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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Old Nazis never die - they just deny.


This section will be added to when we move to the "official" FDB site. These three oldies are but a sample of some of the post-baby boomer lunacy that pervades the White Nationalist movement.

Jim Saleam.

Image hosted by

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We at Fight Dem Back do not want to besmirch the good name of Dr. James Saleam, 49, of Marrickville, Sydney.

We don't want to cast aspersions on his good character.


Unfortunately, we must, as he's a bit of a nut, really, and you can't trust a word that comes out of his mouth.


"Not exactly boy scouts..."

James Saleam joined the Australian National Socialist Party in the early 70s. The ANSP were friendly lads, who would often help old ladies across the road, and sell cookies door-to-door.

Well, they would have liked to, but it was hard to find the time what with all of the ANSP's other activities, which included:

Dressing up in full Nazi gear.
Assaulting anti-war and anti-apartheid demonstrators.
Stockpiling weapons (for the race war).
Desecrating synagogues.
And a wide variety of other such fun, fulfilling activites. While it's believed that the ANSP was behind the April 20, 1972 (Hitler's Birthday) bombing of the Brisbane office of the Australian Communist Party, what is known for a fact is that Jim Saleam was behind the firebombing of a left-wing Brisbane bookshop. He was arrested and found guilty in 1974.

In the mid-70s, Saleam grew tired of sunny Brisbane, and moved down south, enrolling in Sydney University.

In 1977, he founded the Australian National Alliance, the policies of which included the permanent reintroduction of the White Australia Policy. In 1978, the group pre-emptively announced that the "enemies of Australian Nationalism['s] days [are] numbered."

"The time for hesitation is through."

On ANZAC Day, 1982, Saleam found National Action, bringing together a number of small pro-nazi groups and religious sects into one big, happy family.

Under Saleam's guidance, National Action toned down the overt nazism (which Saleam recognised as being a barrier to gaining political credibility) and focused instead on the perceived "Asian Invasion," a brand of racism that was acceptable to a far greater audience.

The Jim Saleam Guide To Politics:
1. Don't mention that you worship Hitler.

And boy, did National Action live up to it's name. It was nation-wide, and by jove, was there ever some ACTION!

1983 was a pretty quiet year for NA... their stormtrooper squad, "The Sons of Kokoda" spent their evenings intimidating and assaulting Asian students and anti-racist activists, but it wasn't until 1984 that they really got into the swing of things.


Beat and hospitalised an anti-racist UNSW student leader.

Attacked the offices of Greenpeace and the Movement Against Uranium Mining, Community Aid Abroad, the Socialist Workers Party, Bob Gould's Pitt St Bookshop, and the Maoist East Wind Bookshop, to name a few.

...And threw bricks and firebombs through the windows of anti-apartheid activists Meredith Burgmann and John Brink respectively.

Things quieted down for National Action for a little while after that, until 1987, when they got back to their fire-bombing tricks in Adelaide. Jim Saleam's attentions were directed elsewhere, however... In 1987 he was convicted and jailed for insurance fraud.

But he was back on the streets in 1989, and he wasn't happy with Sydney African National Congress rep Eddie Funde. In January 89, Saleam supplied two NA members with a shotgun and some liquor (to shoot at Eddie and to calm their nerves, respectively) and sent them over to Funde's house, where Funde and his children were sleeping. The boys fired a few rounds at the house, and Saleam went down for 3 1/2 years in 1991 for possessing a firearm and organising the attack.

"I'm just here to get my baby out of jail."

But when the Doctor got out... he had changed!

The New Jim Saleam Guide to Politics:
1. Don't mention that you worship Hitler
2. Don't have such an overt army of violent thugs who go around trying to kill people - it doesn't win you votes.

To this end, Saleam joined the Australia First party. Founded in 1996 by disendorsed ALP member Graeme Campbell, Australia First would be a serious political party. Campbell could see that there were a number of voters who were disenchanted with the Labor and Liberal parties policies on such things as immigration and Aboriginal land rights... What he didn't see was One Nation. Australia First was absolutely trounced by Pauline Hanson at the 1998 Federal Elections.

