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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hate gig in Canberra?

Careful with that axe Eugene!

We recieved an SOS this morning from a Canberran FDB'er in relation to a possible hate-metal gig taking place at the Australian National University union bar on October 1st.

The gig entitled the ACT Terror fest II appears to be nothing more than a hardcore metal gig.

Here is where things get iffy. Metal is a varied genre and at the more extreme end things get confusing. Death metal usually focuses on morbid subjects like death, disease, pestilence - four horseman kinda stuff. Black metal is a slightly different kettle of fish with bands taking a more occult and pagan angle with their music.

Nothing wrong with that. Different strokes for different folks.

Where we at Fight dem back do feel there is cause for concern is where some black metal bands inject a racist dimension into their music.

Take the headlining act of the Terror Fest for example.

Baal Gadrial are a NSW based black metal band who seemingly have a fondness for burning Jewish symbols at their gigs. Take these interview quotes for example:

The Israeli flag was torched in a very semetic area of Sydney in a club run by jews. This was the only reason we playedhis show; to be a fist in their faces. I've been in contact with Darken for some time now and he saw the image and asked if he could put it on the site as he, obviously, found it very appealing and said it's good to see such a spirit still alive and not afraid of consequences.
We are an intolerant, hateful black metal band and yes, anti Judeo-Christian and anti-other white light religions, such as Islam. I respect certain bands who truly believe in what they are fighting for however, politics is another form of sheep minded mentality and following the "pack" which black metal was and should never be about following a trend or becoming part of the flock. As I said earlier, the burningof the Israeli flag was a fist in the ZOG's face and that we will make our point clear and divide people. Posers and scene faggots see such actions and think, "Black metal is not for me. This is fucked up!" The scene needs to be cleansed of such politically correct subhuman pieces of shit!

If you thought that was simply black metal posturing, you might want check out what Baal Gadrial had to say in this interview.

Christians: We need to smash this disease from the world and free our brothers infected by this Jewish bug.

Islam: The filthy goat-herding brothers of Christianity

Judaism: Their holocaust has happened HA HA HA but this time it will come around again with the total extermination of these big-nosed faggots.

Fight dem back has performed a fairly solid background check on all the other bands on the Terror Fest bill and Baal Gadrial appear to be the only outfit with a racist platform.


Who is in charge of putting this gig on and why would they book a racist band?

The person in charge of organising this event goes by the pseudonymn of Lailoken.

That's his "Vampire Profile" above. In it you can see that he prefers to keep his real name secret because he has "a lot of views that scare many people." His favourite bands include 'Gestapo SS' and 'Zyklon B'. He also states on that profile that he runs the Terror Fest gigs.

As a sideliner, Lailoken runs a fairly thrifty importation business known as Pagan Lands Media.

Lailoken also runs the Canberra Metal forums. That profile features a link to his one man band, Deanach Turas.

The 'ideals' of this 'band' are indeed the sort of thing that would "scare a lot of people."


Déanach Turas - Irish, meaning 'Last Journey'

Déanach Turas represents the journey of ones self.
An Immram of your own person.

Déanach Turas holds high the Pagan ways of old and a respect for the Celtic Pagan lands that are our home. Revering the native languages, religions and cutures of old Celtic Europe, We proudly uphold our Celtic pride and a respect for the powers of Nature and the Earth.

Growing up in Australia where a multiCULTural society is forced down your throat, is creating a weak society! because everyone is afraid to say who they are and what they believe in. This is a land of sheep and the people who do dare to stray away from the flock often go too far and forget their true roots.

If we continue to help these weaker people we are lowering ourselves to their level and not helping ANYONE

Firstly we must establish who we are and create self empowerment and a pride of who we personally are, then and only then should we consider helping the lower races if they deem worthy. Which I know will be few and far between, as people will always stick to their flocks which still survive on bestial primal instincts.

The whole idea today that being black is cool is horrfically disturbing, especially considering the fact that if your proud to be black you are praised to the ends of the earth, but the SECOND anyone is even just proud to be white you are persecuted as an ignorant and arrogant racist.

Pointless racism is a plague on everyones behalf especially considering that half the people that preach it think its trendy and have no idea what the rest of us are about.

Social Classes are everywhere and cannot be escaped, even the food chain is a social class of its own. Less genres to classify each individual seperate group to, but still a distinct difference in animals, including humans.

Every Single Entity is built for a different purpose every single life form has a part to play in the circle of life, people who think we are all exactly equal should be shot!!!

Dude - nothing wrong with a tenth generation Australian being proud of their Irish heritage but when issues of supremacy over 'lesser races' come into it and blatant calls for violence against people who believe in equality come into play - Fight dem back steps in.

I'm sure our resident Irish pride man, SharpenUP, will have plenty to say on this issue. Sharpie speaks a bit of Gaelic, attends his local Celtic games, drinks Kilkenny and takes a deep interest in Irish history and culture. Does he thereby hate other races by default? No he doesn't.

Fight dem back has been in contact with the ANU Student Union with relation to this event. Despite the fact that only the headline act of that gig is openly racist, we feel that the funds generated from such a venture will be funnelled back into racist causes.

Fight dem back feels that this gig should go ahead provided Baal Gadrial are struck from the bill and provided no profits from the venture find their way into Lailoken's pockets.

posted by Fightdemback @ 12:54 AM