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Friday, April 29, 2005

Jason Molloy - counter-intelligence specialist.



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About two weeks back, Jason Molloy (New Zealand National Front Webmaster, Head of "Intelligence", and Internationally Renowned Cage Fighter) began commenting on Darpism. He posted from a number of different IP's but the most common one was Presumably from his favourite "IPlay" net cafe on Queen Street, Auckland.

For, as the French would say, le example:

I'm part Italian you steaming pile of shit, watch your mouth. As for the rant by Banana, you probably don't know this, but hitler wrote two books, painted 12 award winning paintings (most are currently in a private collection worth $800 million) and designed many beautiful buildings still featured in Germany today.
Molloy | 04.18.05 - 5:18 am | IP:

Last week, someone claiming to be a "Peter Wolfwitz" emailed me from this exact same IP address. J'Accuse!

To set the scene: Jason Molloy fled the recent NF/Blood and Honour/Deaths Head gig in Wellington crying manly Aryan tears, after he was held down by some of the older lads who strategically shaved half his head off. Well, half of the hair ON his head at any rate.

This is how "Peter Wolfwitz" (Molloy) explained the situation:

From : Peter Wolfwitz
Sent : Friday, 22 April 2005 7:21:42 AM
To :
Subject : info about that cunt molloy

X-Originating-IP: []
X-Originating-Email: []

Just a note to say that the little "episode" with molloy storming out of the Satans Slaves was in response to him hearing anarchist informants were parked outside, I heard from a sharp skin inside that he was in the process of having his head shaved when he had someone from the satans slaves run up and tell him there was a white van with tinted windows outside, and he ran outside or something, I saw his buddies jump over the back fence and I think they followed some guys in the white van with tinted windows. I saw him later with a camera taking pictures of somone else down the block, I then saw him come back 20 minutes later in different clothes and a fully shaved head, and he was taking photos of cars and writing down numberplates.

The same informant was with him earlier in the day, around at perrys place, and he said molloy was sitting outside taking pictures and writing down notes of the same van and a couple of other cars as they drove past, he also told me that molloy and a couple of hammerskins and a guy from the satans slaves went into town earlier on a "recon" mission, he asked him what they did and he said that "We have Mat Henderson and his little informants under control". Later the next day he was heard laughing over the fact that he walked right past the van and sat across the street taking pictures and nobody had the balls to approach him.

(Darp & Cam: HA FUCKING HA!)

I don't know what the fuck that van and your other guys were doing, it's not my place to know, I'm just an anarchist in wellington working independantly with a couple of sharp skins and shit like that. I can provide u with info if you want.

let me know,

Peter Wolfwitz.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Nup, Jase didn't leave the gig in tears with half his head shaved. He was IN THE PROCESS of having his head shaved when someone sounded the horn of Valhalla and called him to action against the hated reds!

"Step back, you scurvy dogs," he no doubt exclaimed, brandishing his battle-axe menacingly, "2005 is the year of the Nationalist! We shall triumph over you, for our hearts are pure, and filled with ancient pride."

It is unclear whether Molloy then spat at the ground in disgust, before despatching his enemies with some very White and certainly not Asian martial arts moves.

Oh! But it gets better. Having matched the IP's, we felt it was only appropriate to tow young 'Wolfwitz' along for a while. You know, "Yes, we want info, gimme gimme gimme and we will let you into our secret forum."

He PM'd me on FDB:

Is this Mat?

I popped you an email the other day, now I'm working with Robert Trigan to bring the fuckers down! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling in NZ now, it's been a long time coming.


Info boy! We want names names names!

Shit man, I'm not God, I like to probe for information every now and again. I'm a Uni student so I don't get all that much spare time to do anti-fa stuff, mostly when there is something big going down, but my list goes something like this:

David Roycroft (from the pictures I've seen of him, he matched the description)

Perry Adank from the Hammerskins (He arrived in a white van with 7-8 other skinheads)

One of the skinheads that arrived with Perry works at a place called Pheonix Tattoos in Nelson, I don't know his name. He is a big skin with an iron cross tattood on his throat.

Jason Molloy (He arrived in a shitty yellow car)

Ross Baumgarten aka Fizx (Arrived with Molloy)

Some other blonde guy arrived with Ross and Molloy, I have no idea who it was but I took his photo

A National Front member from Hawkes Bay named Andy, a big fat guy.

Another NF member from the Wellington cell, he was in town earlier in the day. (the guy with the hat & flag in this picture from stormfront:

Cody (mazara) from Wellington Hammerskins.

