oh, he says he isn't aware of his young chargers posting on Stormfront, well HERE is Andrew Wilson posting some articles on Stormfront ON BEHALF of Jim Saleam.

We're the top story on the top youth current affairs program on the top youth radio station. I'm sure they're receiving extra listeners what with today being their 30th Anniversary.

Happy B'day to the J's! The Hoegaardens are on Darp!

Let's get em! Posted by Hello

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Jim Saleam and Ross 'The Skull' May meet the press. Posted by Hello

This bloke wants to slit someone's throat (after he's finished eating a few dozen pies). Posted by Hello

A job well done. Posted by Hello

We smashed them.

Smashed who?

The Patriotic Youth League of course.

And who is 'we'?

'We' is a conglomeration of Greens, Labor left, The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), The Labor Council (Unions NSW), SA/Resistance and other assorted activist groups who today staged a massive counter-protest against the PYL in Sydney.

It was a kinda clandestinely organised affair, if you've been wondering why my blogging has slipped in the last few days it's because most of my non-work time has been devoted to assembling the anti-Nazi armada that took to the streets today.

I was originally tipped off a few days back that the PYL were planning a Sydney rally by going through their message boards.

« Thread started on: Jan 10th, 2005, 03:55am »

Hi all,

Just letting you know there will be demo on 19th.

Send me a private message if you want further details.



From there it was simply a matter of scouring other neo-Nazi web forums like The White Pride Coalition of Australia and THIS tidbit from Stormfront.

I won't delve too deep into the espionage side of things, can't give away too many secrets but let's just say I uncovered that the PYL were planning to meet at 11:45 at the naval gun in Hyde Park. They were to be joined by members of the openly Nazi National Front.

This is an email reply I got from a Stormfront user I contacted on Tuesday.

Gday mate,
Im going to a PYL Demo this week(wednesday)it is going to be in the city if your interested.Give me a buzz if you want to attend 04## ### ###, im not a member of the PYL in apart of the National Front but i like to go support who ever is getting out on the streets and standing up for what we are.

We usually fly the Australian or Eureka flag.

If your interested in coming along to the NF youth flyer day in the city on the 27th then your more than welcome to.

Hope to hear from you soon
14 words

From there it was simply a matter of organising a counter-rally. I 100% respect the right of the PYL to march through the streets so long as they respect the rights of others to counter-protest.

So, here's what happened.

Our coalition met at 11am at Taylor Square (other end of Oxford St from the Nazis). I'm very happy to say that Sydney bloggers were in the thick of the action for this event. We had Weezil providing logistical support and back-up from home base, Flashman taking care of filming duties and Philip Gomes doing a sterling job as recon scout on his bike. Phil reported that a small number of PYL folk had begun to amass at the naval gun. That was our cue, we marched.

As we neared the PYL meeting point I could pick out Andrew Wilson from a distance. He had three blokes with him (that's a huge rally). We sent the Union fellas to the front our march and turned towards them. Our SIXTY strong group was fifty metres away when the sight of the MUA and CFMEU flags caused the PYL to ABSOLUTELY SHIT THEIR PANTS and scarper.

Elise Patoka from Triple J's HACK program chased them down and tried to interview them. Wilson reportedly whined that "JJJ never give us a fair go". Elise offered him a chance to get his opinion across to which he replied "No comment, I am not the press officer." Tune in to Hack this arvo to hear more.


But wait folks, it gets better.

We were informed that another small PYL group had made their way to Wentworth street and were trying to hand out leaflets. Off we marched.

This Patriotic "YOUTH" League contingent didn't appear to be very youthful at all. It was four blokes all over 40. And guess who was amongst them? That's right the good Dr Jim Saleam himself with his notorious skinhead sidekick from his National Action days, Ross "The Skull" May.

The ANSP's most notorious member was a tall, musclebound and shaven-headed stormtrooper by the name of Ross “the Skull” May. The Skull intimidated protesters in Sydney until the late '70s. He was jailed for six months for bashing a journalist in 1972, and served other stints in jail for similar offences over the years.

The Skull looks well and truly over the hill these days and is about as musclebound as Mick Molloy. Still, it didn't stop him scowling at Darpette as she filmed him whilst some beared Ned Kelly look-alike leant into the shot and motioned to slit her throat.

