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Monday, April 25, 2005

Newcastle Synagoge Vandalism - who is to blame?


From YNET.

Synagogue desecrated in Australia.

Newcastle, Australia synagogue spray-painted with swastikas, Nazi references such as‘Hitler was 'ere,’ ‘Jews must die’ and ‘Six million more’

A synagogue in Newcastle, Australia was desecrated, as seven windows were smashed and anti - Jewish slogans, including “Hitler was 'ere," and "Jews must die," were spray-painted on the building’s walls, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The graffiti included a crossed-out Star of David and "88", neo-Nazi code for "Heil Hitler."

The racist taunts were painted on the wooden doors and brick walls of the Tyrrell Street synagogue, which has about 30 people in its congregation.

Police said the attack occurred on Wednesday night, which would have been Adolf Hitler's 116th birthday, and only a few days before Pesach.

Synagogue President David Gubbay said he had received a message of condolence from Michael Malone, Catholic Bishop of Maitland-Newcastle.

"It was very kind for the bishop to call up," Mr Gubbay told The Herald Saturday. "We were hoping to have all the mess cleaned up today but, because it's the Sabbath, we didn't want to have any work done so we thought we'd wait until tomorrow."

Neighbours told police they heard glass smashing about 2.15 a.m., then saw two young men run along the street.

A number of anti-semitic incidents, as well as attacks on local Muslims, have occurred in Australia in the past few years. Lasty July anti-Semitic slogans were spray-painted on a synagogue in Perth, and a number of other buildings were vandalized as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald also followed this story but both of these online articles have failed to mention the fact that stickers belonging to the White Pride Coalition of Australia were left at the scene (as reported by Gabriel Fowler in the Newcastle Herald).

This poses a number of questions. Firstly, were the two men seen running from the scene of the crime actual members of the WPCA and if so, how freaking stupid can they have been to have left their calling card behind?

The WPCA is crying "fix", claiming that none of their members WOULD be stupid enough to incriminate themselves. It must be noted that Ben Weerheym is a WPCA member and has repeatedly shown himself to be rather foolhardy when it comes to Synagogue desecrations. Ben is in Perth however and obviously didn't have anything to do with this.


I bring up geographical proximity as our second issue because many in the WPCA are now falling back on the excuse that they don't have any members in Newcastle (which, to my knowledge, is reasonably true). Instead, a number of their members have chosen to cast aspersions on Jim Saleam's youth group The Patriotic Youth League.

True, the league is based primarily in Newcastle where their leader Stuart McBeth is still smarting over the Salvation Army's decision to sack him "for being white". See "Political Victim or Common Thief" for another viewpoint as to why he may have been dismissed from his job.

The WPCA mob are not on friendly terms with Jim Saleam and the PYL so it's natural for them to mutter suspicions in the direction of the Newcastle locals.

Fight Dem Back is keeping an open mind on this issue. There is a chance that we are simply dealing with a couple of rogue elements who printed off their own stickers and decided to commemorate Hitler's birthday with their own private Kristalnacht. There is a chance that the WPCA haven't been entirely honest in this matter and there is also the chance that certain "local" White Nationalist elements wanted to have a big night out without copping the blame. I mean, ANYTHING of a semi-racial nature goes down in Newcastle and it's the PYL who cop the rap.

All scenarios are valid.

Oh, there's one more we have to look at which isn't so valid, and that is the WPCA suspecting Fight Dem Back of committing this act of vandalism as a means of "setting up" the "true hard men" of the Australian Nationalist scene.

Don't worry, by tomorrow they'll be claiming that "the Jooos" did it themselves.

posted by Fightdemback @ 8:34 PM