Thats about it, I have more photographs, but I have some difficulty matching names to faces at the moment. I'll have more info as time progresses.

As I said, I'll do my best to provide you with info, hopefully I'll come across some good stuff with time.



We passed him onto Rob Trigan who sent him this:

>From: Robert Trigan
>Reply-To: Robert Trigan
>Subject: Anti-NF stuff
>Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 15:17:37 +1200
>Hi Peter,
>I got your contact details from Darp, who said I should get in touch
>with you. Did you see the Sunday Star Times today? Looks like we
>really fucked them over HARD with that RSA article!
>Dunno if you've heard about the NF demo in Wellington yesterday - they
>think we didn't know about it, but we were there the whole time
>watching from a distance and got some good photos. We've now got a
>whole lot of info about them, which is great. Have you got any good
>info for us? We should really share what we know, it makes more sense
>that we all work together.
>Be in touch,
>Robert Trigan

Peter, (ahem) Molloy's reply:

From: Peter Wolfwitz
Date: Apr 25, 2005 1:12 PM
Subject: RE: Anti-NF stuff

Hi Robert,

It's good to hear others are fighting the facists back. I've been doing a
lot of freelance work, taking photographs, crawling through Stormfront, and
shit like that. I saw the Sunday star times article, good stuff! We made
them look like total retards, especially with that "yellow scum" quote. We
should be carefull though, I know several NF boneheads are members of the
RSA, and they could use their influence against us.

I heard about the wellington protest, but I was out of town. Who attended
it? Us anti-fa's really need better methods of sharing information, do we
have guys inside the NF feeding info to you? I have a SHARP inside the
hammerskins he was an old school mate and introduced me to the world of
anti-fa. He knows a few guys from the NF, and we are working together to
bring them down. Hopefully we can share info with you guys and vice versa.


Peter Wolfwitz.

Trigan again:

>From: Robert Trigan
>Reply-To: Robert Trigan
>To: Peter Wolfwitz
>Subject: Re: Anti-NF stuff
>Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 18:48:13 +1200
>Hey Peter,
>Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been bogged down at work (I'm
>a lawyer, and things get pretty heavy here sometimes). Yeah, we've got
>a couple of people inside the NF. They feed us pretty good & constant
>information, which makes things a lot easier for us, for sure.
>In regards to a couple of things you mentioned - which NF members are
>also in the RSA? Names and locations would be great.
>Also, would you be able to send me any decent photos you have, along
>with any names of people in them that you know? The more we have, the
>better it is.
>Keep up the good work,


From: Peter Wolfwitz
Date: Apr 27, 2005 5:42 PM
Subject: Re: Anti-NF stuff

Cheers for your reply,

I'm rather busy myself, but I try to keep up to date on the NF's movements
in my region (I'm in auckland). The guy in the RSA is the Auckland area rep
Steve Jardin, my sources tell me he served in the army for several years. If
you know any anti-facists up my way or any guys in my region that have
infiltrated the NF, let me know, I'm keen to shave my head and work
alongside them. I've got a couple of good cameras so I'll be sure to stake
out their next protest and get as many details as possible.



Really? We'll be checking up on Steve's military record. Several years you say? Regular army or SAS?

Anyway, Wolfwitz obviously realised the game was up with our last email and has outed himself on the FDB forum. Outed himself dramatically, actually! Seriously, check it out. It's got everything you could hope for and more... Will we throw in some steak knives? Who knows? Such tension...

You punks are so narrow minded, I have written a number of articles for Solar General and National Vanguard. (Under a number of aliases)

Yeah I'm Molloy, and this forum is totaly pathetic.

Henderson, you wouldn't know shit even if your mouth was full of it.
Anti-Facist Activists forward march! (Into a wall of bullets)

Oh my... Does somebody need a chull pull?

Some intelligence officer. Here's a tip, try and pick a less sus name. I mean 'Wolfwitz'. Pffffft

This just in from the inner sanctum of the top secret NF forum that no one knows about:



Another tip; when trying to infiltrate 'the enimy', the idea is to feed them believable DISINFORMATION. Looks like a few chaps are quite pissed over Molloy's loose lips, sinking their proverbial ship.


Um... could this keep on getting any better? I think it could!

