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Friday, April 29, 2005

Jason Molloy - counter-intelligence specialist.



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About two weeks back, Jason Molloy (New Zealand National Front Webmaster, Head of "Intelligence", and Internationally Renowned Cage Fighter) began commenting on Darpism. He posted from a number of different IP's but the most common one was Presumably from his favourite "IPlay" net cafe on Queen Street, Auckland.

For, as the French would say, le example:

I'm part Italian you steaming pile of shit, watch your mouth. As for the rant by Banana, you probably don't know this, but hitler wrote two books, painted 12 award winning paintings (most are currently in a private collection worth $800 million) and designed many beautiful buildings still featured in Germany today.
Molloy | 04.18.05 - 5:18 am | IP:

Last week, someone claiming to be a "Peter Wolfwitz" emailed me from this exact same IP address. J'Accuse!

To set the scene: Jason Molloy fled the recent NF/Blood and Honour/Deaths Head gig in Wellington crying manly Aryan tears, after he was held down by some of the older lads who strategically shaved half his head off. Well, half of the hair ON his head at any rate.

This is how "Peter Wolfwitz" (Molloy) explained the situation:

From : Peter Wolfwitz
Sent : Friday, 22 April 2005 7:21:42 AM
To :
Subject : info about that cunt molloy

X-Originating-IP: []
X-Originating-Email: []

Just a note to say that the little "episode" with molloy storming out of the Satans Slaves was in response to him hearing anarchist informants were parked outside, I heard from a sharp skin inside that he was in the process of having his head shaved when he had someone from the satans slaves run up and tell him there was a white van with tinted windows outside, and he ran outside or something, I saw his buddies jump over the back fence and I think they followed some guys in the white van with tinted windows. I saw him later with a camera taking pictures of somone else down the block, I then saw him come back 20 minutes later in different clothes and a fully shaved head, and he was taking photos of cars and writing down numberplates.

The same informant was with him earlier in the day, around at perrys place, and he said molloy was sitting outside taking pictures and writing down notes of the same van and a couple of other cars as they drove past, he also told me that molloy and a couple of hammerskins and a guy from the satans slaves went into town earlier on a "recon" mission, he asked him what they did and he said that "We have Mat Henderson and his little informants under control". Later the next day he was heard laughing over the fact that he walked right past the van and sat across the street taking pictures and nobody had the balls to approach him.

(Darp & Cam: HA FUCKING HA!)

I don't know what the fuck that van and your other guys were doing, it's not my place to know, I'm just an anarchist in wellington working independantly with a couple of sharp skins and shit like that. I can provide u with info if you want.

let me know,

Peter Wolfwitz.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Nup, Jase didn't leave the gig in tears with half his head shaved. He was IN THE PROCESS of having his head shaved when someone sounded the horn of Valhalla and called him to action against the hated reds!

"Step back, you scurvy dogs," he no doubt exclaimed, brandishing his battle-axe menacingly, "2005 is the year of the Nationalist! We shall triumph over you, for our hearts are pure, and filled with ancient pride."

It is unclear whether Molloy then spat at the ground in disgust, before despatching his enemies with some very White and certainly not Asian martial arts moves.

Oh! But it gets better. Having matched the IP's, we felt it was only appropriate to tow young 'Wolfwitz' along for a while. You know, "Yes, we want info, gimme gimme gimme and we will let you into our secret forum."

He PM'd me on FDB:

Is this Mat?

I popped you an email the other day, now I'm working with Robert Trigan to bring the fuckers down! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling in NZ now, it's been a long time coming.


Info boy! We want names names names!

Shit man, I'm not God, I like to probe for information every now and again. I'm a Uni student so I don't get all that much spare time to do anti-fa stuff, mostly when there is something big going down, but my list goes something like this:

David Roycroft (from the pictures I've seen of him, he matched the description)

Perry Adank from the Hammerskins (He arrived in a white van with 7-8 other skinheads)

One of the skinheads that arrived with Perry works at a place called Pheonix Tattoos in Nelson, I don't know his name. He is a big skin with an iron cross tattood on his throat.

Jason Molloy (He arrived in a shitty yellow car)

Ross Baumgarten aka Fizx (Arrived with Molloy)

Some other blonde guy arrived with Ross and Molloy, I have no idea who it was but I took his photo

A National Front member from Hawkes Bay named Andy, a big fat guy.

Another NF member from the Wellington cell, he was in town earlier in the day. (the guy with the hat & flag in this picture from stormfront:

Cody (mazara) from Wellington Hammerskins.

Thats about it, I have more photographs, but I have some difficulty matching names to faces at the moment. I'll have more info as time progresses.

As I said, I'll do my best to provide you with info, hopefully I'll come across some good stuff with time.



We passed him onto Rob Trigan who sent him this:

>From: Robert Trigan
>Reply-To: Robert Trigan
>Subject: Anti-NF stuff
>Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 15:17:37 +1200
>Hi Peter,
>I got your contact details from Darp, who said I should get in touch
>with you. Did you see the Sunday Star Times today? Looks like we
>really fucked them over HARD with that RSA article!
>Dunno if you've heard about the NF demo in Wellington yesterday - they
>think we didn't know about it, but we were there the whole time
>watching from a distance and got some good photos. We've now got a
>whole lot of info about them, which is great. Have you got any good
>info for us? We should really share what we know, it makes more sense
>that we all work together.
>Be in touch,
>Robert Trigan

Peter, (ahem) Molloy's reply:

From: Peter Wolfwitz
Date: Apr 25, 2005 1:12 PM
Subject: RE: Anti-NF stuff

Hi Robert,

It's good to hear others are fighting the facists back. I've been doing a
lot of freelance work, taking photographs, crawling through Stormfront, and
shit like that. I saw the Sunday star times article, good stuff! We made
them look like total retards, especially with that "yellow scum" quote. We
should be carefull though, I know several NF boneheads are members of the
RSA, and they could use their influence against us.

