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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hate gig in Canberra?

Careful with that axe Eugene!

We recieved an SOS this morning from a Canberran FDB'er in relation to a possible hate-metal gig taking place at the Australian National University union bar on October 1st.

The gig entitled the ACT Terror fest II appears to be nothing more than a hardcore metal gig.
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posted by Fightdemback @ 12:54 AM


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

We're back! is now operational.

Chances are we'll get hit again before the week is out, so keep this blog addy in your bookmarks.

posted by Fightdemback @ 9:02 PM


Monday, September 05, 2005

Dylan is confused.

Image hosted by

Dylan Luke Jensen, 18 of Palmerston North, is confused.

This active member of the New Zealand Nazi Militia and the World Church of the Creator just posted
the following post on Stormfront as ORIOR14:

Forum Member

Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 18
Location: New Zealand

Default A message concerning the FDB

We must stop all contact with the enemy through forums, blogs etc. This is feeding them information about our members, our views and us. Arguing is a waste of time. Ignoring them as the pathetic scum they are will make them fade away since we will not be feeding into their madness anymore.

Our time and our future will be spent on those for the cause not against it.

Fair call Dylan. Stop all contact with FDB through their forums and blogs.

So why have you have left a number of comments on this blog and on Darpism in recent days?

See here

FDB = scum. I'm glad your site got hacked. Wankers.
ORIOR14 | Homepage | 09.02.05 - 2:01 am | #


Scott? Shut your pie hole.
ORIOR14 | Homepage | 09.02.05 - 4:51 am | #

And Here:

Stopped the NZNF in its tracks? Keep dreaming. Bitch.
ORIOR14 | Homepage | 09.02.05 - 8:24 pm | #

So much for staying off our sites huh Dylan.

Wait ...

Quiet everyone ...

Can you hear that?

Dylan, quick, it's the sound of a possum scurrying through the undergrowth in the sticks outside Palmy, better round up the New Zealand Nazi Militia and go commando rolling in the scrub until you find it!

A tip: the bullets come from the end where the hole is. Don't look into that hole when you pull the trigger.

Aside from rambling around the bush every now and again, we here at FDB aren't too sure how Dylan spends his time. According to his MSN Profile, his occupation is "Jigaboo Stomping."

Jigaboo meaning any person of dark skin tone.

We'd love to see him try and stomp on a fellow like this.


posted by Fightdemback @ 6:42 PM


More More More (how do you like it?)

Are there any Sex and the city fans amongst the FDB readership?

Sorry, I just have that promo song stuck in my head. Anyway, it's time for more more more Fogerty gossip from the ANN Yahoo Group:

(Some of it goes waaaay back to 2001, when Alex went by his nom de plume of "L-O-R-D * D-E-L-O-S" (cue appropriate thunderous scary music)

(The formatting is bodgy in parts, this is a 4am job here so can some of the other FDB'ers log in and correct it all during the day? Ta)

Author: Lord Delos
Date: 2001-04-25 00:132001-04-24 14:13 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Damn Coons

>know now, thanks to his info. Unfortunatley I live in a coon infested area
>so I imagine that I am going to have to tolerate alot of this bullshit, but

Hmmmm....well, I live in a segragated neighbourhood, no niggers allowed, we all have the same rule, even if it is 'rascist', they all follow the rule, the last person that broke it left in a big hurry, shall I say.....Yes, the land all used to be owned buy one man, and he has sold it to people (as it surrounds his house) on that one condition :) So, yeah, life is good :)

White people on the east of town, niggers and non-white on the west, and a highway between the two, simple but effective :)


Segregation in little old Motueka? Do the local Maori know you refer to them as 'niggers'? Would you ever use such a derogatory term to their faces or does your head only reach their pooku most of the time?

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-08-13 03:322004-08-12 17:32 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: RE: [Australian New Nation] Re: testing testing 123
Yes, we are still here, just don't post because we are too busy I'm
guessing, that's if they are anything like me.

David Irving has just been banned from entering the country, and I'm helping out with his legal fight at the moment, nice guy, I chat to him on AOL every night or second night.


Fricken hell, Alex is chat buddies with David Irving and tried to help get him into New Zealand! Get the Dom Post on the phone ASAP!

Author: Lord Delos
Date: 2001-05-30 21:192001-05-30 11:19 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] trivia

>aborigines only making up around 1% of the population of Australia
>make up 22% of the Australian prison population. Is this because of
>some racial biases against aboriginals or is it that they just make
>good criminals?

Well, here is New Zealand, Maori make up 10% of the popualation, and they makeup 70% of the prision population =/

Now, the joke going was "Maoris are mostly in jail because white men are to smart to get caught".

Does that answer your question ?


There is no 's' in the plural for Maori. Goes to show how much you know about them.

Author: Delos Dragon
Date: 2001-05-18 05:322001-05-17 19:32 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Something I saw recently

LOL, yes, that's why I believe in Wotan and the Aesir, they are the only god that had guts....