From : Peter Wolfwitz
Sent : Saturday, 30 April 2005 7:14:02 AM
To :
Subject : RE: info about that cunt molloy

I blew my cover on purpose Mat Henderson, in order to show you that your movements are not going un-monitored. The real question is, Mat, how many proxies and aliases am I hiding behind... And how many people am I working with. Woulden't you love to know. And to think, you still don't know my real name! Hah. I kind of like the name Jason, I might even take it up!

Don't trust anyone Mat, even your best friends. We have plenty of people inside your movement, we know your every move.

If you want my honest opinion, I think you should invest in some Kevlar & bulletproof glass, oh wait, you did that already.

We at Fight Dem Back were very wrong to ever underestimate Molloy... This powerfully built Aryan man has outsmarted us all... or has he?

Here's one alias of Molloy's that we know about. Oh, Killer... Nine kills... AND TWENTY ONE DEATHS?

Later the next day he was heard laughing over the fact that he walked right past the van and sat across the street taking pictures and nobody had the balls to approach him.

There's your problem, man... Laughter gives away your position!


Okay, so think of a cute little puppy. Now think of a cute little puppy that's fallen into a big puddle... it staggers out, and it's sodding wet, and it looks up at you with it's pathetic little puppy dog eyes. Pretty pathetic, eh bro?


You haven't even seen pathetic! Patheticnessativity, to you, is an unfamiliar concept.

This is pathetic.

From : Angel Of______
Sent : Tuesday, 3 May 2005 12:59:41 PM
To :
Subject : _______XX

Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft

I No Who U R I No Where U live U will suffer As God Is My Witness I will Be
UR Sweet Avenging Angel And Take U into The Deep

In Jason's defence, at least he's cottoned on to the idea that he can't keep on using iPlay computers to send anonymous death threats.

If only he'd read the terms and conditions of his chosen IP Bouncer!

Watch and learn, large-eyed dripping canines of the world! This is how it's done.

posted by Fightdemback @ 5:43 PM


More from 'ACE' Rimmer.

More mail from Brendon Rimmer, the NF Youth Officer:

From :Brendon Rimmer
Sent :Thursday, 28 April 2005 9:22:00 AM
To :

The New Zealand Nazi Militia started a a few months after my 18th birthday almost 20 now would make it a year and a half or just under since i havent been a "facist" Im not denying anything either sure i USED to be a "NEO nazi" but people mature over time there darp well some of us aye

Yes, Brendon is very mature. I'm sure he has matured in leaps and bounds in the 12 months since this photo was taken. What a perfect 'YOOF' representative!

Image hosted by

The issue is NOT when his NZ Nazi militia STARTED, it's when it ended. Actually, that isn't the issue either. The only issue is WILL the new "Nazi Free" NZNF tolerate this person as their Youth Officer?

He does seem quite intent on claiming that he isn't a Nazi anymore and living in Taupo, a town with a high Maori population, who can blame him?

So Brendon, other than simply telling us that "you have changed" and are no longer a neo-Nazi, would you care to extrapolate on a some of these drastic changes that have occured in the last twelve months?

Don't just give us "I'm not a Nazi anymore, you'll just have to take my word for it", give us the nuts and bolts of your ideological stance as a neo-Nazi and explain how that has changed now that you are a member of the "non-Nazi" National Front.

Remember, insofar as Fight Dem Back views it; people holding onto the core beliefs of Nazism, ARE Nazis, whether they actively sport a swastika or not.

posted by Fightdemback @ 12:37 PM


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"I'm not a Nazi anymore, that picture is like two months old!"


Fight Dem Back recently received correspondence from one Brendon Rimmer (AKA Proud European), the official youth rep of the New Zealand National Front. See, Brendon is a tad miffed that these photos were aired:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Brendon is far left.

His email reads:

From : Brendon Rimmer
Sent : Sunday, 24 April 2005 11:05:05 PM

To Matt

just sending an email to inform you of some changes that need to be made to your site for one me with the swastika shirt was a year or 2 before i joined the NF and peoples ideas change lots in years.

The swastika shirt is from a "year or 2" before joining the NF? Couldn't you be a bit clearer? No, well - let us clarify a few things for you.

Irrespective of when that picture was actually taken, it was posted on the NF forums as recently as October last year. This picture was also visible more recently on Brendon's MSN profile where he was the 'manager' of the following MSN groups; White Pride New Zealand Wide and New Zealand Nazi Militia.

So chronologically speaking, these pictures are much more recent than Brendon would have us think.

If the National Front is serious about expunging ALL neo-Nazi elements from their organisation, maybe they need to have good look at who they want as their official youth representative.

