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Monday, November 01, 2004

Whatever happened to the ANM?

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Jack Van Tongeren (far right, ironically enough) in more free, less "surrounded by prison guards" times.

Thankfully, most of the people involved with Jack Van Tongeren's Australian Nationalist Movment are now safely locked up where they belong.

One chap that managed to escape the proverbial noose and is now back on the rampage, is Ben Weerheym.

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Who is this geezer?

That's one of Jack Van Tongeren's most loyal acolytes and world renowned Duke Nukem lookalike - Ben Weerheym (AKA Thor Hammered/Aussie Patriot). He stops by here every now and again and fires off a bit of racial abuse:

Darp, how dare you even dare to think about Claire Forlani in a sexual nature. She is a great example of true aryan beauty and something that mongrel Maori Jews should never infect with their disgusting misegenation.

If you are so proud of who you are, go for your own type and keep the hell away from our beautiful women.

you polluted mongrel pig

Forlani - half Italian dipshit. Woulda thought the name would have given that away. Last I checked those people that the white racialist commonly refers to as "wogs, wops, spics and dagoes" weren't deemed as being "Aryan".

See the follow-up comments on that thread for clarification of my own racial lineage. I'm loathe to challenge it really, there's something kinda Hebrew Hammer meets (the redeemed) Jake the Muss about it.

I'm saving all the good Benny boy gossip for Fight Dem Back but I thought my Kiwi readers would love to know what happened to Ben's accomplice from last July's Perth Synagogue Attacks.

Why would the Kiwis want to know about the goings on in WA? Well, Benny boy made a regular habit of invading the Kiwi Punkas forum and accusing anyone and everyone who didn't share his racist views (which was basically everyone) as being a raging, depraved homosexuals (amongst many other things).

Woo-hoo, you don't wanna engage in online debate with Benny boy, cos when you kick his arse you will find yourself posted on Gay Dating sites (haw haw haw). I think the available gat male population of NZ quadrupled after one particularly nasty Thor Hammered hissy fit.

So anyway, as we all know. Ben got off with a six months suspended sentence over these attacks by claiming that he was merely the getaway driver and by delivering a very "heartfelt" apology to all the people who were adversely affected by his actions. Rob Corr muses that the only reason Ben got off so lightly was because he rolled over on one of his accomplices, Shannon Post. Neo-Nazis are wont to do this once the prospect of being put away is dangled in front of them.

Rob may be on the money as one of these accomplices, Shannon Mark Post, was sentenced on Tuesday to seven months jail for his part in the attacks.

Some details from The Australian

Shannon Mark Post, 24, pleaded guilty yesterday to five counts of criminal damage, in relation to the graffiti spree around the West Australian capital last July that made international headlines.

Of the five charges Post admitted, Magistrate Robert Black said the most serious was the attack on the synagogue in Menora, which was daubed with slogans including "Hitler was right" and "Jews out", as well as swastikas and ANM posters.

Post has denied he was a member of the ANM, or held racist views, and told the court through his lawyer he went along with the graffiti attacks because he had been drinking heavily.

Well, thankfully he had Ben as the designated driver.

Posts' sentence again highlights the fact that Weerheym got off very lightly, TOO LIGHTLY. Perth Indymedia muses on the obvious question as to whether or not Benny boy was ALWAYS the designated driver on the countless poster/vandalism attacks that took place in Perth midway through last year.

His apology for his actions is now basically worthless considering he has now reinvented himself as Jack Van Tongeren's number one apologist. Ironic, I know.

Strange, I used to have a whole section dedicated to me on that site, now it's gone. Benny used to run a blog as well but when I posted a comment, it disappeared the following day. The ENTIRE blog that is, my lone comment and all.

Oh fuck it, I might as well let rip with a bit more:

Ben was also a member of the White Devils "Social Club". He says:

I was a part of this club included a number of others. We grew in size and friends would come along to regular parties we would put on in our clubhouse. We had our own bar and we would all contribute toward the bar. Our main function was letting off steam after work, partying on the weekend, watching movies, the football, playing pool and talking about current affairs such as immigration, crime and nationalist politics, mostly what Aussie guys do.