Nice guys.

A good yelling match between the sixty or so anti-Nazi protesters and the FOUR, yep count em again, FOUR Nazi nutters ensued. Jim Saleam and I had a good one-on-one where he screamed something about ball shaving, Trotskyite conspiracies and the Federal Police - apparently it was some unholy triumvirate that can all be traced back to me. I gotta say, his reputation as a sad, twisted and bitter old bugger most certainly did him justice.

As you can from the pics, he also has some rather dishy dress sense.

After copping a bollocking for twenty minutes, Jim, the skull and Ned Kelly turn-tailed and retreated to the jeers and cheers of the victorious anti-fascist coalition. See Philip Gomes for some great pictures of them slinking away in defeat. It will bring a tear to your eye.

It was a truly sweet victory. The actual "Patriotic YOUTH" scarpered at the first signs of a Union banner and Jimbo Saleam copped a good earful into the bargain before he too, hightailed it out of there. It was a bad day all-round for the PYL. So much fo 2005 being the "year of the Nationalists" as they claim. Here's a tip lads, try and walk the walk before you talk the talk. Take this comment from one of your mob left on a previous entry:

Nothing can stop the firestorm that has reached our shores from the hearts and mouths of our bretheren throughout Europe.We walk with heads held high in the firm knowledge that our day is coming soon.Our beloved homeland of Australia is being awakened from its 20 year slumber of complacency and oppressive state enforced multiculturalist fascism.

With the determination and daring of Kelly in our minds and the words and airs of Patterson in our hearts we will fight to the death.No amount of phoney traitorous left wing anti-Australian propaganda or capitalist sell out pseudo-conservatism will stop us.

Well, it didn't take much more than an MUA banner and a Haka to scare you wooses off today pal. That aint much of a 'firestorm' you got brewing.

I originally intended this to be an ambush protest but if the PYL had bothered to check Sydney Indymedia yesterday, they would have seen the call to arms.

Maybe they did see it? It might explain why PYL president Stuart McBeth "missed his train" to Sydney and when he finally did arrive (two hours late), he was ALONE and minus the fifty footsoldiers that were allegedly coming with him. It's all very well to be a toughie-toughie Nazi thug but it's interesting to see how brave they are when confronted by an organised opposition. I mean, if I was a Newcastle-based white supremacist, I wouldn't want the Maritime Union of Australia taking my photo either.

There are many people I need to thank for helping to make today the outstanding success that it was. Firstly, David Fox (Foxie) from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union for his tireless phone work in bringing everyone together. Warren Smith and everyone from the Maritime Union of Australia for their numbers on the ground and invaluable experience. Adam Lincoln and everyone from the CFMEU (sorry, it's a long one to type out) for sharing his wealth of background information on Jim Saleam and for his efforts in drumming up the numbers. Sorry you couldn't be there in person mate. Thanks also to Phil Davey from the NSW Labor Council for his help in spreading the word and also for the morning pep-talk he gave me.

We wouldn't have had the numbers we had it if wasn't for SA/Resistance you can say what you like about their ideology and supposed wackiness, but by jove they come out when it REALLY counts. Thanks especially to Marc and Katie.

Muchos grathias to all the solid folk of the IWW for their numbers on the ground and for their quick fixing of that timetable mixup yesterday arvo. Much appreciated.

To all the Ryde-Epping Greens/NDMF folk that made the trek into town, I thank you again after profusely doing so in person only a few hours ago. A special thanks also to the Honky Tonk Man and the Nutter for their excellent surveillance work. The Nutter disguised as a pommie backpacker (well, he is from Oxford) and the HTM, well, he was just a guy with big sideburns who looks a bit like Russell Crowe.

Lastly, the NSW Police deserve a big thanks for the way they handled things today. The Unions rang them last night and informed them of our plans for the day. Consequently, I spent a fair bit of time today working with yellow-capped officers of the Street Policing Unit to ensure that everything went off peacefully. They were courteous, informed and conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism.

For more pics check out Flashman and Philip Gomes. Flashman will have a mini-docco online in the next few days so you can see some live action footage from today's event. Thanks again for being the trusty cameraman.