Brendon's strategy of "I'm not a Nazi, those pictures are old, like a year old" is very prevalent amongst the white nationalist community where these people seem to think that their ideas and allegiances are something that they can throw off at the drop of a hat. Not that they ever actually change any of their ideas and beliefs, they merely switch camps from:

A) YES, I'm a neo-Nazi and proud! Sig Heil motherfucker!


B)Uhm ..well, I agree with everything Hitler did and for all intensive purposes I AM a Nazi and have paraded around in front of swastika flags and worn swastika t-shirts BUT I am going to be publicly crucified if I admit this so I will simply hide behind the facade of being a white nationalist and patriot whilst continuing to worship Hitler in private. If any dirt turns up, I'll just say "I've changed."

Jim Saleam was the master of this strategy. He spent most of the 1980's goose-stepping around Sydney and Brisbane with a swastika armband on, see pic from his Australian National Action days:

Image hosted by

Saleam of course now claims that he isn't a Nazi, never has been and that he was merely trying to infiltrate ANA.

Another of the NZNF's Australian associates (and former leader of the now defunct Australian National Front Youth), "Goobs" was very much aware of the importance of concealing his adoration of Hitler. Admittedly, he was very stupid to frame his reasoning so publicly on old ANFY forums (these pages have all been saved/cached and will be uploaded onto our server soon):

Posts: 104

TOPIC: tone it down
« Thread started on: 12/15/2004 at 06:00:44 »
For the sake of image of the National Front and WNs we are all going to have to tone the nazism. Whilst i understand that hitler was a great man, it gives the left more ammo to use against us.

Australian National Front Youth
Hail Victory

Make a note of that post date, December last year.

Prior to this he was very active on Stormfront espousing the following sentiments:

"I have a celtic cross on my school bag, i constantly hitler salute and i write sieg heil, white pride world wide etc. over desks, books, people, basically anything i can."

“i'm gonna go nazi salute outside a jewish templely thing.”

“If we get other races to accept our opinions then they may believe in their own seperation from other races. This will help us achieve our goal, and will make it easier to kill all the dirt (i.e. the jews) as no one will want to defend another race, especially the jews. It will also allow us to be more public if nationalism is supported by other races.”

“Then i'd kill em if i had nothing to stay out of gaol for. Anyone of European decent is fine with me.”

Ok, you don't get more Nazi than that do you?

When the Fight Dem Back spotlight was finally shone in Goob's direction and his identity (and position of extreme social privilege and wealth) was uncovered, his response:

Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 08:51:12 +1100

It’s fairly obvious that your scare tactics have worked and that the NFY is over and I’m no longer active. But if you wish me to announce it then I will. So you won hurray everyone is happy except for the WN community.

Don't be fooled by this; he has been active on a number of WN forums in recent days and we have also recieved confirmation that he is now a member of the PYL.

And how's this MSN convo between Goobs and an FDB operative (from Feb 05):

(Goobs)Lach. Vlad the Impaler stopped Europe from becoming a muslim shit hole, show some respect. says:
in fact i personally don't have anything against jews as a whole i used to but not anymore

Joel Brand says:
Oh really? Would you care to explain some of your more ANGRY Stormfront posts?

“I have a celtic cross on my school bag I constantly Hitler salute and I write sieg heil, white pride world wide etc. over desks, books, people, basically anything I can”

Lach. Vlad the Impaler stopped Europe from becoming a muslim shit hole, show some respect. says:
they are from like a year ago. people change and what was the date on that?

Joel Brand says:
Has what has changed in the last year? Details please?

Lach. Vlad the Impaler stopped Europe from becoming a muslim shit hole, show some respect. says:
i now dislike hitler profusely. i'm not a nazi anyway, so u can stop with that childish name calling

Joel Brand says:
It's February pal; two months ago you posted on the ANFY forum on how you thought Hitler was a GREAT MAN and asked everyone to tone down the Nazism as it gives the lefties more ammo to use against you! A few months prior to that, you were saying things like this:

Joel Brand says:
"This will help us achieve our goal, and will make it easier to kill all the dirt (i.e. the jews)"

Lach. Vlad the Impaler stopped Europe from becoming a muslim shit hole, show some respect. says:
are u daft? did i not say that was a year ago, and my beliefs have changed? don't you know how to read?

Lach. Vlad the Impaler stopped Europe from becoming a muslim shit hole, show some respect has left the conversation.

You see the point? It is a recurring theme with these people.

