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Friday, April 29, 2005

More from 'ACE' Rimmer.

More mail from Brendon Rimmer, the NF Youth Officer:

From :Brendon Rimmer
Sent :Thursday, 28 April 2005 9:22:00 AM
To :

The New Zealand Nazi Militia started a a few months after my 18th birthday almost 20 now would make it a year and a half or just under since i havent been a "facist" Im not denying anything either sure i USED to be a "NEO nazi" but people mature over time there darp well some of us aye

Yes, Brendon is very mature. I'm sure he has matured in leaps and bounds in the 12 months since this photo was taken. What a perfect 'YOOF' representative!

Image hosted by

The issue is NOT when his NZ Nazi militia STARTED, it's when it ended. Actually, that isn't the issue either. The only issue is WILL the new "Nazi Free" NZNF tolerate this person as their Youth Officer?

He does seem quite intent on claiming that he isn't a Nazi anymore and living in Taupo, a town with a high Maori population, who can blame him?

So Brendon, other than simply telling us that "you have changed" and are no longer a neo-Nazi, would you care to extrapolate on a some of these drastic changes that have occured in the last twelve months?

Don't just give us "I'm not a Nazi anymore, you'll just have to take my word for it", give us the nuts and bolts of your ideological stance as a neo-Nazi and explain how that has changed now that you are a member of the "non-Nazi" National Front.

Remember, insofar as Fight Dem Back views it; people holding onto the core beliefs of Nazism, ARE Nazis, whether they actively sport a swastika or not.

posted by Fightdemback @ 12:37 PM