My grandfather was dutch, and used to read me the stories of Odin and Thor, how Odin pulled out his eye and put it into the well of time so he could see the past,presentnand future for the Aesir race....Ahh, that's about it, I don't want to bore you all....

Delos (Æ)

Ok, so we can rule out Alex as a wacko Christian. He's just plain wacko.

Author: Delos Dragon
Date: 2001-05-20 01:172001-05-19 15:17 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation]
Hi, just wondering, how many people know this site exists?

I have never seen it before, but I'm quite impressed with the content :)


Of course you are fuckhead - you're a NAZI!

Author: Delos Dragon
Date: 2001-05-24 05:362001-05-23 19:36 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Australia
Hey Emma

>I was just wondering what you all think of this....if we go to
>war we wopuld have paid for our enemies to have this
>training....what do you all think?

Yeah, sounds right to me....the funny thing in the second world war was that theEnglish were selling the guns to the germans right before the war started.

I'm not really suprised, I'm a kiwi, and I know for a fact that we are screwed all ready because 50%+ in our armys and navys are Maori, so yeah, if we had a civil war, like some people said was going to happen many times, we
white people would be on the recieving end, as we trained them to


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhht. Alex is starting to resembe Kyle Chapman in many strategic viewpoints. I wonder if he shares the belief that Maori should not have access to the foreshore because the army will need it to secure all the beach-heads NOW for when Indonesia invades New Zealand in a few years time.

Still, not showing a whole lot of respect for Maori and the top notch job they do in the New Zealand Defence Force.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2001-08-24 07:502001-08-23 21:50 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Trade future:

>Funny thing you say about NZ becoming a state of Australia as in the
>1860's for around five or six years NZ was classed as part of
>the colonies of Australia. Weirder things have happened and I wouldn't
>disagree with it because as one we would certainly have more power on
>the international stage. I know we can't rely on the rest of the world
>as America only wants Australia for its military bases and investment,
>we are like a cheap prostitute in America's eyes - plenty of gain
>without much investment.

Amen to that.

My father is at the moment working of a communication dish for the US government so they can spy more on our emails in the pacific now that phones are being less than before as a media of communication. (It's a living, so don't knock it, who would pass up that much cash in the hand, I know I wouldn't to be honest)

It's no wonder that they invest so much in us, and we are out of the way and in the middle of the Pacific at the same time.

Yes Trev., I know my history, we only broke off because Australians banned us from selling our goods to you because we didn't have a flag to fly when we came into port, and if you didn't have a flag you could be sunk for being a pirate.

Thus New Zealand got it's nice white flag with the red cross, blah blah, and New Zealand got it's independance from Australia!



Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2001-08-27 00:372001-08-26 14:37 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: Meeting


Yes, me, Hellfire, OdinsVolk, and JonBoy (who are you mate?) were there, we spent most of the time 'talking' to each other with the new voice chat that Jewhoo has frovided us with =]

Also, make sure that you have a mic. handy next time you are in the chat, it was quite fun last night =]

Also, we talked about some of the policies I don't agree with:

"Reintroduction of tariff protection to get jobs back in the manufacturing industry"

I mentioned that this would only force 'us' (greater australiasia) into third world status, thus a big no-no.

The National Party tried this an it failed badly, losing the election for them last time.


Christ, a Nazi nerd gathering complete with microphones (shudder). Sounds like a cracking meeting. "Jewhoo"? He talking about Yahoo?

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2001-09-16 00:442001-09-15 14:44 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Re: About Daevid J. Palmer,der Fuehrer etc.
*Just if you wondering (to all non-german speaking people) what Daevid said to Trevor*

Trevor, don't overlook the use of singen, besonders mit marschieren, Bier trinken, und fuer einschuectern die Feinde, gut also fuer die Phrase/Satze lernern.

*Trevor, don't overlook the use of (singing, songs? or vocabulary?), particularlywith marches, drinking beer, and for daunting the enemies, good also for learning (grammer?).*

Aufsehen besonders dieser Verben/Seitwoerter zu : sein, haben, werden, und die modal Verben: duerfen, koennen, moegen, muessen, sollen, und wollen.

*Pay attention particularly to these verbs since they are words too: its, become, and the model verbs: may, can, like, must, are, and want.*


Daevid: This is not your first language is it =]Good your trying but.

There are a lot of spelling mistakes, like 'lernern' is supposed to be 'lernen' and 'singen' should have been 'wortschatz', meaning 'vocabulary' (song = song BTW) ifthat is what you were trying to say, and 'einschuectern' which took me a minute to realise what you were saying is 'einschüchtern'.