Make sure you all check out Triple J's HACK again this evening. Should provide some great Jim Saleam quotes.

Stay tuned, the battle against the PYL turns to Newcastle in the coming days.

Let's get it on.


Now The Australian has weighed in.

How dumb are these guys. This badly worded leaflet of theirs looks like being the final inch of rope that will eventually hang them.


Though I am extremely flattered at being nominated as the next Federal Labor leader, my current active membership of the Australian Greens denotes that I must decline the nomination.

Go Julia!
Flashman has uploaded some stills from his video footage. It's all good stuff. I can't wait for the full docco.

It's totally bizarre how Andrew Wilson (the guy in sunnies) and I chose to cut our mullets at exactly the same time isn't it?

Thanks to Weezil and Evan for sorting out the HACK MP3's and hosting them.

Also, I have FINALLY compiled all of the PYL stuff into one page. Newbie readers had best start here if they want the low down on the campaign to date.

I'll do up a snazzy link button soon.

I'd kill for a day off but us everyday heroes of Australian suburbia cannot afford such luxury.

I suppose all you Sydney folk want to know what the story is up Newcastle way? I mean, all we ever hear from the Steel City are updates on Joey Johns and whatever part of his body is currently in plaster.

As you'd know, the PYL began in Newcastle in late 2003. Thus far they have restricted their campaign to on-campus activities like pre-emptive strikes against foreign students from Africa who look sideways at white women.

Now, it looks like they're taking it off campus (where they've been totally locked out and ostracised) and into the streets of suburban Islington and Hamilton.

Coordination between anti-PYL campaigners in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Southern QLD and Newcastle is very solid. Expect an official campaign announcement in the next few days. A name, a new site, funding, you name it.

Anyway, our Newcastle people forwarded the following leaflet onto me during the week. It's classic Jim Saleam.



Stop refugee/immigration advocates destroying Newcastle!

Humanitarianism for locals not Sudanese Gangbangers!

Who we are
The Concerned Citizens Collective is a collective of local residents,
university students, academics and other patriotic activists who are
concerned with the changing face of Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs
due to the forced immigration of so-called Sudanese refugees.

What we stand for
We stand for preserving the quiet peaceful nature of Newcastle and its
surrounding suburbs. We believe local residents have the right to enjoy a
lifestyle free of multicultural disasters, pro-immigration nutcases and
ethnic gangs formed by newly arrived migrant groups. We seek to lobby those
groups bringing Sudanese immigrants into to (sic) Australia to adopt an
isolationist policy rather than letting them run riot in our neighborhoods.
If the Sudanese immigration issue is an indication of the planned reforms
for Newcastle join the Un-reform movement of concerned citizens.

How to help out
The collective needs your help in lobbying with such activities as writing
letters, public rallies and basically making our voice heard.

The Truth exposed
Academic Dr James Saleam exposes the real reason why Sudanese refugees are
being brought into Newcastle. Find out what the refugee advocates won¹t tell
you. Learn of the much bigger plan the Labor Party and their University
cronies have for Newcastle at this web address:

Public Meeting

All residents are invited to a public meeting and sausage sizzle at 12:30pm
in Islington Park (Place of Sudanese riot) on Saturday the 22nd of January
2005. Dr Saleam will be there to answer any questions.



Concerned Citizens Collective
PO Box 2
Wickham NSW 2293


Phone: 0408 20 11 23


Big Rig Spares, Counter Culture Distributions, Blood Red Eagle (local band),
The Patriotic Youth League, Australia First Party Inc.


It's the same shit with this bloke. Afghans in Young, Koreans in Eastwood. He must just cut and paste different ethnicities into the same macro cos he's always raving on about non-white gangs stabbing, beating and raping people.

Incidently, Newcastle Police have come out and refuted all claims made in this particular fear & loathing leaflet.

In their usual "deny deny deny" style, the PYL are claiming no link with the Concerned Citizens Collective.

The Concerned Citizens Collective is not a front of the Patriotic Youth League. However the PYL fully supports the fight against racism and fascism taken on by the collective. To our knowledge the pamphlets delivered by locals was directed at 'racist Sudanese gangs' targeting local white people around the Islington area.