Saleam has run as a candidate in local elections for Australia First, and insists he is a changed man: "I still believe in extra-parliamentary politics," he said in 2004, "but maybe the way I do it should be more akin to the way the Greens do it, rather than the more swashbuckling days of National Action, which was a contentious organisation."

These extra-parliamentary politics include putting up anti-multiculturalism posters in some of the more diverse parts of Sydney... written in Greek.

But at least he isn't organising goon squads to beat the daylights out of international students, right?

Enter the Patriotic Youth League.

Founded in late 2002 by Stuart McBeth, the youth wing of Australia First has been heavily mentored by Saleam... Especially in regards to the first rule of Saleamist Politics: Don't overtly worship Hitler.

Unfortunately, he hasn't taught them the second rule quite as well.

Sticker campaigns warning students at Newcastle University that they would contract AIDs if they slept with foriegn students, and that international students took university places from Australians, coinicided with a number of racially motivated verbal and physical attacks on international students.

One Kenyan students was badly beaten and it is believed that PYL members were behind the attack. Naturally, the PYL denies all involvement, though Victorian representative Luke Connors admitted that the student had been "outspoken againsts us from the start" and that similar attacks could occur at other places where the PYL set up.

While Saleam was obviously not physically responsible for these attacks, it is worrying that a man with a history such as his is in such a position of influence over a group of skinheads. Whether he be sending NA goons after his political enemies, or sending his son to the Marrickville Easter Parade dressed as a confederate soldier, it's been proven time and time again: Jim Saleam + Impressionable Youth = Trouble.

Of course, this is just a realistic and honest look at the political career of Dr. Jim Saleam... others see him differently:

James James, Dr. James Saleam (ala James James, Morrison Morrison by A.A. Milne)
Douglas Robertson, 2004

James James, Dr. James Saleam
was a radical nationalist man
He was determined to save Australia,
and developed a marvellous plan

James James wrote many papers
and published them all on the net
He hosted the Sydney Forum
and spoke to all that he met

James James was a great patriot,
though his enemies thought him the worst
He called together the Nationalists,
saying "We must put Australia first!"

James James, Dr. James Saleam,
commonly known as Jim,
searched everywhere for some good folk
and asked them to listen to him

James James said to the Nationalists
"We're fighting for our country and kin.
Now be prepared, and strengthen your will,
for when we go fight, we must win!"

How can we stay mad at you, Jim, with fly rhymes such as these?

By Dr Cam Sexenheimer.
Kerry Bolton.

Image hosted by

Kerry Bolton: A nut, or just a misunderstood Mormon/Satanist/Neo-nazi?

Born in 1956 and educated at Hutt Valley Technical College, Lower Hutt, (i.e. about
30mins north of Wellington) Kerry currently resides inParaparaumu, 30mins from Wellington on the coast.

His current partner, Kathy Thomson, is also involved in the NF and has attended at least 2 of their demos.

Previous Affilitations

Joined the National Socialist Party at aged 14

1975 Involved with NZ Democratic Nationalist Party (produced manifesto opposing overseas aid, communism, liberalisation of homosexual laws etc)

1977 North Island Director of National Front (wrote letters to media supporting Pinochet Dictatorship in Chile. Tried to infiltrate the National Party but was
found out before able to cause any trouble)

1980 Founded the Church of Odin. Left it after it wasn't doing what he had hoped.(N.B: He has also been a Mormon in the past and claims to be a Christian as
of 2004)

1981 Founded 'New Force', designed with a tight cell structure. Stood a candidate by the name of Zandbergen in the Western Hutt electorate and got a pathetic 30 votes.

Produced 'Nationalist News' with a pro-apartheid stance right in the middle of the Springbok Tour protests!

1983 New Force changed name to Nationalist Workers Party. Produced manifesto for election in 1984 with very Nazi looking bare chested blond worker smashing
chains on cover. Manifesto called for a hard line against Polynesians to avoid "...the further bastardisation of the white New Zealander".

