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Thursday, September 01, 2005

More Fogerty Gold

Here is a selection of Alex's more batshit rants from the ANN Yahoo archives. Remember, we've got 5000 emails to get through so we could be here a while.

What a way to be newsworthy Alex!

We begin with a rant on Hitler's birthday. Something that Alex commemorates every day of the year apparently.

But he's not a Nazi no ..of course not.

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2005-04-19 04:28 +1000
To: Austnewnation
Old-Topics: The Fuhrers birthday
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] The Fuhrers birthday

I think that every day, not just once a year.

What I still don't understand why they would want to destroy something
that would benefit themselves? Are we that "nice" that we put other
people above our own? Surely we are lying to ourselves if we don't
admit we are socially selfish creatures.

Furthur more, I'd love to get rid of all Jews, Blacks, Gypsies,
Retards, and Social Degenerates. I would LOVE to have "genetic
cleansing". Arthur de Gobineau was right, mixing of races leads to the
downfall of ALL societies, Rome was a prime example! Note that
"genetic cleansing" does not mean killing ANYONE, it just means
removing them from your country by force or otherwise.

I think Hitler knew this all too well, that is why the executions of
Jews etc didn't start till we were 3 years into the war, had Hitler
been allowed to send the Jews to Israel in 1933 and not been blockaded
by the English at that time (which sparked the little known Arab
Revolt of 1936, also known as "The Great Arab Uprising of 1936") I am
sure lots of Jews would not have died, but like most things, history
will know him for the holocaust, not the reason behind it.

Another point I would like to make is that Society is, by definition
is "an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and
economic organization".

Culture is defined psychologically as "a pattern of shared basic
assumptions that the group learned as it solved its problems of
external adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well
enough to be considered valid, and therefore, to be tought to new
members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to
those problems." (Schein 1977)

Hence, by definition alone, immigrants can NEVER belong to society as
they do not belong to our culture, and also cannot EVER integrate into
our culture as they did not go through what we did (i.e. they already
HAVE a culture!).

That's my rant for the night.

- Alex

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2003-01-23 06:15 +1100
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Raelians

I'm watching some of the movies they have on their site, really funny
listening to a Jew with a french accent, yes, he's a jew all right.

>P.S. Anyone out there have an opinion on "The Enemy Of
>My Enemy Is My Friend" ?????
>I'm waiting.

Who is worse, the Sand Nigger or the Kike? I would rather have a Sand Nigger
as I can tell he is a Sand Nigger, were is a Kike is like a spy, you can't
see them until they strike.

In my opinion, let the Sand Niggers do the dirty work, they can kill
millions of Jews and it is to be expected because of the hatred, where as if
I pulled a gun on one I would go to jail for what would seem like a life

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2003-04-26 00:12 +1000
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Jewishness?

I believe the Jews want to be perfect, this would explain why they got rid
of Hitler, he was competition to them, just like Saddam.

Not only do they want to rule the world, but they want to make themselves
better physically, as well as mentally as was the case 2000-odd years ago
when the Arabs welcomed them as intellectuals to run their cities for them.

Now I fear that with breeding programs so close to being like what the
National Socialists tried to do, but in secret, they may have a physical and
mental advantage over us.

I have been seeing a lot of Israelis in our town over the summer, and most
of them look to be Germanic in ancestral origin.

I have wondered, what if they manage to take the next step in evolution, say
psychic powers, we would be helpless, imagine people able to see the future
like Delphi, and have the strength of Apollo, if not telekinetic powers,
some would believe this is a very big possibility with the realisation that
the brain has huge potential.


Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-02-25 19:39 +1100
To: Austnewnation
New-Topics: Re: [Australian New Nation] Gibson denial of the Holocaust
Subject: Gibson denial of the Holocaust

Yes, Mel Gibson and his father have the belief that the Jewish Holocaust was
exaggerated so that they would get more help after the war. He stated on
live TV that he believes that the Holocaust was no more then 250,000, and
that there wasn't enough Zyklon B produced to kill 6 million Jews, if half
that, and that there were hundreds of thousands that came to Brookland where
he lived.

I never took that into account to be honest, I just based the fact that a)
The Jews ban all revision and b) would mean 5,000+ people killed every day (
= 6,000,000 / (365*3)), handly a believable "fact".

- Alex

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2004-11-25 17:17 +1100
To: Austnewnation
Subject: RE: [Australian New Nation] Very quiet around here

Did you hear the news about that german guy who tried to blow up a synagogue
in germany with all the top jews and the chancellor?

He only got 15 seconds on the 6pm news, and they said he was "involved" with
right wing connections and has yet to be sentenced.

Then following there was an article about some jewish spy who worked in
England and saved over 15,000 jews from the gas chambers, he was on TV for a
good 5 minutes while they interviewed all the children of the survivors...
and this prick is getting a memorial museum dedicated to him! :@

- Alex

posted by Fightdemback @ 11:32 AM