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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Kerry Bolton versus Mrs I B of Fielding


The e-mail has been busy with people sending in responses to the Nazi Party graphic that Bolton has been using to illustrate posters and leaflets for his assorted "nationalist" groups. Thanks to all those who sent stuff in. One that we knew about was the Renaissance Press catalogue on the website of the National Socialist Movement (USA).

The NF says it bans Nazis from its ranks, but seems perfectly comfortable for a prominent member, who until recently was National Secretary, to use an openly Nazi organisation to promote his books. It's not like it is some old remnant of Kerry's dodgy past; the booklist has been updated in the last couple of months or so. For a start, the name "Kerry Bolton" has been removed from the Renaissance Press address, although the PO Box given is still the same as that used by the NF. Then there is the cute 'disclaimer', which says that the books are now there for students who can "exercise maturity and rational judgement". That counts the majority of NF members out then. It looks like all the Nazi, fascist, satanist and corporatist books
are all still there though. Hang on a minute, did someone say "corporatist"? That's right; when Bolton was National Secretary he claimed that the NF was opposed to a corporate State, but then he conitnues to sell books promoting the idea. He promoted the idea of the corporate State when he was running the Fascist Union too. It appears that with every group he is involved in he just recycles the same graphics, general ideas and flags, with some slight variations. Seems he is yet to make up his mind as to whether corporate is good or bad. These days when we hear the word 'corporate' we tend to associate it with 'Big Business'. The original idea of the Corporate State was a bit different though.

It originated with Mussolini's Fascists as their way of organising the economy. Instead of an elected parliament based on geographical location, legislative power was theoretically given over to a system of associations or guilds, known as corporations. Bosses, workers and Fascist party reps in each sector of the economy would cooperatively make plans for their own economic spheres and then sent representatives to a National Council of Corporations for final decision making.

Fascist propaganda proclaimed that this system would eliminate the class conflict associated with Communism while still retaining strong state control of the economy and would be more efficient than the selfish internationalism of free market capitalism. In practice it was only partly implemented, was heavily bureaucratic and chaotic, didn't lead to industrial growth and was an instrument that aided control by the bosses in league with the state.

One gem that arrived in the inbox was from across the Tasman, South Australia in fact. There's a website run by some tired old bigots called the Adelaide Institute. They say that their site " a REVISIONIST - DISSIDENT - HERETIC -WEBSITE not for the fainthearted!" Oooohhh! Dramatic! Their content seems to revolve around the fact that the Holocaust never happened and there is a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to destroy the unbelievers. I have a personal bee in my bonnet about the way the word 'Revisionist' has been appropriated by these people. It has a legitimate academic usage and meaning of somebody offering a new interpretation of events. The events themselves are not questioned as historical phenomenon, merely their meaning or significance or questions of degree. DENYING that the Holocaust took place is an etirely diferent thing. Now, anyone with even a passing interest in religion will know that of almost every religion in the world, there exists a faction (or many)
that want to destroy the unbelievers. According to Kerry and his mates, that is the only kind of Jew there is. Apparently this kind don't really exist.

It appears that Kerry discovered the internet a few years ago and began sending copies of his "Letters to the Editor" to the Adelaide Institute as well. He also seems to have a big chip on his shoulder about Jews, and about people who think that the Nazis and Hitler were bad. Check out his letters, they're really quite kooky.

First up we have a grumpy Bolton writing to the NZ Listener complaining that a tv programme showed Hitler as being a bad man. Why would anyone think that? Read it here.

Then there are the "Health Nazis". Poor Kerry got his Lederhosen in a knot when an MP used the term "Health Nazis" to describe people opposed to smoking. You see, the real olde-fashioned Nazis banned smoking in public places, thus saving lives from "the tobacco holocaust". One presumes that many lives were saved by such measures in Treblinka, Sobibor and Auschwitz. No lung cancer there, ay Kerry? Saddam Hussein provided his people with one of the best health care systems in the Middle East, but that didn't make him less of a tyrant. Are we expected to think the same of Hitler? Read about the "health nazis" and you decide.

The last of Kerry's pearls of wisdom is my favourite. It seems a letter Kerry wrote to the NZ Listener wasn't appreciated by an elderly lady Kerry identifies as "I B….[of] Feilding , New Zealand". She forwarded him a copy of her unpublished reply to Kerry's original letter, and it seems to have made something in Kerry's head become a little, shall we say, unhinged. Dear old "I B" was in the "woman’s’ section of the Royal Artillery". She didn't like the Blitz and other things the Nazis did. Kerry must have seen red and went off on a tirade that would make Kyle Chapman, king of the crazed rant, very proud indeed. It seems, by opposing Hitler, Mrs I B helped send the
world on a path of destruction that could have been avoided by simply allowing the Nazis to take over whatever countries they wanted. Short of demanding blood (or maybe a pound of flesh) poor, deprived Kerry demanded that the elderly lady "Give some manner of repentance, for your generation has cost my generation and others dearly". My heart bleeds for you Kerry, it really does. Read about it here

One could be forgiven for thinking that with all this vociferous defence of Hitler and the Third Reich, that Kerry may have some sort of sympathy or direct support for Nazism. But of course, that sort of thinking isn't allowed in the National Front because they have nothing to do with fascism, do they?

A young Kerry Bolton looks disaffected when he begins to realise that the likes of Mrs I B of Fielding has cost him dearly. Photo from The Dominion, 2/3/1977

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