Have a read of all their recent updates. It's their best spelling and grammar yet. Pay special attention to their face-saving dribble in response to yesterday's chicken run. They were apparently quite happy to while away the afternoon sinking piss with The Skull.

Anyway, so if the PYL has no connections to the CCC then perhaps they can explain the following things:

*The contact phone number and PO Box address on the leaflet are the same as that which appears on the official PYL site.

*They've hosted the CCC site on their favourite webhost, Freewebs. Home of the infamous Blink Bill cock-up, Jim Saleam's (Furius) Hate Handbook and now a new Sydney PYL site. Notice how this one promises 'Music Reviews'. Awesome, I can't wait to see what they think of the new Fortress or Blood Red Eagle album.

*Yes, Blood Red Eagle, also listed as a sponsor of this leaflet are a Newcastle neo-Nazi band. The PYL has reportedly tried in vain to secure a gig for these guys at Newcastle Uni and have admitted as much on their old site. This band has released material through the overtly white supremacist Panzerfaust Records. Their site may be down, that link will take you to a Google cache. You can see that BRE are renowned for such ditties as This is Viking Rock (This is Spinal Tap?) and I don't like you.

*Again, if there is no connection between the PYL and the CCC, why is Jim Saleam rocking up to their BBQ? Don't you just love how he calls himself an 'academic'? I would have thought you would need an academic posting in order to use that term. Sitting in a dingy flat and hammering out hate material on a daily basis hardly makes you Dean of the Faculty my dear Jimbo. Unless it's the Faculty of Fucktards of course.

*Finally, they've listed themselves as a sponsor. Fucken DERR!

The Newcastle Herald has been all over this as you'd expect. Here's a C&P from a PDF.

The telephone and postal details of the group are the same as those of the Wickham-based Patriotic Youth League, which was accused of being involved in a racist campaign against international students at the university last year.

Posters promoting a United States-based neo-Nazi group were distributed on the campus and in a separate incident, several white students assaulted an African student in a campus bar apparently for talking to white women.

The league denied involvement in either of the incidents.

League founder Stuart McBeth was not available for comment yesterday.

Bloody hell, I would have thought he would talk to HIS local press at-least. Funny how they love to espouse their rubbish ad-finitum online but shit themselves when asked to back it up when the public glare is cast upon them.

Newcastle has mobilised against these idiots in a major way. Approximately sixty people attended a community meeting at the Octapod on Auckland street last night. There were Greens, Unions, SA, Refugee action groups, local council representatives, the ALP, representatives from the Sudanese community and numerous Church groups.

Of course, the PYL/Saleam public meeting which is supposed to take place on Saturday in Islington Park was the main discussion point along with a counter-leafleting campaign.

Without giving too much away, all Novacastrians are invited to a rally in support of the Sudanese community and Multiculturalism in general.

When: Saturday 22nd January at 11am.
Where: Meet at the clocktower on Beaumont Street, Hamilton.

Stay tuned for a proper flyer in the next day or so. Am I going? I'll keep that a secret. Be on the lookout for a grand entrance .

Judging from the official PYL exec statement, it appears that they are shitting themselves over the possibility of being slapped down HARD on home territory. Of course they have nothing to do with the CCC, but they will ensure that their BBQ gets called off.

The violence of system (SIC) is well known so the PYL will urge for the BBQ to be cancelled in order to keep our suburbs free of violence, freaks and loonies.

Oh well, at-least they're smart enough to know that an arse whipping of the ilk they copped in Sydney yesterday would look fifty times as bad were it to happen in the vicinity of their home suburbs of Wickham, Hamilton and Islington. Not to mention that another chicken run wouldn't look too cool in front of prospective recruits.

Now that Newcastle has mobilised in a big way, it's really only a matter of time until the final caputski.


The Herald have echoed The Aussie.

Newcastle is coming together together in a big way. Tomorrow is going to absolutely go OFF!

Aside from the pro-multicultural rally taking place at the Beaumont Street Clock Tower (11am), Newcastle City Council has organised something bigger to follow.