I know French, German and English, and a bit of Spanish (if can help anyone in the future) =]


Ok, this is headfuck territory. Alex Fogerty teaching Daevid Palmer the finer points of German.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2002-10-03 06:342002-10-02 20:34 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Bogus Groups Individuals- Saleam/Palmer/NAction
Ok, I have to say this regarding Dr. Jim Saleam's site, a.k.a "Inside The Kangaroo Reich"

I have to admit, he's right on the money with this quote:


"Ironically, the criminal idiocies of Nutzi and skinhead elements who still fetishize the relics of ‘grandpa’s fascism’, may actually hinder the incubation of newer and more sophisticated strains of ‘post-Hitlerian’ fascist ideology".

Kevin Coogan, Dreamer Of The Day: Francis Parker Yockey And The Postwar Fascist International, Brooklyn, 1999.


It's too true, all that "seig heil" saluting and collecting Nazi daggers it not doing anyone any good, the past is the past my friends, and dredging up a failure is not going to help anyone.We need NOT to dream of the past, but dream of the future!

The British were right, the "One Thousand Year Reich" will NOT be forgotten because people, mainly the supporters more then the opposers, will never let it die!

If we are to move forward as a people we must leave the past to the past, and work towards a united future where we get what we want instead of bringing up old arguments!

I am proud to call myself a National Socialist, I am not a NAZI because I am not german, and I'm not in the 1940's era! This is the only thing I don't like when I read Daevids posts, he seems to like using German words, and we are not German, we are Australasian!

Thanks for your time people,

P.S. If anyone wants to think up a new name for National Socialism I would like to hear it, and preferably something that doesn't sound anything Nazi-ish!


Yes that's right Alex. Believe in everything that the Nazis believed in but keep looking for new ways to dolly it up so as to prevent people labelling you correctly, as a Nazi. But hang on, what's this?

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2002-08-30 07:592002-08-29 21:59 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Re: the dog: this is not name calling
>To repeat myself: nobody has said the dog can't reply.

Yes, but what I am saying is don't ignore him, be ready to defend his comments against you, make sure you have a good come back. We need to think through what we say to people that are against us, don't shoot your mouth off with comments like "White power!" and other things that will make us look bad.

I mean, I just watched the big march in America against Israel, and looking at the people that were shouting "White power! Seig heil!" all looked like real dicks to me, and I'll be honest, I was quite ashamed to be a nazi (or even right wing) at that moment.

They just make us people that have real proof behind us look like dipsticks, and that's not an image a political party needs.


So you are a Nazi? Well, you certainly like to party like one.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2005-01-13 04:292005-01-12 17:29 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Old-Topics: Re: Harry sorry over Nazi uniform
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Re: Harry sorry over Nazi uniform

For my fathers 50th birthday, we had a party and the theme was Nazi Germany, everyone came dressed up as SS or SA, was great, everyone tried their hand at a bit of german, and a stripper came in wearing a full leather outfit and threatened to whip everyone, it was a laugh.

I don't see why Prince Harry can't do this, except the theme was Colonial times, which doesn't really fit in with that time period really.

- Alex

Sounds like a crackin affair, hope you didn't goebbel up all the nibblies.

Too bad being a proud white man isn't enough to get you laid:

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2002-10-25 06:202002-10-24 20:20 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] A must for Holocaust believers

I totally agree with the Chaplain, if we are allowed to deny God, why can we not deny the Holocaust?

And also, why is some paper trying to destroy someones life? He/She must have worked hard to write this thesis, and to have a paper destroy it because some pinhead in an office doesn't like it, that's just sick, things have to change, the human race is making me more and more sick each day.

Last night I was at a pub, and I looked around and there were a whole heap of English girls there, I talked to them and this one girl, she was nice, blue eyes, raven hair that looked nearly blue under the strobe lights, I can't describe her beauty but she was fucking hot, anyway, after a couple of drinks, dancing and a couple of rounds of pool she tells me she actually has a b/f and introduces me to him, and he's a fucking Jordonian, I nearly puked on the fucking floor!!!!! I couldn't believe it, she was soooo nice, and to fuck someone like that just makes me sick to the stomach, where are our people heading?!

Well, it wasn't all bad, the hot blonde chicks were all with the skins so I was happy seeing that at least.

This Skin with a huge Swastika on his chest had two blonde chicks playing
with his chest and he was trying badly not to grin, but you could see it
easily, and all I could think was "lucking fucking bastard!"

Anyway, that's my rant for tonight. (<- he had to boot off and toss)


Yawn, and here come the Hitler quotes.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2002-02-03 04:26 +1100
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Quotes
I too have heaps of sayings, all in .doc format,here are two from Hitler:

"Struggle is the father of all things. . . . It is not by the principles ofhumanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle".

- Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

President of Nazi Party

Leader of Germany (1933-1945)

"Mankind has grown strong in eternal struggles and it will only perish through eternal peace".

- Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

President of Nazi Party

Leader of Germany (1933-1945)


Don't bring your hate to work Alex!