Let me lay it out plainly for all the white nationalist Nazis in hiding. Prancing around in swastika t-shirts, posing in "Sig Heil" photos and espousing blatantly Nazi rhetoric online WILL BE HELD AGAINST YOU by the public at large. FDB will hold it against you mainly because we KNOW that you are full of shit and are scared witless of being outed for what you are. One month ago, one year ago - it makes no difference to us that you are espousing similar sentiments to that of Adolf Hitler yet are doing so behind the facade of "White Nationalism" and DENYING the fact you ARE a Nazi.

There are a few minor exceptions to this rule of "Once a Nazi, ALWAYS a Nazi" and that is where rehabilitated neo-Nazis make an active public stand against their former colleagues and renounce all forms of racism, bigotry, violence and prejudice. See former neo-Nazi David Greason's well known book I was a teenage fascist for a perfect example of what we mean by this.

Until such profound public condemnations of their “former lives” are made by certain activists within the WN community. They will forever be Nazis in our eyes and will be dealt with as such.

posted by Fightdemback @ 12:50 PM


Monday, April 25, 2005

Newcastle Synagoge Vandalism - who is to blame?


From YNET.

Synagogue desecrated in Australia.

Newcastle, Australia synagogue spray-painted with swastikas, Nazi references such as‘Hitler was 'ere,’ ‘Jews must die’ and ‘Six million more’

A synagogue in Newcastle, Australia was desecrated, as seven windows were smashed and anti - Jewish slogans, including “Hitler was 'ere," and "Jews must die," were spray-painted on the building’s walls, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The graffiti included a crossed-out Star of David and "88", neo-Nazi code for "Heil Hitler."

The racist taunts were painted on the wooden doors and brick walls of the Tyrrell Street synagogue, which has about 30 people in its congregation.

Police said the attack occurred on Wednesday night, which would have been Adolf Hitler's 116th birthday, and only a few days before Pesach.

Synagogue President David Gubbay said he had received a message of condolence from Michael Malone, Catholic Bishop of Maitland-Newcastle.

"It was very kind for the bishop to call up," Mr Gubbay told The Herald Saturday. "We were hoping to have all the mess cleaned up today but, because it's the Sabbath, we didn't want to have any work done so we thought we'd wait until tomorrow."

Neighbours told police they heard glass smashing about 2.15 a.m., then saw two young men run along the street.

A number of anti-semitic incidents, as well as attacks on local Muslims, have occurred in Australia in the past few years. Lasty July anti-Semitic slogans were spray-painted on a synagogue in Perth, and a number of other buildings were vandalized as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald also followed this story but both of these online articles have failed to mention the fact that stickers belonging to the White Pride Coalition of Australia were left at the scene (as reported by Gabriel Fowler in the Newcastle Herald).

This poses a number of questions. Firstly, were the two men seen running from the scene of the crime actual members of the WPCA and if so, how freaking stupid can they have been to have left their calling card behind?

The WPCA is crying "fix", claiming that none of their members WOULD be stupid enough to incriminate themselves. It must be noted that Ben Weerheym is a WPCA member and has repeatedly shown himself to be rather foolhardy when it comes to Synagogue desecrations. Ben is in Perth however and obviously didn't have anything to do with this.


I bring up geographical proximity as our second issue because many in the WPCA are now falling back on the excuse that they don't have any members in Newcastle (which, to my knowledge, is reasonably true). Instead, a number of their members have chosen to cast aspersions on Jim Saleam's youth group The Patriotic Youth League.

True, the league is based primarily in Newcastle where their leader Stuart McBeth is still smarting over the Salvation Army's decision to sack him "for being white". See "Political Victim or Common Thief" for another viewpoint as to why he may have been dismissed from his job.

The WPCA mob are not on friendly terms with Jim Saleam and the PYL so it's natural for them to mutter suspicions in the direction of the Newcastle locals.

Fight Dem Back is keeping an open mind on this issue. There is a chance that we are simply dealing with a couple of rogue elements who printed off their own stickers and decided to commemorate Hitler's birthday with their own private Kristalnacht. There is a chance that the WPCA haven't been entirely honest in this matter and there is also the chance that certain "local" White Nationalist elements wanted to have a big night out without copping the blame. I mean, ANYTHING of a semi-racial nature goes down in Newcastle and it's the PYL who cop the rap.

All scenarios are valid.

Oh, there's one more we have to look at which isn't so valid, and that is the WPCA suspecting Fight Dem Back of committing this act of vandalism as a means of "setting up" the "true hard men" of the Australian Nationalist scene.

