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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hardly a mystery

Over the last couple of days, a number of interesting comments have emerged on this blog and on Darpism from someone calling themselves "Red Sea Pedestrian."

I told you that you will get what you deserve Mathew. It is not nice
to post peoples pics and personal information. What I told you was the
truth, but you decided not to believe me.

It is a pity the insurance will pay out, I was hoping the site would
go down due to lack of bandwidth till the end of the month as a little
lesson for you, but this is even better.

I guess the DOS will just have to be done again for this site and your
new server? Or will you reconsider about your current actions? Hmmm?
Red Sea Pedestrian | 09.02.05 - 6:18 am | #

Well, here's as close an admission as you'll get from the person who was behind one of the biggest acts of cyber-terrorism yet seen in Australasia. Hell, it was one of the biggest DoS attacks ever carried out in the world.

Who could this be?

Who has been telling me that I would get what I deserve?

From : Alex Fogerty
Sent : Tuesday, 23 August 2005 1:38:08 PM
To : Darp Hau
Subject : Re: Mathew's Personal Info

I never wanted to get involved, but YOU put me here, now, you want to know what will
happen to you? YOU will get what YOU deserve. I hope for your sake it will be painless.

As far as I am concerned, this conversation is over.

- Alex

Let's examine the first point. "It's not nice to post peoples pics and personal information."

No, it's not very nice is it.

This is why Fight dem back never opted for this route. We have never posted a person's private address, we have never posted pictures that weren't publicly available. Whenever various fash claimed that we did, we called upon them to back this claim up.

They never could.

Another interesting blog comment.

I see hypocrites everywhere here!

Mathew Henderson and Fight Dem Back (FDB) claim that any information
available to the public is free for him to post on his website, no
matter what may happen to that person he has targeted for the week.

The same logic was copied by a right-wing website and they posted
Fight Dem Back's IP address (which are all publicly available if you
know where to find it), and *someone* went and used that to DOS their

Before their website went down, they were in the middle of a smear
campaign against my person, how do people here have the nerve to claim
that FDB is there for the public good of "free speech" when FDB takes
emails out of context and posts them on their website
and not be able
to realise how they will be harmed by wackos our there? And now that
FDB is down, the first thing they did was to put up all that
information about myself on their temporary site. Tell me if that
doesn't seem like a terror campaign to you?

Also, what he claims before the emails, as you will see, is not what
you see inside the emails if you care to actually read them. My
comments are all based on previous posts by other members of my forum.

And while we are on the subject of anti-'Free Speech', does this
include all those times when Mathew and FDB phones up people at their
houses and harrasses them, phones their bosses and tries to get them
fired, makes death threats against them, and all because of their
political beliefs? Hmmm?

LeftyWatch was created to do the same thing back to FDB that has been
done to us for so long, now they will get a taste of their own
medicine. And I will STILL have no part of that, as I have said many
times to these left-wing morons.

And, lets talk about the legal side of things, firstly they illegally
accessed my server space under false pretenses to obtain those emails,
and secondly, the pictures that are on their website were taken by
myself, therefore they are MY intellectual property which they are
using on their website for their own revenue gathering use without
paying royalties. Yes, that's right, Fight Dem Back is listed on the
net as a COMPANY, not an organisation, and they have the ads to prove

Oh, one more thing; Axxs, you failed to note to the people here that
your customers were breaking the law, and by not shutting down the
website you are also liable, what happened to you is punishment for
your actions, or should I say, inactions. I am not sorry if your
business goes bankrupt since you hosted their terror campaign against
my person. Also, did you tell the people here about that filth called
Red Sea Pedestrian | 09.02.05 - 7:40 am | #

This IP traces to WhooshWireless in NZ and well, based on the information outlined above, we'd say it's a fairly open and shut case that Red Sea Pedestrian is Alex Fogerty.

So, let's run through this. We took his emails out of context? Emails that were on HIS server?

Well, no, they were on Yahoo's server pal and we really find it hard to understand how comments like these could play out any differently in ANY context:

Furthur more, I'd love to get rid of all Jews, Blacks, Gypsies,
Retards, and Social Degenerates. I would LOVE to have "genetic
cleansing". Arthur de Gobineau was right, mixing of races leads to the
downfall of ALL societies, Rome was a prime example! Note that
"genetic cleansing" does not mean killing ANYONE, it just means
removing them from your country by force or otherwise.

In my opinion, let the Sand Niggers do the dirty work, they can kill
millions of Jews and it is to be expected because of the hatred, where as if
I pulled a gun on one I would go to jail for what would seem like a life

We joined the ANN Yahoo group like anyone else would join it. YOU guys fucked up. Though we know it's a strong force of habit for all White Nationalists to blame others for their own inadequacies, don't pass the buck on this one.

Next point: Mathew phones up people, bosses, issues threats?

Can you prove any of this Alex? Last we saw, it was YOU issuing the threats saying that Mathew would "get what he deserved." You also emailed him a JPG of his address and map of his street. Let's not forget that is was YOU who said:

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2005-04-14 07:042005-04-13 21:04 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
New-Topics: Re: [Australian New Nation] The Real German Holocaust
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Darp is having a party!!!

What a tosser, someone should put a few bullets into the glass to give
him a scare which will also give him some time to think about cleaning
up his act while he cleans up the glass.

> As for Darp, I'm thinking a bullet would be too good for him, maybe
> take him out to the Australian desert and peg him there.
> - Alex

How much does murder go for these days? Maybe his “accident” should be by running into two well paid abos.


I would like to hang him high, not swear at him. Where does he live in
Sydney? He in the phone book?

He shames our good Kiwi name (LOL).

- Alex

You also just posted this on Stormfront:

Forum Member

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Location: New Zealand

Default Re: FDB down

Actually, the server was in California, they are full of ****. I did try to warn them about karma, due to them posting my photo and personal details, but they didn't listen =[

Website Title: Fight dem back!
IP Address:
IP Location: - California - San Diego - Serverbeach
Access per month average: 815,325 (1 Month) 877,088 (3 Month)
Website Status: Active [Well... it was... hahaha]

If you cannot figure out that last name, it's "Indymedia". Indymedia are a bunch of left wing journalists, a couple of them are friends of Mathew Henderson's and cost a friend of mine his job, them losing their hosting is fine by me.

Let's deal with this "personal details" business. YOUR NAME and pic. You're in politics dude. Your name is your name and if you blatantly put it out there for all to see (likewise with your Yahoo profile pic), well then it's fair game buddy. You want your pic down, claim copyright over it via the normal legal means we do with Benny.

The point being, DON'T think you can go around being a Nazi fuckhead all your life and not wind up a person of public interest because of your abhorrent views.

A friend of yours lost his job did he? How is that anything to do with Indymedia and FDB? Please explain this, we're all ears.

Should this friend of yours have used his workplace internet terminals to view and participate in hate sites, he'd really only have himself to blame right? I mean, there are stipulations into what is and what isn't appropriate material to view in the workplace. If this person doesn't read their employment contracts before they sign them, then it's their own stupid bloody fault is it not?

posted by Fightdemback @ 12:53 PM