Strange? Most of the shit I heard about the White Devils (and most of this is from WN sources) concerned these guys marching around a shed with white sheets on their heads painting swastikas on the wall in red paint. That's hardly what "most Aussie guys do."

You want more? ok, one more Benny story - even though I've already covered this one before.

During my undercover days on the WPCA forum, I made a passing comment about my character being a "coder" who has created an IP Blocker. Ben emailed this WPCA account of mine and asked about acquiring one. I sent him back some useless random html shit and told him to upload it into his special "auto-exec main USB ultra drive RAM engine".

Either way, once convinced that IP blockers existed, he began email bombing me (as Darp) with all sorts of threatening shit.

From : aussie Patriot
Sent : Monday, 7 February 2005 10:55:15 AM
To :
Subject : shut it Darp

I would watch my step darpy, there are alot more bigger and badder people out there and you are doing a good job of pissing them off.

I use an IP blocker, I wrote the code myself, I work in IT as you will see from various news articles so you see, whatever you have on me is wrong (much like your rhetoric)


say hi to little Robby for me. (Rob Corr)

Well, if he gets his arse over to Skidney for Grogblogging I'll be able to do so in person.

To conclude, Ben Weerheym's recent behaviour both on this blog and on the pre-hacked Punkas forum denotes that he HAS NOT learned his lesson. He persistently maintains that he has changed his ways and his getting on with his life.

Well, whilst he's still chanting "fire up the ovens" and labelling people such as myself as "polluted mongrel pigs", something tells me that Ben hasn't changed one iota.

I followed his instructions and "kept my head down" on Hitler's birthday but the closest I came to death was mistaking a tube of Dencorub for toothpaste.

My gums are still burning and everything tastes like 42 Below Vodka.

The BEST Vodka on the market. Love it.

That IS NOT cash for comment btw, but if 42 Below are interested, they can pay me in trade.


Image hosted by
Benny Boy from his raving days. Note the Perth Glory t-shirt.

Earlier today, Ben Weerheym aka Thor Hammered/Aussie Patriot saw fit to post my full name, address, home phone number, vehicle description and licence plate in my comments.

Now, all of these details have been known to the WN community for some time now, big woop. I know where they live, they know where I live - we live in a state of detente. If Benny boy wants to be stupid enough to fuck with it, he can deal with the consequences.

This was all saved for FDB but I reckon I can kick off some more MSM media interest in Benny if I launch this now.

Firstly, let's have a look at some official statements from Ben from his REAL DEAL/Jack Van Tongeren PR site:

I am not a "white supremacist" or whatever other buzz word people want to throw at me.I personally do not condone violence against non-white people, as it will only lead to more of a police state and very restricting "vilification" laws - basically stripping us of more rights.

Ben, if you don't believe in violence against non-white people, why did you so actively partake in it?

In regards to illegal activity that I was involved with - graffiti on a Synagogue, Chinese restaurants, Police station and Sue Hoffmans "Refugee Alliance" was something I did not agree with. This is why my hands are not responsible for one lick of paint.

Well, why did you agree to drive your mates around whilst THEY did all the tag work? Sitting in the car and keeping the engine running for a quick getaway hardly leaves you blameless buddy.

I have become more interested in historical revisionism and have many questions to ask, at this, I have been reading books and reviews by David Irving, Ernst Zundel and Fred E. Leuchter. I am a patriotic Aussie, not a Nazi or Neo-Nazi, romanticizing about something that once was seems pointless to me and it also validates the "antis" in thinking that Australian Nationalists are mere thugs and Hitler wannabes.

Perplexing how someone can claim to be fan of Irving, Zundel and Leuchter in one sentence and then turn around and claim that they're not a Nazi in the next.

Remember his White Devils "Social Club"?

The White Devils was originally formulated and headed by Klavins and consisted of a small group of friends and co-workers.I was a part of this club included a number of
others. We grew in size and friends would come along to regular parties we would put
on in our clubhouse. We had our own bar and we would all contribute toward the bar. Our main function was letting off steam after work, partying on the weekend, watching
movies, the football, playing pool and talking about current affairs such as immigration, crime and nationalist politics, mostly what Aussie guys do. The White Devils have disbanded as a result of these jailings. We were responsible for the vandalism the night of the graffiti spree.

