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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Don't lie to us Alex II

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We will commence this post with an email received from Alex Fogerty on Monday evening.

From : Alex Fogerty
Sent : Monday, 29 August 2005 2:10:55 PM
To : Darp Hau
Subject : Server

So Mathew, after your excellent report on me, why has your server been
down for the past 6 hours? Hmmmm?

- Alex

Alex Fogerty, 19 of both Motueka and Wellington, New Zealand is a strange chap. By day, he runs his own IT business. By night, he gets up to god knows what.

Here is a quick rehash of that report we wrote on his activities.

Alex is the site admin for Australia New Nation (ANN). Nice that that fash have well and truly adapted to the Anzac spirit as well. He was also a very active participant in the ANN Yahoo Group that FDB disccovered back in June.

Alex's comments within this email group were fairly extreme, dangerous even. Publicly he always maintained a non-violent intellectual facade with emails such as this to FDB's Mat Henderson-Hau:

From : Alex Fogerty
Reply-To : Alex Fogerty
Sent : Sunday, 3 July 2005 9:02:16 AM
To : Darp Hau
Subject : Re: ANN Forum

Kill you? I hope not, no offence, but the last thing we need is
another fucking martyr, excuse my French. Not to mention the fact
someone would probably go to jail, if not many people, like in the
Mississippi burning case, and that will not help anyone.

Yet when he thought no-one was watching, Alex cut loose:

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2005-04-14 07:042005-04-13 21:04 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
New-Topics: Re: [Australian New Nation] The Real German Holocaust
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Darp is having a party!!!

What a tosser, someone should put a few bullets into the glass to give
him a scare which will also give him some time to think about cleaning
up his act while he cleans up the glass.

> As for Darp, I'm thinking a bullet would be too good for him, maybe
> take him out to the Australian desert and peg him there.
> - Alex

How much does murder go for these days? Maybe his “accident” should be by running into two well paid abos.


I would like to hang him high, not swear at him. Where does he live in
Sydney? He in the phone book?

He shames our good Kiwi name (LOL).

- Alex

Alex lies about a lot of things. When asked if he had any involvement with Ben Weerheym's Redwatch/Leftywatch campaign, he said the following.

From : Alex Fogerty
Reply-To : Alex Fogerty
Sent : Sunday, 3 July 2005 3:45:53 AM
To : Darp Hau
Subject : Re: ANN Forum

> Have you had ANYTHING to do with the train-wreck that will be Redwatch
> Downunder? Remember, there is a veritable invisible army of 20-25 volunteers
> working on this project but the closer it comes to fruition, the less anyone
> is willing to stick their hand up and declare their involvement.

I believe it's called Leftywatch due to the fact the name Redwatch is taken.

As for if I am going to participate, no, and I didn't plan on it, but
if you don't remove my picture from your forum I will definately be
helping out. My first target will be Lobo, I already have a nice
report on him, and this Balaclava guy, if he is as you say, he is
abusing the power that was entrusted onto him, and it would be my duty
as a government employee and citizen of New Zealand to have him put
behind bars for a very, very, long time.

But when no-one was watching, Alex was very much involved by helping to sort out the hosting arrangements!

Author: Alex Fogerty
Date: 2005-06-10 11:052005-06-10 01:05 +1000UTC
To: Austnewnation
Subject: Re: [Australian New Nation] Redwatch Downunder

I have a friend in Canada who can provide hosting that is in a data
vault, they can try and sue you, but the data cannot be removed as
it's in another country and you don't have to bow to local laws for
things out of your country.

- Alex

Tut tut Alex.

Of course, he really gets fired up, Alex will deliver a straight out threat more often that not:

From : Alex Fogerty
Sent : Tuesday, 23 August 2005 1:38:08 PM
To : Darp Hau
Subject : Re: Mathew's Personal Info

You want to know what will happen to you? YOU will get what YOU deserve. I hope for your sake it will be painless.

As far as I am concerned, this conversation is over.

- Alex

posted by Fightdemback @ 1:28 PM