Don't worry, by tomorrow they'll be claiming that "the Jooos" did it themselves.

posted by Fightdemback @ 8:34 PM


There is no 'I' in 'Enemy'

POSTED BY TZE MING MOK. (Cross-posted on Yellow Perril)

If there were any National Front members at this morning's ANZAC dawn service in Auckland, I didn't see them - they were either too cold to strip down to their NF t-shirts, or too afraid of copping a walking-stick over the head from the RSA.

But you might have seen instead, a tiny Chinese woman in a long purple puffer-jacket being lifted up by her strapping white boyfriend to see the old soldiers over the heads of the crowd, like your dad would lift you up. You would have seen people bundled up in families, their clothing brushed by the orange dawn, patient and mute as the grave. You would have heard a cellphone ring briefly during the minute of silence. I was wishing I'd brought my grandmother, though she would never have roused herself so early, and would have been disappointed at the lack of food available.

The previous week, a troupe of eight or so National Front members were spotted having a natter and a latte in the Open Late Cafe. That's right chaps - Ponsonby. What is the far right coming to? Sources informed me they were up for some anti-China demo. Did anyone, um, notice? Before my 2004 adventures in the Deep South (Wellington) I'd had no personal contact with any white supremacists. The National Front in Auckland - now that's funny. Imagine how bored white Aucklanders would be if, in accordance with the NF policy, all the Asians and Pacific Islanders were repatriated to their countries of origin? What would they eat? Who would be left to complain about? Who... well... Who would be left?

Sure, the National Front are a joke. Except when they go out bashing people. So what do you do? New South Wales' favourite blogger and far-right-watchdog, Darp Hau, has been trying for a strict balance in his approach: both keeping track of every white-supremacist move, and mocking them senseless. Here for example, is 'Everything you ever wanted to know about the New Zealand National Front but were too doubled over in laughter to ask'. Darp, aka Mat Henderson-Hau, maintains that most peculiar of identities - that of a Maori Australian - and true to his roots has set up a new ANZAC alliance of sorts. He's handing over his white-supremacist-watch archives to a transtasman anti-racist blog-coalition: Fightdemback. Members include my old colleagues Multicultural Aotearoa, and apparently, the venerable New Zealand Federation of Ethnic Councils.

Warning: Darp's potted histories and watchdog-entries on our local National Front fruitloops make for addictively repellent reading, but reader-comments on his entries, and quotes posted from neofascist talkboards, do include hate-speech, death-threats, and other highly offensive comments from white-supremacists. Also, links on and fightdemback to the aforementioned talkboards will probably set off hate-site monitoring alarms in your office.

I wouldn't recommend surfing Stormfront for the purposes of knowing thine enemy (and especially not for knowing how to spell 'enemy'). It's not worth the nausea. God, the hatred! The paranoia! The pomposity! Good lord, the sheer illiteracy!

I didn't go to the dawn service just to spot Nazis. I went this year for my grandmother. There were New Zealand Chinese and other New Zealand Asians in the ANZAC forces of course. But while New Zealanders were deployed across Europe, North Africa and the Pacific in World War II, the parents and grandparents of most of the non-Japanese East and Southeast Asians currently in this country (including mine) were fighting home-turf wars of resistance. The grandparents of nearly every Mt Roskill Mainlander, or Howick Hongky, or Taiwanese riceboy were bogging down the Japanese army with the sheer mass of their country, on one bamboo-tube of rice per day, with maybe a little bit of chilli on the side. The grandfather of every Asian currently on Shortland Street was personally bayoneted in Singapore. And I have a feeling nearly every Southeast Asian's tight-permed grandma was in a former life, fighting the Japanese occupation in a tropical jungle under the leadership of a Communist-led guerrilla cell after colonial governments were outgunned. You know - as a 'terrorist insurgent'. Here's mine, clad in a classic Southeast Asian Chinese battle-mash of Nationalist uniform and Communist gun: Chan Shid Kwan, 1924-2004. She looks like she's playing dress-up, doesn't she? I don't think it was as much fun as she was expecting.

Though we weren't ANZACs, it seems that one basic geographical element of why this country was never occupied in the last World War (another being that big ocean) was because we were in the way. The Japanese army just had too many other countries to plow through first. All sides of the Yellow Peril footed the bill in this hemisphere, Japan included. So hey you Kiwis, we took a bullet for you. And now we live here. So hopefully, after he's had a whinge about our driving, you can get your grandpa to give my grandma her props.