Oookay, so the White Devils were only interested in kicking back in their clubhouse and having a good old time. That's ALL they were interested in. Well, that and the odd racist graffiti spree.

A final "nail in the coffin" quote from Benny:

Needless to say I do not find shaving heads and doing seig heils for the cameras very wise, the less of this kind of activity the better, this includes illegal activity.


Image hosted by
What follows are the kindly edited photos from a bang-up shindig at the White Devils club house. Photos are roughly 12 months old.

Image hosted by
"Klan" founder Daniel Klavins (since turned informer) on left, Ben Weerheym on the right. The Anarchist flag was stolen from an anti-racist picnic. I guess BW isn't actually doing a Hitler salute in this photo, but he still shares the frame with a guy who is. Oh, Ben isn't a Nazi, those swastika flags floated in on the breeze and stuck themselves to the wall.

Image hosted by
Note the pic of the "Cougar Bourbon chick" in the background.
Image hosted by
"I'll have a WHITE Russian bartender and a Weis Bier to follow."

Image hosted by
Remember, it's a "ROMAN SALUTE".

Image hosted by
There must have been some sore arms after this photo shoot.

Image hosted by
"The white ball controls all the coloured balls and the black ball goes in last."

Image hosted by
Let's get KKKRAZY in here!

Image hosted by
Ladies and gentlemen, we now have pictures of Ben Weerheym's arse.

Image hosted by
What a Proud Bogan this guy must be.

Image hosted by
It's VERY hard to be taken seriously as hard man in dark denim.

"Our main function was letting off steam after work, partying on the weekend, watching movies, the football, playing pool and talking about current affairs such as immigration, crime and nationalist politics, mostly what Aussie guys do."

Hmmmm ...I dunno if these pictures are all that representative of how the average Aussie male spends his weekends. For starters, there's usually a hell of a lot more chicks around than we see here. Who knows, maybe these guys preferred it that way.

These pics originally came from the old White Devils site which like every other online activity that Ben Weerheym ever had anything to do with, is now offline.

But is HAS been cached: (do your own C&P for once!)

Some highlights:

Why the "lightning bolts" or the "SS" symbol in the patch?

The same symbol was used by Adolf Hitlers "schutzstaffeln" during world war II. They were his supreme warriors defending the beleifs of a National Socialist government against Jewish manipulated capitalist government armies such as the British empire and the USA. The same symbol was also used as the sign for youth, this also has relevance as a number of our members are Anglo Saxon/Germanic and are classified as youth....

With mass third-world immigration being pushed on us. With inter-racial sex, homosexuality and ditructive alien cultures being broadcast to us adnauseum via Jewish run Holluwood and television corporations, we, the white Australians should seek the real truth and deserve to associate with our own kinsfolk. If you don't beleive that Jews have monopolfy in the entertainment industry to succeed in thier alterior motives, just take a look at what has happened with Mel Gibson after releasing his film "The Passion of the Christ" - he and his family have recieved death threats and has been told that he will "never work in Hollywood again"....

We do not break the law as this is what the system wants us to do because all Nationalists and those in the pro-white movement around the globe pose less threat to corrupt and oppressive "big brother" when they are locked away behind bars.

You can take it as given that a number of the White Devils are already behind bars or will be bunkering down in their new digs sometime in the next couple of days. I hope the brothers give em a good welcome, and no, I'm not talking about fellow WN's.

Oh, and that Anarchy flag, they wound up being charged for stealing that. They didn't actually nick it from the anti-racism picnic, they nicked it off a kid who in turn nicked it from the picnic.

Now, let's make a few wagers on how long Ben's "REAL DEAL" site stays up. A cool hundred says it'll be gone (or SEVERELY EDITED) by midday Perth time.
From Comments:

Spoon badger says:

Ben stalked my house, terrified my parents and vandalised my workplace. He gets whatever he deserves (or deserves whatever he gets). Terrorists are not good people. That Ben is not on some long term prison OR mental home scenario is a testament to fucking liberal justice.

posted by Fightdemback @ 8:00 PM