I heard about the wellington protest, but I was out of town. Who attended
it? Us anti-fa's really need better methods of sharing information, do we
have guys inside the NF feeding info to you? I have a SHARP inside the
hammerskins he was an old school mate and introduced me to the world of
anti-fa. He knows a few guys from the NF, and we are working together to
bring them down. Hopefully we can share info with you guys and vice versa.


Peter Wolfwitz.

Trigan again:

>From: Robert Trigan
>Reply-To: Robert Trigan
>To: Peter Wolfwitz
>Subject: Re: Anti-NF stuff
>Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 18:48:13 +1200
>Hey Peter,
>Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been bogged down at work (I'm
>a lawyer, and things get pretty heavy here sometimes). Yeah, we've got
>a couple of people inside the NF. They feed us pretty good & constant
>information, which makes things a lot easier for us, for sure.
>In regards to a couple of things you mentioned - which NF members are
>also in the RSA? Names and locations would be great.
>Also, would you be able to send me any decent photos you have, along
>with any names of people in them that you know? The more we have, the
>better it is.
>Keep up the good work,


From: Peter Wolfwitz
Date: Apr 27, 2005 5:42 PM
Subject: Re: Anti-NF stuff

Cheers for your reply,

I'm rather busy myself, but I try to keep up to date on the NF's movements
in my region (I'm in auckland). The guy in the RSA is the Auckland area rep
Steve Jardin, my sources tell me he served in the army for several years. If
you know any anti-facists up my way or any guys in my region that have
infiltrated the NF, let me know, I'm keen to shave my head and work
alongside them. I've got a couple of good cameras so I'll be sure to stake
out their next protest and get as many details as possible.



Really? We'll be checking up on Steve's military record. Several years you say? Regular army or SAS?

Anyway, Wolfwitz obviously realised the game was up with our last email and has outed himself on the FDB forum. Outed himself dramatically, actually! Seriously, check it out. It's got everything you could hope for and more... Will we throw in some steak knives? Who knows? Such tension...

You punks are so narrow minded, I have written a number of articles for Solar General and National Vanguard. (Under a number of aliases)

Yeah I'm Molloy, and this forum is totaly pathetic.

Henderson, you wouldn't know shit even if your mouth was full of it.
Anti-Facist Activists forward march! (Into a wall of bullets)

Oh my... Does somebody need a chull pull?

Some intelligence officer. Here's a tip, try and pick a less sus name. I mean 'Wolfwitz'. Pffffft

This just in from the inner sanctum of the top secret NF forum that no one knows about:



Another tip; when trying to infiltrate 'the enimy', the idea is to feed them believable DISINFORMATION. Looks like a few chaps are quite pissed over Molloy's loose lips, sinking their proverbial ship.


Um... could this keep on getting any better? I think it could!

From : Peter Wolfwitz
Sent : Saturday, 30 April 2005 7:14:02 AM
To :
Subject : RE: info about that cunt molloy

I blew my cover on purpose Mat Henderson, in order to show you that your movements are not going un-monitored. The real question is, Mat, how many proxies and aliases am I hiding behind... And how many people am I working with. Woulden't you love to know. And to think, you still don't know my real name! Hah. I kind of like the name Jason, I might even take it up!

Don't trust anyone Mat, even your best friends. We have plenty of people inside your movement, we know your every move.

If you want my honest opinion, I think you should invest in some Kevlar & bulletproof glass, oh wait, you did that already.

We at Fight Dem Back were very wrong to ever underestimate Molloy... This powerfully built Aryan man has outsmarted us all... or has he?

Here's one alias of Molloy's that we know about. Oh, Killer... Nine kills... AND TWENTY ONE DEATHS?

Later the next day he was heard laughing over the fact that he walked right past the van and sat across the street taking pictures and nobody had the balls to approach him.

There's your problem, man... Laughter gives away your position!


Okay, so think of a cute little puppy. Now think of a cute little puppy that's fallen into a big puddle... it staggers out, and it's sodding wet, and it looks up at you with it's pathetic little puppy dog eyes. Pretty pathetic, eh bro?


You haven't even seen pathetic! Patheticnessativity, to you, is an unfamiliar concept.

This is pathetic.

From : Angel Of______
Sent : Tuesday, 3 May 2005 12:59:41 PM
To :
Subject : _______XX

Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft

I No Who U R I No Where U live U will suffer As God Is My Witness I will Be
UR Sweet Avenging Angel And Take U into The Deep

In Jason's defence, at least he's cottoned on to the idea that he can't keep on using iPlay computers to send anonymous death threats.

If only he'd read the terms and conditions of his chosen IP Bouncer!

Watch and learn, large-eyed dripping canines of the world! This is how it's done.

posted by Fightdemback @ 5:43 PM