Members of the Newcastle community who wish to express their support for the local Sudanese community and their opposition to the recent emergence of organised racism in Newcastle are invited to attend the Palais (in Hunter St, Newcastle) at 12:30pm on Saturday (22 January) to celebrate cultural diversity.

The event has been organised by active members of the Newcastle community (the Newcastle Welcome Town group), representing a broad range of community interests and organisations, including churches and other religious organisations, many grassroots community-based groups involved in human services and equity issues, political parties, and local institutions.

Speakers at the Palais event will include:

- the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Cr John Tate,
- Violetta Walsh OAM (Coordinator of the Newcastle Migrant Resource Centre and Newcastle Citizen of the Year 2004),
- a representative of the local Sudanese community.

The event is designed to demonstrate the strong and broad consensus of local community support for the Sudanese community and for cultural diversity that has emerged in response to recent expressions of racist extremism.

As everyone on the Newcastle anti-PYL mailing list already knows, I will be speaking at both of these events. I can't wait to meet and greet all the people I've been coordinating with over the last few months.

Being at the top of the PYL hit list, you may think I'm a bit mad to head into Newcastle. Well, nudge nudge, wink wink - this isn't the first time I've made the trip up on anti-PYL business, but it WILL be the my first publicised tour.

Offers for a security detail have been put forward by the Unions and the Newcastle Police have instructed me to contact them when I'm on the Newcastle Link Road so they can escort me safely in, around and out of the city. Sounds like a bit of security overkill if you ask me. What next? Will I be required to change vehicles on the Mooney Mooney bridge in order to throw the Nazis off my tail?

Still, the amount of threats I have receieved since Wednesday have been rather alarming. A group calling themselves the Iron Brotherhood are apparently planning 'something big' to 'sort me out' when I get to Newcastle.

Excuse me for not being suitably frightened, but I fail to see what five blokes who can't even read a train timetable are capable of.

Now that the PYL have been informed that there WILL NOT be counter-rally staged face-to-face with their BBQ at Islington Park, they have apparently called the show back on. Pretty simple paradigm at work here.

"Shit, another 100 to 1 protest situation, BBQ is OFF."

"YAY, they've chosen to ignore us and do something in town, BBQ is back ON, we won't have to shit our pants and run away again."

Still, you better do as Ross 'The Skull' May does and wear a hat and dark glasses. Those mega-zoom lenses can pick you off from a mile away.

I suppose you all want to know why there won't be a confrontation. The decision came about at the request of the Sudanese community. They felt that inflaming the situation with a vitriolic confrontation would make them feel more at risk. That and well, media coverage of these goons needs to be selectively metered out. It's a double-edged sword, is the publicity giving them oxygen? The WRONG type of tabloid publicity would most certainly do that. The kind I have been orchestrating thus far aims to drag them into the public eye so they can trip over themselves and give us all a chuckle whilst at the same time imparting the message that there is a very sinister side to their alleged 'patriotism'.

Expose, ridicule, inform and organise.

That is the Darp secret formula for conducting a selective media campaign. Oh, and speaking of ridiculing them, check out the Weezil's Kangaroo Nazi Diet Plan.

Weez would never blow his own trumpet so without sounding too sus, I'll just have to do it for him by printing some of our private correspondance. See, "Dr" Jim Saleam makes a big point of his honorific despite the fact that he doesn't hold an academic posting. He is entitled to use it, but ..ahh..I'll let Weezil explain.

Mat, I'm a BA Radio/TV Broadcast Journalism (Butler Univ, Indianapolis, 1983),
MA Eng Lit & Comp (Indiana University, 1985) and Ed.D. i.e. Doctorate of
Education (Indiana University 1989) I put 9 fucking years and around $250,000
into my education in public and private universities in the US. I am entitled to
use the honorific 'Dr' but don't do so because of the public perception that
'Dr' universally means MD (and I don't wanna know about your fucking
hemorrhoids). Regardless, I get most annoyed when the honorific is stolen.

See all you Novacastrian folk tomorrow!

The pics from the five-minute PYsaLeam "rally" have come through. An Islington local was kind enough to send these to me after we exchanged war stories back at the Palais. I've sourced what happened from a number of different accounts and it's all quite simple. Jim Saleam tried to talk, people screamed him down, the PYL frumped off in a huff, all eleven of them.

