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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


For all the Fight Dem Back members who have checked back here to see what is happening with the main site and the forum. If the site(s) are NOT up and running as per normal, then YEEEEEEEEEEEP, we've suffered another DDOS attack.

And who is it exactlty that keeps harping on about their free speech being stifled?

Things are back up and running but veeeery slow as the fash are STILL flooding our server with requests. Do your worst boneheads.

We'll be mirroring the main site here until the problem is fixed.

Welcome to Fight Dem Back.

After many years of dormancy, 2004/05 has seen a drastic upsurge in the activity of race-hate groups in both Australia and New Zealand.

In Western Australia, Jack Van Tongeren and his associated Australian Nationalist Movement thugs embarked on a massive campaign of racial violence and vandalism. A campaign which saw a number of their members put behind bars.

In New Zealand, the National Front gathered the dregs from ten years of racialist inactivity and united them under the one banner. As expected, the re-emergence of Kerry Bolton and his head bovver boy, Kyle Chapman also coincided with physical assaults on refugees and on Maori cultural symbols.

In Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, the notorious Jim Saleam was back to his old tricks with a new group of impressionable youth under his wing, the Patriotic Youth League. Re-hashed National Action stickers and posters began popping up and in Newcastle at-least, physical assaults on international students followed.

This upsurge in activity also encouraged the smaller fringe groups like the White Pride Coalition of Australia and the New Zealand Nazi Militia to rear their heads up.

All was looking good for the racists until a dedicated group of activists from both New Zealand and Australia came together to fight dem back!.

In part, we have 'the fash' to thank for fostering our trans-Tasman cooperation as a cornerstone of recent racist activity was the unification of Aussie and Kiwi nationalist groups:


Of course, the main thrust of our trans-Tasman unity can be found within the Anzac spirit. We take inspiration from our forebears who fought side-by-side against the scourge of Nazism and seek to honour their memory by fighting back against the modern day adherents of this poisonous ideology.

Hollow words these are not. Twelve months of campaigning from FDB members and associates has yielded some outstanding results:

A large part of our success lies in scratching the surface of any 'nationalist' and 'patriotic' group and revealing the hardcore racist within.

There are some on the racist-right who contend that Fight dem back! is a campaign against free speech. We fully accept that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, but one that shouldn't be abused. If you argue that you should be allowed the freedom of speech to promote policies that deny that very same right on the basis of skin colour or nationality, then actually no, we don't believe you have a legitimate complaint when your posters are torn down and your meetings picketed.

FDB comprises people from many cultural and political backgrounds. We are a melange of various left-leaning groups, religious and cultural groups, unions, mums, sons, dads and daughters.

We are brought together by the strong belief that all people, regardless of race, religion or creed, are created equal and by our uniform opposition to all groups who would seek to propagate racial hate and division.

Our members reflect the intrinsic benefits of multicultural understanding and tolerance. We are Muslim, Jew and Christian; Anglo, Asian, and African; blackfella and whitefella; Maori and Pakeha; Aussie and Kiwi --- together.

posted by Fightdemback @ 2:23 AM