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2003-12-04 04:022003-12-03 17:02 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: RE: [Australian New Nation] Re: [arlist] Baby gorillas

Last X-mas I saw this woman come through with a Maori baby, and White Blond haired, blue eyed kid, and a Chinese kid, I nearly puked, but I was working at the time (as the supervisor) so I could only stare, why did I think they were hers? Two were clinging to her legs, and the other was sitting in the supermarket trolly baby holder.


Nearly puked? Why, because of the obvious evidence in front of your eyes that people of different races and ethnicities are more than capable of 'gettin it on'?

What is it with this guy and his "race-mixing sensitive bulimia"?

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2003-12-28 16:452003-12-28 05:45 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: RE: [Australian New Nation] uncensored forum for whites

Interesting site and some interesting ideas, race mixing Jews with Blacks so we have a common enemy to fight... hmmmm....

Would you ever fight them Alex? One on one I mean, in person.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-01-11 17:162004-01-11 06:16 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation

Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Jews Attack One Nation WA

Yes, a kristallnacht wouldn't go a miss.

You want another Kristallnacht ...but you're not a Nazi? Hang on you ARE, you admitted it in another email.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-02-29 15:092004-02-29 04:09 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
New-Topics: Masonic handshake?

Subject: RE: [Australian New Nation] Poofter marriages etc etc etc
Two things came to mind when I read that:

1) The Illuminati teach that to offer perversion and other things from the
dark side that lead us to temptation is good because it seperates the weak from the strong.

2) I saw Don Brash, the leader of the National Party here in New Zealand give the Masonic handshake to Good Morning interviewer, both myself and my father saw it, and we both looked at each other in surprise.

- Alex

Bonding with your old man over Don Brash doing a Masonic handshake, priceless. They never miss a beat in the Fogerty household

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-12-01 20:572004-12-01 09:57 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Old-Topics: Re: [Australian New Nation] Re: So what do you do when your home is burgled?
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Re: So what do you do when your homeis burgled?

I was just talking to a cop today, he said if you want the perfect way to kill an intruder, first shoot the bastard, then fire a shot into the roof about 10 seconds later, that way if any neighbours hear, they think you fired a warning shot above their head, which automatically reduces your possible court case from murder to non-premeditated murder or self-defence, and only you will know the truth as the robber would be dead by that time (if you did the job properly). =]

- Alex

Oookay. How about poisoning them instead?

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-12-02 03:462004-12-01 16:46 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Re: So what do you do when your home is burgled?

Using Cerbera odollam extracts work well too, the toxin is undetectable by western scientists unless they know what to look for, as the toxin is only found in Asia.

- Alex

Yep, Alex is an expert on killing people with Toxins!

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-12-05 02:592004-12-04 15:59 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Islams negitive effect on the world

I am a 24th generation Freemason, I can trace my family back to 1413, my ancestor was a Knights Templar, he died fighting against the Islamics in southern Sion, now known as Syria before the Knights Templar decided to make a "strategic withdrawal".

As for if I'm Christian, no, I am not, my family all have been Huguenots, we were originally in Southern Holland, which is now Belgium, we were the first people to defy the will of the Roman Catholic Church and get away with it, and it was our people that put pressure on King Charles II to offically make England a protestant country.

It was my ancestor that watched as Jacques de Mornay was executed at the island of Notre Dame, and it was also my ancestor that helped Philippe de Mornay create the Huguenot religion, the first truly protestant religion.

As for being shocked about my lack of knowledge of George Lincoln Rockwell, I know of him and his work, I've read his bio, but not what he said. Some of the tactics he took I think were... interesting... like where he made a deal with Malcolm X, he would support Malcolm X as long as Malcolm X tried to push his people into going back to Africa. Of course, it failed miserably.

Thirdly, I do not worship Jesus, my ancestors knew full well that Jesus was mortal, as he had a daughter by Mary Magdalene, named Sarah, they fled to France when Jesus was killed.

Look up the history of the Rosicrucians (Rose of the Cross), or the "woman who loved Jesus", they also go by the symbol of the Fleur-de-Lis (Flower of the Lily/Orchard) in French history, originally the symbol of royalty, it was later named "the mark of the damned" because the Roman Catholic church tried to kill them all after Joan of Arc's execution in 1431 (she started to use it as the mark of a person with insight).

And lastly, assuming can be dangerous, I was mearly trying to tell you how the general world picture is as it's not "jews vs. everyone else", the world isn't black and white, and the truth is the thing you usually aren't allowed to know.

- Alex

Shit, Fogerty has gone all Da Vinci Code on us.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-12-05 03:002004-12-04 16:00 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Old-Topics: Attacks against Australian Jews rise
Subject: RE: [Australian New Nation] Attacks against Australian Jews rise

Good work guys, carry on.

- Alex

He really don't like the Jooos does he?

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-12-05 19:472004-12-05 08:47 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Islams negitive effect on the world

I find that interesting that you say that NS Germany had it banned, yes, it is true for all the wrong reasons.