As for the ongoing Sino-Japanese 'war': selected apologies have been offered to try and bring this bout of cynically channelled public and diplomatic violence to a close. It's been difficult to find any rational insider's opinion to link to here. So on this matter, this is The Last Post.

Here is a meaningless coincidence that has yet to be mentioned on the inflamed talkboards I've seen.
The Rape of Nanjing:
Death toll: 200,000-300,000 civilians (still disputed)
Hiroshima and Nagasaki:
Death toll: 200,000-300,000 civilians (still disputed)

Sure, try to weigh it up, look to and fro from hand to hand and you'll find you're just shaking your head at the pointlessness of experiments in moral equivalency, rebuttal, and revenge.

I just remember them.

posted by Fightdemback @ 3:43 PM


Welcome to Fight Dem Back!


No, this isn't the final product, merely a stepping stone.

The proper Fight Dem Back site will be launched soon. We were due to go live on Anzac day but some teething problems with the server have held us back. We want to ensure that our site is 100% hack-proof and thus far, the people who have been invited to hack it to test our firewalls, haven't had too much trouble.

Back to the drawing board on that one.

Launching on Anzac Day was important so we decided to go ahead with a temporary blog format. Who knows, it is successful, we'll probably keep a "blog style" when we move to our own digs.

We also have a FORUM which should begin to take shape soon. We look forward to seeing all the old Punkas crew there.

It is on this day that all Australians and New Zealanders think back to the enormous sacrifices that our forebears made. The Anzac spirit encompasses the highest ideals of what Aussies and Kiwis can achieve when we work together; this is the spirit in which Fight Dem Back was conceived.

Our name of course comes from the famous song by UK dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson.

Fascists on the attack?
Don't worry about that.
Fascists on the attack?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Johnson for his encouragement and permission to use his song title as our campaign name.

Most of what you read on this blog you will already have seen before on Darpism, though there are quite a few new tidbits and more to come over the following weeks.

It's been roughly eight years since either Australia or New Zealand had a cohesive anti-racist campaign group up and running. In that intervening period, the forces of neo-Nazism, race-hate and fascism have steadily re-emerged from under the rocks from whence they came.

It's time to put them back in.

Fight Dem Back, we believe, is the first COMBINED AUSSIE AND KIWI operation. In a world where the Australian Prime Minister would prefer to attend a BBQ rather than put in an appearance at the official New Zealand Gallipoli ceremony, we feel that this is a big achievement.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about what our organisation does, contact office-AT-fightdemback-DOT-com.

PS: Comments are coming. Haloscan is down for repairs at the moment.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

New Zealand National Front Angers Anzac Veterans.


From today's Sunday Star-Times.

National Front angers Anzac vets.

24 April 2005

The National Front plans to attend Anzac services around the country tomorrow, outraging the Returned Services Association.

RSA chief executive Pat Herbert has received emails from members who were angry and upset that the neo-fascist organisation would attend Anzac ceremonies.

"The RSA would be obviously appalled and it would disgust most New Zealanders. New Zealand does not need groups like these," Herbert said.

The RSA could not stop National Front members attending services but "they certainly will not be welcomed if they come flying their colours".

Herbert said the National Front represented everything Anzac soldiers had fought against.

"The incongruity of this is that those who belong to this organisation with its warped ideals and statements about supremacy also claim they'll be there remembering family members and relatives who put up the supreme sacrifice fighting the ideals they espouse."

National Front director Kyle Chapman said its members attended Anzac Day Services every year, and planned to do so this year. He would attend Anzac services in Christchurch with other National Front members.

Chapman said groups of up to 15 National Front members had attended previous Anzac services with no problems.

Members did not plan to "make a spectacle of themselves" this year with ostentatious insignia, flags or National Front regalia, "but there will always be one or two with (National Front) T-shirts".

Chapman had never heard of National Front members being unwelcome at Anzac services, and they had even been invited to RSA clubs for drinks afterwards.

On the international white nationalist website Stormfront, Chapman says "elite German units spoke highly of the Anzac soldiers" and urges supporters to "show that we have not forgotten them, fly our flags proudly".

Chapman said the National Front had been "working hard" to remove members who promoted pro-Nazi views and displayed Nazi emblems such as swastikas - or at least tried to get them to cover up swastika tattoos.

One member, Nicholas Miller, who has been charged with an attack on Somalian immigrants, was expelled last week.