It makes me wonder what kind of crowd we could have had if an official confrontational counter-rally had been organised for Islington Park. Combine the 400-500 who attended the Clock Tower rally and the Palais event with the sixty or so already in the park and you would have seen a massive "FUCK OFF" delivered to the PYL on home turf.

Still, it was a cracking day.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ...can you guys see eleven people here? Posted by Hello

Shame the picture quality isn't great, I'd love to put some faces to names. Posted by Hello

Beating another hasty retreat. Posted by Hello

Twenty minutes later: "I can't see any Nazis down here, can you blokes?" Posted by Hello

Will do a proper write-up later. The PYL and Saleam DID turn up to their Islington Park shindig, and guess what? All eleven of them were shouted down by sixty residents. Saleam got behind the megaphone for two minutes before he and his young stormtroopers ran away yet again. I have some medium quality pics of this being emailed to me now. Keep in mind that all the "Gay, black, commie, feral, multicultural fascist activists" were over on Hunter Street attending the official Newcastle City Council event at the time.

These blokes were shouted down by dozens of otherwise apolitical local residents who very much resented having their letterboxes stuffed with hate leaflets.

Anyway, enjoy the pics for now.

This old digger was an absolute champ. Posted by Hello

Chalking the pavement.  Posted by Hello

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D.A.R.P spells DARP! Posted by Hello

The finished picture. Posted by Hello

" Hi, I come from Sydney and have just found out that there is life beyond Hornsby." Posted by Hello

Massive crowd. Posted by Hello

The Sudanese arrive to rapturous applause. Posted by Hello

"We WILL ALWAYS be a part of this community." Posted by Hello

The crowd swells. Posted by Hello

...and swells. Posted by Hello

The official Newcastle City Council event at the Palais. Twice as many people rocked up for this. Posted by Hello

Packed like sardines in a tin. Posted by Hello

And from the other side. Posted by Hello

The AMWU's Dave 'Foxie' Fox, Councillor Tom McCosker and Darp. Posted by Hello

Opposite the Palais. What a top name for a pub! Posted by Hello

I love Newcastle!
Do you guys really need a proper report on what went down in Newcastle yesterday? I'd like to think that the pictures told the story better than I ever could so we'll move on.

The serious and the not so serious.

Firstly, the latter. As you can see, I've added a new link button to the left. I urge you all to enjoy the Patriotik Yoof League.

You'd be surprised at the calibre and variety of people from the arts/advertising/media/entertainment industry that put this together. It was knocked up in a very short period of time and though I don't expect anyone to believe it, I DIDN'T contribute the bulk of the material here. All shall be revealed in due course.

If you think the material on this site is a bit over the top, check out how they actually reported on yesterday's "rally":

Morale was running high as the patriots entered Islington Park from Coal St. To the left one could see the media forming up under some trees by the highway. Looking right, towards Belmont St, there was nothing. No counter protest, no screeming ferals - no opposition whatsoever. Of course there was the patriotic Newcastle public, members of which could be seen scattered throughout the park. As soon as the nationalist contingent entered Islington Park they came quickly to us. These were people who had witnessed their once proud city deindustrialised: now they were told their future lay with immigrants and 'refugees'. As they gathered one could almost sense their expectation.

Our banners were unfurled and our flags hoisted. Above the passing traffic an interested hum could be heard from the crowd. They were impressed. Our hearts leapt! A loonie yelled from a passing car window something no one could understand and a riple of laughter passed through all present. The ice was broken and we began.

A voice from our megaphone came to life. He thanked all those present for their attendance and welcomed their support for our stance of freedom of expression.

The speech went on. It was delivered with perfect legality and proffesionalism. Again, as we later found out from members of the public, this impressed those listening. It touched on the problems caused by the increasing strain placed on the social security system when a new caste of 'poor' - refugees - moved in. Refugees affected the Aboriginal population too. Also the Council's blind dictatorial imposition of refugees on the Newcastle community without consultation was restated. The crowd was growing.

etc etc...

To our opponents - YOU failed badly, and, they know who they are, YOU failed to materialise AT ALL. Aside from a few childish shouts as we left the site, there was no real opposition. Today we struck back a blow for Australia. 2005 is the year of Australian Nationalism!