Firstly, Hitler was a Freemason, it was the Freemasons that taught him to speak so well in public, he joined a degree we call the Order of Thule (their public name is the Study Group for German Antiquity, as all Freemasons are philosophers), which believes that White Europeans were the decendants of Atlantis / Thule / 'The lost city' in all religions and mythology.

Hitler was planted in the beer hall in 1919 where he became leader of the NSDAP, the leader before him was also from the Order of Thule. The problem was that the people would never listen to the people of wealth, so they needed someone that would represent them, Hitler was their man.

It has also been proven by our researchers that Kristallnacht's "traitor" list was infact Hitlers benefactors, the very people that put him into power in the first place, and all were executed in Brown House (atleast the people he knew about), they wanted him out of power after he served his purpose, which was to crush Communism, as Communism would have meant the 'powers that be' in Germany would have been executed, hence he was funded with as much money as he wanted, and later, knowing that has so much awsome power he had all secret societies banned.

You can see this history today even, the Swastika used is the symbol of the Order of Thule with the arms straightened.
(Note on the second line that the founder is a Rosicrucian, the people who
protect the decendants of Christ)

If you want to know more, have a think about who would gain the most from the death of Jesus' children and proving that Jesus was infact mortal, and then you see why the Jews are 'the enemy'.

- Alex

Hitler was a freemason and Jeremiah was a bullfrog... Oookay.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-12-08 01:152004-12-07 14:15 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Islams negitive effect on the world

Don't get me wrong Wayne, I'd love to see Arabs rapeing Jews in Israel, but the thing is, what would stop Islam from going further then Israel? Already they have gettos in France and Germany, we need an excuse to reduce their numbers as they already are 10 - 1 (Islamics - White Europeans), as a great general said in the U.S., "the biggest threat to National Security is the fact that we breed slower then they do, it's just a numbers game in the end, and they have more".

It's alot like the Neanderthals and the Homo Sapiens, the Homo Sapiens may not have killed the Neanderthals, infact, they probably weren't smarter, but they bred faster and so they had to compete for resources in the same area, and the ones with the bigger numbers won.

As for who I hate more, Jews or Islamics, it would be Jews by far, infact, I feel sorry for the Palestinians and wish someone would shoot Sharon.

- Alex

Alex is a hating machine so it would seem!

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2005-01-29 19:492005-01-29 08:49 +1100UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Re: New Political Party

> It was not all that long ago that the Christlings were burning us at the
> stake (last one in 1788). Do any of my fellow pagans believe that the
> Christling mentality has changed?

Yes, I believe they have, most of them atleast.

> The Jews and the Muslims would have to be the first to go.

Problem is Jews are White, not brown or black, ok, SOME are... but true Jews hate them too =P

> Hinduism would disappear once the Indians had left, but I do not have a
> problem with the Indians staying.

I do. I hate seeing them at the corner dairy, I'd rather a hard working white guy do the job.

My god-mothers daughter just married a Fijian-Indian, I nearly threw up when I heard they were engaged (I didn't even know they were together!)

> If proper race laws were in place, the Indians would not cause a problem
> if they remained. They are generally good citizens who just want to work
> hard and get on with their lives.

True, but we want OUR people to breed and grow strong, not someone elses.

> I know quite a few Indians and I have yet to meet one whom I would
> describe as an undesirable.

Depends on your definition Carl, does the fact they have 8 children compared to our 1.3 not bother you? As I said above, we need to promote OUR people, not someone elses.

> When was the last time that you heard of an Indian street gang, or an
> Indian crime organisation?

Here it happens far to often, but they are Fijian-Indians that is.

> I am all for expelling the Vietnamese and other lower orders of Asians,
> but I do not have a problem with the Chinese remaining, provided that we
> have anti-miscegenation laws that are enforced rigidly.

Like in Israel? "You may work here as long as you don't sleep with the locals."

> The Chinese, overall, have shown themselves to be good citizens and an
> asset to the country. When you hear of Asian crime, it generally does not
> involve the Chinese. The average Chinese hates crime as much as we do.

Then why do we have the term "triad" and refer to Chinese?

> On the subject of greening the dead heart of Australia by pumping water
> inland: great idea!
> An engineer named Bradfield (who designed and built the Sydney Harbour
> Bridge and the Brisbane Story Bridge) had the plan all worked out during the
> 1930s, but the idiot politicians were too small minded and lacking in vision
> to take up the project.

I too like the idea of turning the desert into vegetation, that is a physical result that everyone can see.

Imagine what could have been done with the 2.6 Billion you mentioned before!

> The best power source is atomic energy.

It is, but I don't like the idea of nuclear power, it makes us a target, if we have no nuclear weapons, then if they attack us, we would be in a moral position of being in the right, and the world would be forced to deal with that country, which is more then we could ever do on our own.

> Most of what you have heard is pseudo-science and outright lies peddled
> by watermelon greens (green outside, red inside) who are funded by the
> Rockefeller Foundation, which is part of the Jewish Rockefeller empire . . .
> which controls the world's oil cartels.