Expelled overtly Nazi skinhead faction and extreme free marketeers from a cult-like group called Zenith Applied Philosophy (ZAP) who had been inside NWP. Had
a hui/meeting with Mana Motuhake (I.e. Maori nationalist party) that got them nowhere.

1990 Produced magazine 'The Realist' billed as 'Journal of the Faustian Society' with a symbol on cover of pentagram, sword and snake. Contained Holocaust denial articles, articles by British Nazi-Satanist David Myatt and bastardised Social Darwinism etc.

1998 Joined The NZ Fascist Union. Bolton tried to link Fascism to socialists such as Labour M.P. John A Lee in 1940's (N.B: Something he did again in April 2005
in a leaflet written for the NF). NZFU propaganda also portrayed ex Labour Prime Minister (and later head of World Trade Org) Mike Moore as a Jewish Communist!

Produced magazine 'The Nexus' which contained adverts for Waffen SS patches, advert for Australian Occult Nazi Metal band 'Spear of Longinus', reviews of international Nazi mags, anti-Jewish articles, obituaries for Nazi general Otto Remer and Satanist La Vey etc.

Used name 'National Destiny' for one man organization affiliated with international alliance called 'Liason Committee for Revolutionary Nationalism (LCRN). This
was an alliance of groups who take a pseudo-left Strasserite position.

Produced extensive book catalogue of Fascist and occult-Nazi material using imprint of 'Renaissance Press'. Catalogue included stuff by Goebbels, Streicher, Leese, Mosley, Myatt, Evola etc. The catalogue is carried internationally by others such as
the National Socialist Movement in U.S.A.

1999 Established 'NZ Workers Front' a National Syndicalist group with Strasserite outlook. Used a sword and hammer symbol taken directly from 'The Black
Front' which was the organisation Strasser set up when he broke from Hitler. (N.B: Flags with this symbol were still being used on NF sponsored demos as
recently as 2004)

2000 Produced a pamphlet called 'From The Right' under imprint of 'Spectrum Press'. Has hilarious back page refers to himself in the 3rd person and includes
this disclaimer: "The author is described by the Security Intelligence Service as 'a danger to international relations and/or national security' ".

2002 Produced magazine 'NZ Examiner' with all the usual stuff.

Produced another unintentionally funny pamphlet by Spectrum Press called 'Useful Idiots of the New World Order' which claims there has been an anti family
conspiracy begining with Plato (!) and including the Illuminati, the Fabians and Bolsheviks.

The best bit?

" is shown that the super-rich have funded
the promotion of abstract art" [shock, horror eh?!]

2003 Associated with Australian holocaust deniers
'Adelaide Institute'.

Wrote letters to 'NZ Listener' defending the Nazi regime on the basis of its legislation opposing creulty to animals because "...the Third Reich...legislated on
the manner by which crabs and lobsters were to be boiled to minimise suffering". He also wrote similar letters defending their health policies banning smoking in
public. [nothing about killing disabled people or 'smoking' Jews!]

Wrote 'Renaissance Press' pamphlet 'Portraits & Principles of World Fascism' praising the various movements (including Stephenson's Australia First Movement) as having a "...heroic ethos...".

Tried to infiltrate Anti-Gulf War demos using front name 'Anti-Zionist Alliance'

2004, still listed info for Bolton's Satanic organisations Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, The Black Order and The Order of the Left Hand Path.

2004 Joined NZ National Front as National Secretary

Current affiliations.

2005 Briefly changed from National Secretary to Information Director following internal disputes. Currently holds no official positions but retains
membership and is active on demos etc.

Kerry Bolton Trivia: Impress your Friends! Delight your Party Guests!

Kerry has a half Maori son from a previous relationship.A photo of the two together, wearing full satanic garb, featured in an old Satanist magazine..