However, fascist and white supremacist views are commonly posted on websites by New Zealand National Front members and sympathisers.

One person from Waikanae calling themselves waffen-ss-panzerkommando, after a WWII German tank unit and the Nazi secret service agency, says "not only is Anzac Day a time to honour our men who died bravely defending their nation from the Yellow Scum in the Second World War, but I also believe it creates a bond between Australia and New Zealand - two white brothers who share a lot of things in common".

RSA members said they found such views abhorrent and an insult to fallen soldiers.

Wellington man Barrie Sargeant, whose grandfather fought in World War II and spent years in German POW camps, said he was deeply offended by the presence of the National Front at services.

"I am sure that many will share my revulsion at this attempted desecration of a national day of remembrance for the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives fighting fascism."

Another Wellingtonian, Robert Trigan, who is Jewish but not an RSA member, said he complained to the RSA, saying the National Front's presence would be outrageous and insulting.

The president of Chapman's local RSA in New Brighton, Geoff Butler, said it was fine by him if the National Front attended Anzac services.

"I've never heard of the National Front, but if they want to attend a public parade then they are welcome like anyone else, so long as they are orderly and respectably dressed and behave themselves," Butler said.

"I told them definitely no protest signs or anything like that. We have the boy scouts and girl guides come along with their little banners and bouquets, so I expect they will be just the same. As long as there is no hanky-panky they can do whatever they like."

Let's just hope Kyle keeps his Iron Cross tattoo covered up.

ANZAC day commemorates the deaths of ALL Australians and New Zealanders who fought and died in ALL CONFLICTS on ALL FRONTS. During WWII, many of those fronts were in places like Tobruk, El Alamein and Normandy. And guess what, the enemy in these titanic battles was not the imperialist Japanese. The enemy of the Anzacs in their European, Mediterranean and North African campaigns were NAZIS. They were the sort of people who now line up with the National Front.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Al Grassby, the father of Australian multiculturalism, dead at 78.


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It is with great sadness that Fight Dem Back marks the passing of the great Al Grassby, Australian immigration minister from 1972 to 1974.

He passed away peacefully in a Canberra hospital this morning after suffering a heart attack on Thursday evening.

Grassby is responsible for sweeping away the last vestiges of the White Australia Policy and for ushering in a new era multicultural tolerance and acceptance.

A life-long campaigner for human rights and social justice, Grassby’s political career sports an impressive resume. Some of the many achievements during his tenure as immigration minister include:

• The right to remain in Australia for overseas students on the
successful completion of their studies and when their services were sought by an
Australian employer.
• The right of parents of Australian born children to remain in Australia. In
announcing this Grassby said "We must stop making war on children"
• Granting passage assistance to Vietnamese orphans coming to Australia and later
extending to orphans from any country.
• Removal of limitations in the amount of non-English language programming on radio
and television.
• Exclusion of racially selected sporting teams from Australia.
• Decision to apply new non-discriminatory procedures for selection of migrants and
issue of tourist visas.
• Repeal of Section 64 of the Migration Act 1958-1966, the last of the old
discriminations against Aboriginal Australians, which required them to seek
permission to leave the country.
• Establishment of a new series of migrant education centres in State capitals to
provide facilities for migrant instruction and a focal point of the migrant
program in each State.
• Establishment of Community Relations Committee of the Immigration Advisory Council
to enquire into the discrimination against, and exploitation of, migrants and the
use or non-use by migrants of community services.
• Development of a home tutoring scheme particularly to reach migrant women at home,
using voluntary tutors and a home tutoring kit based on a kit used in Great
but adapted to Australian requirements.
• Amendment of the Aliens Act 1947-1966 to eliminate the annual notification of
Address, occupation and marital status by aliens.
• Rise of persons granted Australian citizenship from 38,402 in 1972 to 57,102 in
1973, an increase of 48.7%.
• Australia's first amnesty for illegal immigrants.
• Amendment of the aliens registration policy to remove restrictions on the changes
of names by aliens.

Al Grassby as the father of Australian multiculturalism has long been enemy number one for local race-hate groups. Ironic that with his passing, a new campaign should spring up to build upon his legacy of defying racism, bigotry and prejudice.

Grassby was also the life-long enemy of the fashion police with his penchant for wearing the most spectacular ties.

Al was a warm hearted, larger than life figure who will be sorely missed. Stay posted for the latest on his funeral arrangements.

Sources: Racism - No Way.

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