I don't know where you got this from, but John D. Rockefeller was an Illuminati, he HATED Jews, he made the biggest mistake of his life because he thought Jews were trying to trick him into buying an area in Texas where he thought there was no oil, which now turns out to be the biggest supply in the U.S.A. to date.

> Did you know that a nuclear power station produced fewer radioactive
> emissions than a coal-fired power station . . . and with NO atmospheric
> pollution?

Actually, New Zealand has technology that can reburn the pollution from Coal Powered Generators, producing a 0% emission rate, the waste can be buried with no toxic run off.

- Alex

Trust me. Read through it all again after a few drinks.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hardly a mystery

Over the last couple of days, a number of interesting comments have emerged on this blog and on Darpism from someone calling themselves "Red Sea Pedestrian."

I told you that you will get what you deserve Mathew. It is not nice
to post peoples pics and personal information. What I told you was the
truth, but you decided not to believe me.

It is a pity the insurance will pay out, I was hoping the site would
go down due to lack of bandwidth till the end of the month as a little
lesson for you, but this is even better.

I guess the DOS will just have to be done again for this site and your
new server? Or will you reconsider about your current actions? Hmmm?
Red Sea Pedestrian | 09.02.05 - 6:18 am | #

Well, here's as close an admission as you'll get from the person who was behind one of the biggest acts of cyber-terrorism yet seen in Australasia. Hell, it was one of the biggest DoS attacks ever carried out in the world.

Who could this be?

Who has been telling me that I would get what I deserve?

From : Alex Fogerty
Sent : Tuesday, 23 August 2005 1:38:08 PM
To : Darp Hau
Subject : Re: Mathew's Personal Info

I never wanted to get involved, but YOU put me here, now, you want to know what will
happen to you? YOU will get what YOU deserve. I hope for your sake it will be painless.

As far as I am concerned, this conversation is over.

- Alex

Let's examine the first point. "It's not nice to post peoples pics and personal information."

No, it's not very nice is it.

This is why Fight dem back never opted for this route. We have never posted a person's private address, we have never posted pictures that weren't publicly available. Whenever various fash claimed that we did, we called upon them to back this claim up.

They never could.

Another interesting blog comment.

I see hypocrites everywhere here!

Mathew Henderson and Fight Dem Back (FDB) claim that any information
available to the public is free for him to post on his website, no
matter what may happen to that person he has targeted for the week.

The same logic was copied by a right-wing website and they posted
Fight Dem Back's IP address (which are all publicly available if you
know where to find it), and *someone* went and used that to DOS their

Before their website went down, they were in the middle of a smear
campaign against my person, how do people here have the nerve to claim
that FDB is there for the public good of "free speech" when FDB takes
emails out of context and posts them on their website
and not be able
to realise how they will be harmed by wackos our there? And now that
FDB is down, the first thing they did was to put up all that
information about myself on their temporary site. Tell me if that
doesn't seem like a terror campaign to you?

Also, what he claims before the emails, as you will see, is not what
you see inside the emails if you care to actually read them. My
comments are all based on previous posts by other members of my forum.

And while we are on the subject of anti-'Free Speech', does this
include all those times when Mathew and FDB phones up people at their
houses and harrasses them, phones their bosses and tries to get them
fired, makes death threats against them, and all because of their
political beliefs? Hmmm?

LeftyWatch was created to do the same thing back to FDB that has been
done to us for so long, now they will get a taste of their own
medicine. And I will STILL have no part of that, as I have said many
times to these left-wing morons.

And, lets talk about the legal side of things, firstly they illegally
accessed my server space under false pretenses to obtain those emails,
and secondly, the pictures that are on their website were taken by
myself, therefore they are MY intellectual property which they are
using on their website for their own revenue gathering use without
paying royalties. Yes, that's right, Fight Dem Back is listed on the
net as a COMPANY, not an organisation, and they have the ads to prove

Oh, one more thing; Axxs, you failed to note to the people here that
your customers were breaking the law, and by not shutting down the
website you are also liable, what happened to you is punishment for
your actions, or should I say, inactions. I am not sorry if your
business goes bankrupt since you hosted their terror campaign against
my person. Also, did you tell the people here about that filth called
Red Sea Pedestrian | 09.02.05 - 7:40 am | #

This IP traces to WhooshWireless in NZ and well, based on the information outlined above, we'd say it's a fairly open and shut case that Red Sea Pedestrian is Alex Fogerty.

So, let's run through this. We took his emails out of context? Emails that were on HIS server?

Well, no, they were on Yahoo's server pal and we really find it hard to understand how comments like these could play out any differently in ANY context:

Furthur more, I'd love to get rid of all Jews, Blacks, Gypsies,
Retards, and Social Degenerates. I would LOVE to have "genetic
cleansing". Arthur de Gobineau was right, mixing of races leads to the
downfall of ALL societies, Rome was a prime example! Note that
"genetic cleansing" does not mean killing ANYONE, it just means
removing them from your country by force or otherwise.