In terms of ideology he has been very consistent in promoting the same favourites regardless of whether he is being openly Nazi, supposedly conservative or
a bleeding-heart lefty. He is into Spengler, Evola and Yockey.

Spengler might still be known in wider circles but the other two are a bit esoteric. Spengler criticised the Nazis FROM THE RIGHT! Bolton often adopts Spenglers
jargon and terminology.

Evola was into mystical stuff and Hinduism. He wanted to turn things back to ancient times when there was a hierachical warrior leading caste society. He looked
down on the Nazis for their use of the lower orders.

Yockey wrote a very big and boring book dedicated to Hitler and lead an interesting life associating with Post-war Nazis.

Compiled by Dr Cam Sexenheimer and Barrie Sergeant.

David Palmer.(pics coming)

David Palmer, a 65 year old nazi memorabilia salesman from Sydney, seeks constant attention.

He loves nothing more than to make the papers or even the picture tube, and believes himself to be at the fore of the Australian white supremacist movement.

To this end, whenever the limelight begins to fade, he founds another group.

In his own words: "I'm the fuhrer of the Australian National Socialist Defence of Aryan People Movement (NSDAP) ... [the] Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Australian Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. I'm also a qualified chef de cuisine."

He's also the fuhrer of the Australian Strikeforce Guards for Aryan Resistance and Defence (ASGARD) and vice president of the Australian branch of the British Israel World Federation.

During the 80s, Palmer was involved with National Action, but quit the group after a falling-out with Jim Saleam.

On the 20th of April, 1990 (the anniversary of Hitler's birthday) Palmer started NSDAP.

NSDAP have maintained a small following - including such people as Peter Coleman (founder of another, more Christian-centric, Australian brand of the KKK), Ross "The Skull" May and fellow military dealer Robert Keith Leys.

NSDAP remains a small group, though it has tried to increase it's size through it's "AIDS-free breeding facility for women desiring impregnation by young Aryan men."

It can be assumed that this has been an ineffective campaign.

"The KKK took my baby away."

As already mentioned, Palmer loves nothing more than getting his face in the paper, so when the Australian media went KKKrazy in 1999, David was quick to jump on the bandwagon.

In June 1999, Palmer founded the Australian Knights of the KKK and declared himself Imperial Wizard.

He claims to have a number of chapters (or Klaverns) around the country, including one in Melbourne, one in Wollongong, three in Sydney and a further three in Queensland.

In mid-1999, Palmer also claimed that a number of KKK members held official positions within the One Nation party, and further operatives still had infiltrated the ranks of the two major parties.

While Palmer maintains that his KKK is an "invisible empire" there is little evidence of such a vast network, nor is there evidence that Palmer had any success infiltrating any mainstream party.

That said, it is confirmed that he some success infiltrating One Nation, with a member being ejected in early June 99, NSDAP member Robert Leys (although he late disassociated himself with the KKK, claiming to be a member of the WCOTC - this contradicts statements made to the Age, in which both he and Palmer claimed he was a Grand Titan of the KKKK)

Peter Coleman (an NSDAP member and founder of a more Christian-centric Australian KKK) was also expelled.

ASGARD and the British Israel World Federation.

Despite its awesome acronym, ASGARD is just a name... no meetings, no members who aren't also in NSDAP or the KKK... Being the president of such a fiction is merely an attempt to claw one's way back into the limelight.

The BIWF lives in a similar never-never land - an anti-semitic bookstore at the most, with no meetings and no real members.


Palmer lives in a fantasy-world - a sad old man assocciating with other sad old men and some confused transient youth... to watch them prancing about in SS outfits and white sheets would be to inspire pity, yet Palmer is still potentially dangerous. Asked by A Current Affair what he would do if his daughter was to marry a non-Aryan, he replied: "...I'd do more than just disown her. I'd do whatever is physically necessary to restrain her, lock her up, kidnap her...even kill the other person who is trying to contaminate our gene pool."

Posts on Stormfront as Daevid88:

By Dr Cam Sexenheimer.

posted by Fightdemback @ 8:00 AM