Yeah, nevermind the NBN footage which showed eleven of you being shouted down by sixty locals and chased out of the park. Man, Nazi PR spin was much more slick back in the 30's. I wonder if their hurried exit meant they had to Goebbel up their half-cooked snags on the run?

Aaaaaaah. Deluded fuckers.

Now for the serious stuff. A very important point was raised in the comments thread in my previous post. I think everyone should take a look at what DB had to say. Some excerpts:

Many Nazis accuse Saleam and the PYL of being brown on the outside, red on the inside coz of the whole National Bolshevism thing. Saleam is even interviewed and given props at, the home of the Russophilic NatBols. The old far-far-left and new far-far-right are coming together in Europe under this third-positionist tag (eg French Front Nationale and German NPD, a spokesman of which is coming to OZ soon to address third positionists en masse with Saleam).

The most successful group though of course is in Russia where they both have the ear of Putin and go around beating up minorities while the cops turn a blind eye.

The New Zealand National Front have such big numbers and slick organisation because they embrace third positionism and appeal directly to the working class. They have absolute "racialist" unity there.

The NZNF is currently trying to unite the WPCA (White Pride Coalition of Australia) with everyone else in an effort to form a single National Front for Australasia based on third positionism. The NZNF leader actually leads a lot of smaller cells in Australia also. They are currently trying to unite the PYL, Australia First, WPCA, Melbourne Hammerskins and Stormfront Aussies into the Australian National Front who are to be merged with the NZNF. There is currently too much old hostility and pigeon stooling between the Saleam camp and WPCA for this to happen though. It is imperative to keep them apart.

There is my motivation in a nutshell really. The Aussie lunar right have been bitch-slapping each-other down for the better part of the last decade but what with the phenomenal success of the NZNF and the BNP in Britain, the call for the Australian movement to get their act together is getting very strong. What with plenty of funding in the offing - I think it's a real possibility. Saleam and Van Tongeren have already made a tentative peace between themselves.

How long before their respective followers tow the line? We already know that Sydney PYL leader Andrew Wilson is a member of the WPCA. Of course once I outed that fact he changed his login name from "Sydney_Andy", his regular Stormfront moniker, to "White Venom". Imaginative stuff huh?

There is already enough work to be done in New Zealand, I don't think we want to add to that by allowing these groups to get their act together in Australia. Judging by what we've seen so far, I don't think we're in any danger but keeping an ever watchful eye can't hurt. It shouldn't be the exclusive preserve of left and far-left groups to organise against the racist right. It is the responsibility of EVERYONE who wants to live in a free, just and egalitarian society. The mainstreaming of the anti-racist movement is the key to knocking these hate-mongers out once and for all. That's the path I am choosing to follow anyway.

A persons ethnicity, economic background, sexuality, religious and other beliefs should be of minimal import insofar as their position in society is concerned. There is a loud but tiny minority of violently-minded people who wish to enforce these types of differentiation upon us.

However numerically insignificant they may be, this is the sort of poison that cannot be ignored. History has shown us that under certain economic conditions, (keep in mind, we are heading for a huge slump in the next few years) ignoring these people and simply hoping they go away is incredibly dangerous.

In 2002, I spent a fair bit of time in the southern German city of Ulm in the province of Baden-Wurttemburg. Apart from being the birthplace of Albert Einstein, this quiet town on the Danube was one of the first places outside Bavaria where the Nazi party began to consolidate their power and support.

In the many broken German discussions I had with elderly local residents during my stay, the common thread emerged that most people simply thought that this craziness called National Socialism would simply go away of its own accord and didn't seek to oppose it too heavily.

It didn't go away. In March of 1933, the "Einsteinstrasse" was renamed to "Fichtestrasse". One year later Einstein was stripped of his German citizenship. We all know where this story ends.

It is an ending NONE of us want to see repeated. The solution, stay watchful, vigilant, informed and be ready to FITE DEM BACK when they crawl out of their hole.
Flashman has finished putting together the video from last Wednesday's counter-demo against the PYL. Until the amount of people trying to view it screws his bandwidth, you can watch it HERE. It's 12.8 meg.

More later.

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