In my opinion, let the Sand Niggers do the dirty work, they can kill
millions of Jews and it is to be expected because of the hatred, where as if
I pulled a gun on one I would go to jail for what would seem like a life

We joined the ANN Yahoo group like anyone else would join it. YOU guys fucked up. Though we know it's a strong force of habit for all White Nationalists to blame others for their own inadequacies, don't pass the buck on this one.

Next point: Mathew phones up people, bosses, issues threats?

Can you prove any of this Alex? Last we saw, it was YOU issuing the threats saying that Mathew would "get what he deserved." You also emailed him a JPG of his address and map of his street. Let's not forget that is was YOU who said:

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2005-04-14 07:042005-04-13 21:04 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
New-Topics: Re: [Australian New Nation] The Real German Holocaust
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Darp is having a party!!!

What a tosser, someone should put a few bullets into the glass to give
him a scare which will also give him some time to think about cleaning
up his act while he cleans up the glass.

> As for Darp, I'm thinking a bullet would be too good for him, maybe
> take him out to the Australian desert and peg him there.
> - Alex

How much does murder go for these days? Maybe his “accident” should be by running into two well paid abos.


I would like to hang him high, not swear at him. Where does he live in
Sydney? He in the phone book?

He shames our good Kiwi name (LOL).

- Alex

You also just posted this on Stormfront:

Forum Member

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Location: New Zealand

Default Re: FDB down

Actually, the server was in California, they are full of ****. I did try to warn them about karma, due to them posting my photo and personal details, but they didn't listen =[

Website Title: Fight dem back!
IP Address:
IP Location: - California - San Diego - Serverbeach
Access per month average: 815,325 (1 Month) 877,088 (3 Month)
Website Status: Active [Well... it was... hahaha]

If you cannot figure out that last name, it's "Indymedia". Indymedia are a bunch of left wing journalists, a couple of them are friends of Mathew Henderson's and cost a friend of mine his job, them losing their hosting is fine by me.

Let's deal with this "personal details" business. YOUR NAME and pic. You're in politics dude. Your name is your name and if you blatantly put it out there for all to see (likewise with your Yahoo profile pic), well then it's fair game buddy. You want your pic down, claim copyright over it via the normal legal means we do with Benny.

The point being, DON'T think you can go around being a Nazi fuckhead all your life and not wind up a person of public interest because of your abhorrent views.

A friend of yours lost his job did he? How is that anything to do with Indymedia and FDB? Please explain this, we're all ears.

Should this friend of yours have used his workplace internet terminals to view and participate in hate sites, he'd really only have himself to blame right? I mean, there are stipulations into what is and what isn't appropriate material to view in the workplace. If this person doesn't read their employment contracts before they sign them, then it's their own stupid bloody fault is it not?

posted by Fightdemback @ 12:53 PM


Friday, September 02, 2005

DoS attack against FDB is now nation-wide news

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald have just uploaded the following story:

Anti-racist website attacked

By Sam Varghese
September 2, 2005 - 12:09PM

An Australian anti-racist website came under a sustained distributed denial of service earlier this week and the people who run the site suspect the perpetrators may be from across the Tasman.

Sydney activist Mat Henderson-Hau, who runs the website Fightdemback, said the attacks had begun on Monday and knocked the site offline.

"We suspect someone in New Zealand but we cannot say anything definitely now," he said.

The site is hosted by a small Melbourne provider which had to take it offline to avoid the data flood affecting other clients, according to a tech admin who works with the group, who did not want to give his full name.

He said the provider was wary of commenting as it may affect his business.

Henderson-Hau said the site had been running for about seven months and though there had been two attacks before this one - in April and June - both had been minor compared to this week's.

The attacks lasted 24 hours.

The site is still offline and the group is looking for other hosting arrangements. A blog has been set up as a temporary measure.

Henderson-Hau said the provider had informed him that the attack was of the magnitude of 2 megabits per second. The tech admin said it appeared that some kind of botnet had to be involved in order to send such a flood of data.

A botnet is jargon for a collection of software robots, or bots, which run autonomously.

Botnets are used to mask the source of attacks and are common in DDoS attacks.

Earlier this year, the German Honeynet Project estimated that up to a million computers, the majority running Windows XP and Windows 2000, are infected with bots and can be harnessed by miscreants to launch attacks.

The tech admin said as the FightDemBack crowd had no back-ups, they were now rebuilding the site. He said it would probably go up over the weekend.

Community donations are used to fund the campaign.

He said they had asked the provider for logs in order to find out where the attacks originated. However, he said, the provider was asking for payment before releasing anything, including their own backups.

He said there may be a possible connection to a person whom the group had unmasked in Alice Springs for posting racist posters there.

The man lost his job as a result and had vowed revenge.

posted by Fightdemback @ 12:58 PM


Thursday, September 01, 2005

More Fogerty Gold

Here is a selection of Alex's more batshit rants from the ANN Yahoo archives. Remember, we've got 5000 emails to get through so we could be here a while.

What a way to be newsworthy Alex!

We begin with a rant on Hitler's birthday. Something that Alex commemorates every day of the year apparently.

But he's not a Nazi no ..of course not.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2005-04-19 04:28 +1000
To: Austnewnation
Old-Topics: The Fuhrers birthday
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] The Fuhrers birthday

I think that every day, not just once a year.

What I still don't understand why they would want to destroy something
that would benefit themselves? Are we that "nice" that we put other
people above our own? Surely we are lying to ourselves if we don't
admit we are socially selfish creatures.

Furthur more, I'd love to get rid of all Jews, Blacks, Gypsies,
Retards, and Social Degenerates. I would LOVE to have "genetic
cleansing". Arthur de Gobineau was right, mixing of races leads to the
downfall of ALL societies, Rome was a prime example! Note that
"genetic cleansing" does not mean killing ANYONE, it just means
removing them from your country by force or otherwise.

I think Hitler knew this all too well, that is why the executions of
Jews etc didn't start till we were 3 years into the war, had Hitler
been allowed to send the Jews to Israel in 1933 and not been blockaded
by the English at that time (which sparked the little known Arab
Revolt of 1936, also known as "The Great Arab Uprising of 1936") I am
sure lots of Jews would not have died, but like most things, history
will know him for the holocaust, not the reason behind it.

Another point I would like to make is that Society is, by definition
is "an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and
economic organization".

Culture is defined psychologically as "a pattern of shared basic
assumptions that the group learned as it solved its problems of
external adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well
enough to be considered valid, and therefore, to be tought to new
members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to
those problems." (Schein 1977)

Hence, by definition alone, immigrants can NEVER belong to society as
they do not belong to our culture, and also cannot EVER integrate into
our culture as they did not go through what we did (i.e. they already
HAVE a culture!).

That's my rant for the night.

- Alex

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2003-01-23 06:15 +1100
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Raelians

I'm watching some of the movies they have on their site, really funny
listening to a Jew with a french accent, yes, he's a jew all right.

>P.S. Anyone out there have an opinion on "The Enemy Of
>My Enemy Is My Friend" ?????
>I'm waiting.

Who is worse, the Sand Nigger or the Kike? I would rather have a Sand Nigger
as I can tell he is a Sand Nigger, were is a Kike is like a spy, you can't
see them until they strike.

In my opinion, let the Sand Niggers do the dirty work, they can kill
millions of Jews and it is to be expected because of the hatred, where as if
I pulled a gun on one I would go to jail for what would seem like a life

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2003-04-26 00:12 +1000
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Jewishness?

I believe the Jews want to be perfect, this would explain why they got rid
of Hitler, he was competition to them, just like Saddam.

Not only do they want to rule the world, but they want to make themselves
better physically, as well as mentally as was the case 2000-odd years ago
when the Arabs welcomed them as intellectuals to run their cities for them.

Now I fear that with breeding programs so close to being like what the
National Socialists tried to do, but in secret, they may have a physical and
mental advantage over us.

I have been seeing a lot of Israelis in our town over the summer, and most
of them look to be Germanic in ancestral origin.

I have wondered, what if they manage to take the next step in evolution, say
psychic powers, we would be helpless, imagine people able to see the future
like Delphi, and have the strength of Apollo, if not telekinetic powers,
some would believe this is a very big possibility with the realisation that
the brain has huge potential.


Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-02-25 19:39 +1100
To: Austnewnation
New-Topics: Re: [Australian New Nation] Gibson denial of the Holocaust
Subject: Gibson denial of the Holocaust

Yes, Mel Gibson and his father have the belief that the Jewish Holocaust was
exaggerated so that they would get more help after the war. He stated on
live TV that he believes that the Holocaust was no more then 250,000, and
that there wasn't enough Zyklon B produced to kill 6 million Jews, if half
that, and that there were hundreds of thousands that came to Brookland where
he lived.

I never took that into account to be honest, I just based the fact that a)
The Jews ban all revision and b) would mean 5,000+ people killed every day (
= 6,000,000 / (365*3)), handly a believable "fact".

- Alex

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-11-25 17:17 +1100
To: Austnewnation
Subject: RE: [Australian New Nation] Very quiet around here

Did you hear the news about that german guy who tried to blow up a synagogue
in germany with all the top jews and the chancellor?

He only got 15 seconds on the 6pm news, and they said he was "involved" with
right wing connections and has yet to be sentenced.

Then following there was an article about some jewish spy who worked in
England and saved over 15,000 jews from the gas chambers, he was on TV for a
good 5 minutes while they interviewed all the children of the survivors...
and this prick is getting a memorial museum dedicated to him! :@

- Alex

posted by Fightdemback @ 11:32 AM